'One Of A Kind' Collection Of Animal Eyeballs Aids Research On Vision Problems
Most of the 56,000 eyes sent to the little lab in Wisconsin come from vets who want help diagnosing dogs, cats and horses. But the repository also has eyes from sloths, elephant seals and dragonflies.

There is a little room at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that is filled with the eyeballs of animals — everything from the duck-billed platypus to the two-toed sloth to the boa constrictor.

“We think we’re the largest collection of animal eyeballs,” says Dick Dubielzig, who founded the Comparative Ocular Pathology Laboratory of Wisconsin in 1983, but he admits that this is hard to prove. “Maybe we should go to the Guinness people and see if they have an answer to that.”

I wanted to get on the Humans Are Weird thing with this: Humans + eyesight corrections. I feel it’d be very confusing for aliens because there are the humans who wear pieces of glass in front of their eyes to correct their vision, and when they get knocked off, they complain of blindness. 

But there are also people who wear those same devices but don’t need them??? Like, humans legit wear pieces of plate glass- or just the frames- because they like the way they look. 

Weirder still, some humans put pieces of plastic into their eyes to correct their vision. On a daily basis, some humans put FOREIGN OBJECTS into their EYE SOCKETS with little to no adverse effects. Some humans even to this for the sole purpose of changing the perceived pigmentation of their eyes.

Weirder STILL, some humans get LASERS shot at their EYES for vision correction. Concentrated beams of the very thing that can damage their visual cortex to begin with are purposefully shot at their eyes to fix them????

Aliens would be so confused. 

The Zodiac Signs as Eye Correction Techniques

Glasses: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces

Contacts: Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Laser surgery: Aries, Taurus, Aquarius

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Just curious! What's up with the fold up/white tipped cane being incorrect? I wanna make sure when i draw a character with a cane--that it's the proper one.

Oh sure, no problem!

So it’s not actually inaccurate, it’s just not the norm and by far not the best tool. They are often only used by people who were taught by sighted school officials who don’t really understand the pros and cons of different cane types, but if you go to a blindness organization run by blind people, the straight cane is so, so heavily endorsed because it is the absolute most effective type of cfane for feedback and navigation, and always with the little metal and rubber tip.

Allow me to explain a bit:

The way a cane works is both auditory and tactile. You want your cane to be long enough to always be reaching out two full steps ahead of you, so usually somewhere between chin and eye height. When using a cane, its purpose is to give you tactile information about the ground you touch, as well as to give you auditory information about the area around you, and this only works best with a straight cane with a metal tip using two-point tap technique.

Every time you put a joint in a cane to fold it, that joint slows down the vibrations going to your hand, and the more joints it has, the less information will ever actually reach your hand. With a straight, non-folding cane, there is nothing inbetween the tip of the cane and your hand, and everything goes straight up to your hand. This is also affected by the type of tip you use. Plastic is not nearly as good at generating tactile feedback as metal, so a small, circular metal tip is used on a straight cane. You can pick up an incredible amount of detail through a metal tip on a totally straight white cane.

Cane technique is also important, though. Many blind people newer to canes or with less instruction will use rolling tips and roll their cane back and forth in front of them, but this first of all affects your tactile feedback because rolling tips are often plastic, and secondly, it takes away most of your possible auditory feedback. Plastic tips are very quiet, and while many newer travelers prefer this due to nerves and being afraid to be noticed too much, it certainly doesn’t tell you much about your surroundings.

So seasoned travelers and people with lots of good instruction almost always use the two-point tap method, where you tap the little metal tip of your straight cane in time with your steps, the cane tapping the opposite side of the foot that is stepping. Your arc should be just wider than your shoulders, no smaller and not super big. Metal is fantastic for making noise, so the little metal tap is fantastic at telling you all sorts of info about your surroundings from nearby obstacles to the length of a hallway that has tile flooring and how high the ceiling is and all sorts of information.

The carbon fiber and fiber glass straight white canes with metal tips and two-point tap were also developed by the blind themselves, by the way, and it is the strict standard for cane instruction that they themselves teach in their blind-run training centers for the blind and is always the instruction they advocate for in other areas such as public schools. So it was all created by the blind, for the blind, by the only people who know what works the best for their own people, not by some sighted guy at Harvard who wanted to make money on a new patent.

So there you have it, the importance of prioritizing the straight white cane!

(P.S.: There are also confidence-building reasons behind the straight cane if you’re interested!)

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Hello! I was wondering if it would be okay or if it would be seen as ableist for someone to learn braille if their eyesight could potentially be improved with glasses or contacts? I would like to learn, however, I don't want to be taking or using up resources when I am not the targeted audience, especially when those resources are limited in the first place.

Hello there!

As far as just learning braille goes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it whatsoever even if you are fully sighted. Simply deciding to learn braille will absolutely not cause any harm or use up any resources. You can always get new braille textbooks and if you’re fully sighted, some even prefer to learn visually, which you can easily do online.

However, after learning when it comes to actually using braille materials for things, I can see where you could be worried. Though, I would say this is generally not a problem, either. If you are not fully sighted and do have some degree of visual impairment, absolutely DO NOT feel ashamed in the slightest! If you want to start using braille because your vision just isn’t cutting it for print or you think you could just read faster in braille or if you could benefit from it in any way, absolutely go for it! If you’re visually impaired or legally blind in any way, you are NOT EVER “too sighted” for braille, and that goes for canes and other assistive technology, too. If you think it would help you, go for it 100%!

I suppose the only time it could be a problem is if you ARE fully sighted and want to use some materials that may be in short supply, such as checking out braille books from the state library for the blind, as there is often a long waiting list for those books already, or say, if you were at a resteraunt that has only one braille menu available. In those cases, it would probably be best to either opt for the print menu or purchase a braille book online so as not to use the hard-to-obtain free services and such.

HOWEVER, if you are still fully sighted and you have any other disability or anything else that makes it harder for you to read print, again, absolutely do not hesitate to learn and read braille!! If it will help you read better, faster, more often, or anything else for whatever reason, absolutely take advantage of it! Weather you have ADHD and the braille helps you stay focused much better than the print, or you get headaches and need to read in the dark, or anything else like that, you are most definitely more than welcome and even encouraged to use the braille and help yourself any way you can.

Sorry for how long this got, but I hope it helped!

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Might be a bit out of your field, but I'm curious: is it possible for someone blind to be successful in voiceover? I saw an Indian movie a while back featuring a blind character doing extensive cartoon dubbing and I can't help but think it's unrealistic even for movie logic.

What about it is unrealistic, in particular?

When you consider that more often than not, the character sides I receive (especially for commercials or promos) have no visual references whatsoever, I actually imagine it could be one of the easier careers for a blind person to adapt themselves for. Being able to focus more on pure description and key terms (without letting the visuals risk guiding you into a narrowed mindset regarding voice type) can actually be a huge boon when it comes to playing around with voices.

I’ve actually given serious thought to whether I could/would continue this career if I ever managed to completely lose my eyesight, and I’ve come to the conclusion that as long as I am willing to put forth the effort into memorizing my lines (either having them read to me right before repeating, or receiving Braille scripts), there’s really little to no reason why I couldn’t double down on my listening skills and let the world of my imagination take over for my lack of direct sight.

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on web dev class I heard some students dismiss the importance of optimizing the HTML structure for screen readers and I was curious, how do blind people handle sites that are completely unoptimized? i know not having alt texts and such would be a problem, i'm more curious about how one would handle messed up text structure. (sorry if this is too technical)

Hi there!

Unfortunately, I really don’t know enough about HTML and coding to really answer this question well, If you can give some examples of what some things do to the page I may be able to help a bit more, but otherwise I’m afraid this may not be my area of expertise lol. I’m hoping to someday learn some HTML and coding and programming myself, but ironically even finding platforms and methods of learning this can be difficult because even teaching tools don’t think about accessibility. Someday I will have the background knowledge to answer these questions and help developers and programmers incorporate accessibility into their things… Someday…


Watch the Snail-Smashing, Fish-Spearing, Eye-Popping Mantis Shrimp

The killer punch of the mantis shrimp is the fastest strike in the animal kingdom, a skill that goes hand in hand with its extraordinary eyesight. They can see an invisible level of reality using polarized light, which could lead to a breakthrough in detecting cancer. A new Deep Look from @KQEDscience and @pbsdigitalstudios!

Naruto Gaiden: Sarada Uchiha Theory

SO Basically Sarada knows NOTHING about the pros of being an uchiha, 

Now look the close up to her eyes..

Especially in the last panel, Look how blurried her eyesight looks,We all know Sarada has problems with her Eyesight, she wears glasses because she sees blurry otherwise

Does this remind you of something?
Let me Enlight you:

First of All , Sasuke vs Naruto 5 ; They are both fighting, Sasuke is about to hit naruto but his eyessight got weakened and turned blurry and naruto got a chance to hit him because of this.


Now After they finish fighting and stop because they are weakened laying in the floor

Specially THIS ONE NEXT, after sasuke admits being defeated laying weak in the floor

Still Cant See it? HERE lemme help you:

So I also found another Manga scans in which Sasukes eyes are weakened and he sees blurry Example after the fight with Danzo

He sees blurry because his eyesight is weakened which leads him to having to change to itachis eyes, because his eyes were going blind and blurry.
Imagine if he hadnt had Itachis eyes, he would have remained with blurry eyesight, which would have led to sasuke using glasses eventually or going totally blind if not.

Now i did some research and i found this exact same eye effect in the fight with Itachi , when He (itachi) was weakened you can notice the similar details but with another eye colour (though we all know itachi by this point was almost blind which explains the white colour)

We know itachi went totally blind for using his sharingan a lot, but we also know he had some Unknown desease, but its a fact that this eye effect is used to show weakened eyesight

Another Fact is that a Full uchiha blood have strong eyesight genes in order to be able to use the sharingan  because it consumes a lot of power and puts a lot of pressure under the eyes , so if we compare this to sarada being a Half uchiha (hybrid) , this explain her eyesight problems, her body is having a hard time because she does not all have all the genes needed. even itachi that was a Full blood was suffering and having a hard time imagine a half blood.

Which led me to the conclusion, what if , Sarada has the same condition as Itachi , we dont know if the eyesight problem came along with the spitting blood desease, But ,In my Opinion, I would Like to think that Sasuke is searching for a cure for this or any clue to help his daugther, i also like to add, that sakura is Hiding things from sarada, Specially not telling her about what being an uchiha means( Chouchous reference quote) also being determinated about sasukes mission and not even hesitating or feeling sad, i think they (sasuke and sakura) dont want to pain her and complicate the issue she already has with her eyesight by explaining her everything and they’ve been meeting in secret, while sakura has kept this from her, along with the uchiha story,also i think Sakura is Healing sarada in secret (maybe when she sleeps) that would explain why is she constantly Fainting and her lack of chackra.

Anyway thats my theory,I hope you guys like it ,I respect other theories, and also i would like to remind you all that kishi is the biggest troll in earth so dont get your hopes high ( SK ) , and just remember kishimoto already stated that Sakura and Sasuke are canon and Sarada is their daugther and Theres reason in her glasses, maybe hes just doing all this to brush off all the theories of saradas real mother and the glasses issue.
Tho Im not a big SS shipper, (in fact i dont really care about shipping wars) Im okay with them, same with other couples ,but I do aknowledge canon material ,so i just wanted to share my opinion of this New manga chapter, Lemme know your theories in my ask!

PS: Hate Messages will get ignored and deleted & Sorry for my grammar mistakes , english is not my main language.

A Brief History of Eyeglasses

Almost 2,000 years ago the Roman philosopher Seneca peered at his book through a glass of water. Suddenly, the text below was transformed; the words magically became clear. But it wasn’t until a millennium later that that same principle would be used to create the earliest glasses.

We’ve come a long way since Seneca’s discovery and the crude glasses of yesteryear. Today, glasses can help millions of people with poor vision due to uncorrected refractive errors by refocusing light so it strikes the retina precisely. 

In 1727, a British optician named Edward Scarlett developed the modern style of glasses, which are kept in place with arms which hook over each ear.

Today’s glasses take their inspiration from that design—but they’re also much more precise and personal. Each pair is tailored for an individual, to bring out their unique powers of sight. So if you’re one of the 500 million people with a problem for close or far vision or both, there’s a pair of glasses out there, waiting to reveal a whole new world that’s hiding in plain view.

Stay tuned…next up: How glasses help us see!

From the TED-Ed Lesson How do glasses help us see? - Andrew Bastawrous and Clare Gilbert

Animation by @rewfoe

Making A List of Blind Tumblrs

So I have been inspired by @andreashettle‘s list of tumblr users with auditory processing issues and would like to create a list of my own for tumblrs who are blind or have visual impairments as a reference for other blind users to find connections or anybody who wants to learn more about blindness. You do not have to post about blindness to be included on this list, though.

Anybody who is legally blind or low vision or otherwise visually impaired is more than welcome! That said, this is not a list just for anybody who wears glasses and is specifically for visual impairments and forms of blindness.

If you would like to be included on this list, please message me here on @actuallyblind and let me know, even if you’ve already told me before that you are blind, as I do not want to include anybody without their permission.

“how did you leave your house w/out your glasses???” listen buddy my eyesight starts to get blurry about 15 meters away from me and idk what kinda house you live in but nothing is more than 5 meters away from me where I live, so I’m fine making breakfast and stuff cos Ive fooled myself into forgetting I can’t see properly, it’s only when I go outside and think ‘what tf am I lookin @ here’ that I remember