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10 characters tag meme

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Rules: List 10 favorite characters from different fandoms, then tag 10 others

(You don’t have to do this, but to make this a bit of a challenge for myself, I only did cartoon/animated characters.)

1. Gaston (batb) my shameful fave hunka trash love

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2. Iago (Aladdin) fave loud mouthed animated parrot 

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3. Hiruma (Eyeshield 21) the best american football coach who may also be a demon. who knows

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4. Joey Wheeler (YGO) A Really Good Boy

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5. Plankton (Spongebob) a fantastic jellybean 

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6.Bigwig (watership down) the bunny boyfriend who will always protect you

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7. Randall Boggs (monsters inc/u) steve buscemi and lizard combination. what not to like

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8. Pesto (animaniacs) joe pesci and pigeon combination. what not to like

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9.Shredder (1987 tmnt) ninja boyfriend. childhood crush

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10. Honest John (pinoochio) the classiest hobo fox

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this was fun but hard. i love many more of course lol

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treegona said: sooooo, ES21 to HS crossover, with classpect if at all possible :) 

Older piece of art from a different request night!  :D  Forgot about this picture when I was finishing up my Open-Ended Ask Night. UwU

It makes me mad that Eyeshield 21 is so underrated because that manga has:

  • Amazing art (yeah isn’t that good at the begining but it improves fast and by volume 10 is really good, by volume 17 is the best thing ever)
  • Interesting, complex and well written characters.
  • One of the best character development ever seen in a manga.
  • Interesting and exciting matches, even if you don’t like american football you will understand and get excited about them.

Is also really funny, it will make you laugh and it’s well written, everybody should read it, it will make your life better