Time To Rec It Tuesday - 6/13/2017

So, here’s this week’s list. I compiled it over the past few weeks, putting in the ones that touched a place in my heart, and all of them are completed. Admittedly it is severely lacking in Dramione again, mainly because my head has been so buried in Merthur that I simply haven’t had time for anything else. I plan to remedy that soon. Anyways, hope someone enjoys!


1. The Knights Have a Thousand Eyes by stakeaclaim 

In which Arthur is out of sorts. His manservant leaves a lot to be desired, Morgana is scary, Merlin’s ‘luck’ is becoming too noticeable, his knights need to learn some lessons, and they’re beginning to act very strangely. Arthur blames Merlin. COMPLETE


2. For the good of the kingdom by magog_83

Merlin returns from his sojourn with the druids in the company of a man who is criminally handsome. Arthur reacts in the mature and reasonable fashion you would expect.


3.  a pendragon’s heart (is forever) [the five flashbacks remix] by eyesofapanda

A decade after Arthur hires Merlin as his personal assistant, a trip to the hospital forces Uther to look back thirty-five years, to when his son was born and his wife lost forever, in order to understand that the way his son feels is the same as his very own.


4. Knights of the Air by riventhorn

It is the summer of 1940, and the Battle of Britain rages in the skies. As the Luftwaffe sends hundreds of bombers and fighters to prepare the way for an invasion, it is up to the pilots of the RAF to stop them.


5. Missing by JessicaMDawn

When Arthur is fatally wounded, Merlin makes a deal with a powerful sorceress: Arthur’s life in exchange for everyone’s memories of Merlin.


6. Spartacus and the Open Taxi Door by fuzzytomato

Merlin works in a coffee shop, is a literature student, lives with Will, flirts with Gwaine, is friends with Gwen and has a stunningly normal life. Until Arthur walks in and changes everything. written for Sabriel75 for the Merlin Holidays fest.


7. Rainbow Cake by kathkin

In which Arthur comes out the closet, eats a lot of rainbow-coloured food, and really wants to kiss Merlin.


8. The Course of True Love by Shinybug

Breaking the love spell didn’t go quite according to plan. (Alternate version of 2x10 Sweet Dreams.)


9. Destiny Deferred by scatterglory

And Merlin can’t deal with this yet, knows he should summon up the ability to rage at Arthur, to tell him that he should have said that all those years ago, that it’s Arthur’s fault that they’re broken because he turned out just like his father …

But he can’t, because it’s not, because he didn’t. Because Merlin made a choice, and Arthur made a choice, and they’ve both carried the consequences with them for far too long.

Spoilers through Episode 4.04. Character death, some canon and some not (but not the boys).


10. Undeserved Affections

An AU ending to 4x11 where Arthur marries Mithian.


11. Something Yellow This Time by giselleslash

Merlin owns a flower shop. Arthur is a frequent customer with a tragic love life.


12. Sunset-kisses and Flower Meadows by Emjayelle

After what he is sure is the worst work day of his life, Arthur is only made to feel better by the really gorgeous guy sitting in front of him on the train. But then he doesn’t ask for his number because he’s an idiot. And then he has the bad idea of getting drunk with Morgana. And then she, of course, has to put the whole thing in the missed connections section on craigslist. And really, how well is that suppose to go?


13. Caught Out by vix_spes

Merlin thought that he’d been so careful and then Leon shattered his illusion…


14. Suspension by firetalks

Merlin is a semi-successful writer of gay romance novels. Arthur is his long suffering flat mate. Merlin asks him for a little help, when he’s not sure whether the sex scene he just finished is actually, physically possible.


15. It’s in the Stars! by dawnstruck

In which Merlin spills coffee, saves Arthur’s life and reads his daily horoscope.



1. An Unexpected Engagement by DragonsAndOtters

Their friends have to convince them to even speak after the War, but once Harry and Draco get into the same room, sparks will fly.



1. Rebuilding by @colubrina

Hermione Granger returns to Hogwarts to help rebuild the shattered castle the summer after the war. She and the other summer resident - and eventually their friends - have to come to terms with how the war broke more than just the walls of the building. Follows multiple Hogwarts students through '8th year’ and one additional year of early adulthood. COMPLETE.


I promised I’ll do something for Merlin Fanfiction Appreciation Weekend so HERE IT IS, my first ever list of favorite fanfics! It’s not completed, but at least it’s something. 

E-rated fics: 

The Unintentional Wooing Skills of Arthur Pendragon by giselleslash (5k) 

Services Needed by rotrude (31k) 

Chance Meetings and Less Chance Events by rotrude (13k) 

You Looking at Me Looking at You by ArgentSleeper (23k) 

Love on a Wire by ColorWheel (30k) 

No Business I Know by 55sunsets (62k) 

The Letter Q by herbeautifullie (11k) 

The Hunter by Lindiloo02 (59k) 

Playing for Keeps by rotrude (75k) 

The Sound of Silence by sky_reid (40k) 

A Modern Manservant by Mamalazzer (112k) 

Vampires and Werewolves and Flatshares, Oh My! by kathkin (26k) 

Reflash by leviathans_moon (37k) 

This Falsehood of the Tongue by Skitz_phenom (33k) 

Ebb and Flow by neuroticnick (36k) 

Rule Number Four by neuroticnick (47k) 

The Sidhe Prince by orphan_account (67k) 

M-RYS by mornmeril (123k) 

Keep the Magic Secret by neuroticnick (73k) 

more grace than Heaven ever dreamed of by whirligigged (3k) 

Catch Me A Catch by giselleslash (32k) 

Dragonborn by Camelittle (57k) 

Midnight Dragon by rotrude (23k) 

Game, Set, Match by ingberry (15k) 

Nine Weddings and a Funeral by giselleslash (11k) 

Arthur Pendragon Is Many Things by nomical (38k) 

Every Story is a Love Story by lady_ragnell (24k) 

Not Quite Hogwarts by eledhwenlin (23k) 

Mr & Mr Smith by Detochkina (92k, wip) 

Come Back and Haunt Me by GeekLover (62k) 

Seven Magpies by syllic (33k) 

M-rated fics: 

Merlin Myrddin The Muralist by deanpendragon (63k) 

It’s a match by Fletcher (16k) 

Attachments by lawgoddess (11k) 

Dosed by Jaqueline (24k) 

Laundry Letters by dysonrules (7k) 

Now Cracks A Noble Heart by Tari_Sue (21k) 

Let Us Dare by kianspo (29k) 

Caesura by StormDancer (52k) 

The Student Prince by FayJay (145k) 

Timshel by ems (32k) 

Fundamental Imperfection by Starlingthefool (12k) 

The Future Soon by lady_ragnell (30k) 

T-rated fics: 

I’m Colourblind, Kid by brbsoulnomming (13k) 

Fan Favorite by harrycrewe (8k) 

The Son-in-Law by Tossukka (4k) 

a pendragon’s heart (is forever) [the five flashbacks remix] by eyesofapanda (1k) 

As Long As We Have We by lady_ragnell (17k) 

Acts of Man by Wreck (5k) 

The Hardest Way Possible by lady_ragnell (12k) 

Life in the Key of C-Sharp by thalialunacy (9k) 

More Than Just a Game by Ivalee (21k) 

Thicker Than Water by fuzzytomato (8k) 

Ebb and Flow by staymagical (6k) 

Truth, Trust and Partnership by Ivalee (47k) 

picture says a thousand words by pixiepuff (colourmecrunchy) (4k) 

If Perfect’s What You’re Searching For by i_claudia (18k) 

Dragons are Better than People by asilentherald (24k) 

Educating Arthur by shadowglove88 (18k) 

Social Networking Encourages Stalkerish Tendencies by SecretForKeeps (16k) 

For Your Information by reni_days (9k) 

The Quiet World by alyssamoore (2k) 

And This Is How I See You by Emjayelle (15k) 

The Last Words by Katrina_Linden (840) 

G-rated fics: 

The art of falling in love (Alternate title- My king, my friend, my soul.) by SilverQuill (2k) 

The Tulip Thief by Polomonkey (3k) 

The Prince’s Speech by ladysockalot (35k) 

Thanks to the wonderful authors who have written all these amazing fics! (and those whose fics I don’t include here because I can’t remember where the hell I save the links. Sorry!)

Stuck in Reverse

Merlin wasn’t heartbroken, but it’s been hard, after a year of comfortable intimacy, comfortable trust and comfortable sex, to suddenly adjust to being alone.

University AU

Modern Era

Rated R

Author: eyesofapanda

Length: 7707

Oh babies. I love the fact that Merlin and Gwaine were together for bit, it’s one of my sideships that I have for this show. Also, the author hit the only reason why they wouldn’t work as well as our Merthur boys without overdoing it. Gold star for you, eyesofapanda.

And gosh, they’re all just so adorably awkward with the whole situationMerlin’s luck is just…He needs a hug. All the fandom give the unlucky bastard a hug.

Oh, well, he ends up with Arthur so he is pretty damned lucky.

Rating: B+/A


Read it here