Hiruma will be the one instructing Mamori on how to combine and create all the new weapons and gizmos cause she has little to no idea on how to use the Alcheimeter. Hiruma also gives her a bunch of cheatcodes to create these items, and he gets them easily due to his great hacking skills. Because she has no choice but to blindly follow his instructions, he makes her create more complicated gizmos which are useless and infuriates her even more. 

She slowly gets the hang of it and alchemizes a powerful broom which she promises to use on Hiruma the moment they meet. 

This one’s for the lonely child
Broken hearted, running wild
This was written for the one to blame
One who believes they are the cause of chaos and everything
You may find yourself in the dead at night
Lost somewhere out there in the great big beautiful sky

A scene for a possible Eyeshieldstuck fic I’ve been thinking of? Well, that’s the image I had in mind for the ending scene I believe. But of course, a billion apologies for my limited art skills. Drew this on paint with the laptop touchpad, it’s the most that I can do with my terrible art skills. XD

The scratch had been initiated and Hiruma and Mamori, together with others, are stuck in a ship with a shape that’s similar to (what I’d like to think is) the Ojou castle. A lot has happened before and during their time here. And after much chaos, the duo finds a quiet moment to finally discuss what has happened, and what to do from now on.