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Last time I properly did I had this silly little girl make an entire post about how I am a bad feminist because I openly talk about hating men and not shaving and that I only had the opinions about BDSM because my ex is in a “kinky” relationship.

Ah yes, the trifecta - you are an unfeminine manhater who isn’t getting any, you’d see the light otherwise.


a massive happy birthday to my amazing big sister who is more than a sister to me but my best friend, she has always been there for me whenever I have needed her. I would write a massive long paragraph about how much I love her but I’m shit with words and it would end up one massive ramble with no point to it. So again happy birthday Nonnie and have a fantastic two days of partying sorry I can’t make it but we’ll have some yankees wings on Monday :D  

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There is one main het pairing and it’s not awful. I watch it and love it for the female relationships. It has awesome female characters, not enough woc though Mulan is epically badass. All the female characters are awesome

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No actual lesbians, acting is so-so, some heterosexually (true love bollocks) but its amazingly captivating and I’d definitely recommend at least trying it. Some really great female characters, well rounded with full backstories.

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As far as I can tell, there are no canon lesbian characters. There are a lot of strong interesting female characters, and often there are only women on screen, which only illustrates to me how rarely that happens.

Thanks for the replies, looks like I’ll have to give it a try!

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But saying that breastfeeding is unhygenic is implying either breasts or beastmilk is unhygenic.

God, I didn’t say it was, I just wanted to make sure because it’s the kind of thing I can imagine having some kind of health code, especially around food.

In some places you’re only allowed to do it in changing rooms or whatever.