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What are some of your favorite cheap/drugstore makeup for cosplay(foundation, contouring, eyeliner, etc.)?

Oh boy lets see! These are my favs, and I use them on the daily too!

Rimmel Stay Matte. It’s really opaque, which I love for cosplay, because it gies my complexion a good blank canvas to work on and contour. This goes for their powder too!

Pixi Palatte. I bought this palette cause it has a variation of shades. For dark and blonder hairs. Great for cosplaying mutiples colors.

But if I need to change my brows for a odd hair color, blue, orange, green, I use prismacolors.

NYX Palatte. I use a contouring palette actually. It’s got more variations of shades for more complex looks. Rather than having one shade darker of bronzer.

As a highlighter I use either cheapy wite eyeshadow, or my highlight stick.

BH colors. I bought this cheap ass feild of colors, cause you never know what you need for cosplay. But I always buy BLACK and WHITE in larger, singular pots. The .99$ wet n wild ones.

Fabuliner. I favor FELT Tip eyeliners. But they dry out fast, no matter how fancy. So I always buy a bulk of 4-5 cheap ass ones. They’re all the same honestly, just nice to have a ton on hand. They dont last long so its a waste to buy some 24 dollar one.

Covergirl is my favorite cause they have every fucking shade under the sun. I really love the Katy Perry matte ones! The color is nice and vibrant without being too sticky or cheap. And If its too much, I lay it one and dab some off.


**Grunge Fashion Aesthetic**

Red Lipstick Tips

After you’ve selected a red lipstick to rock, you’re probably asking yourself this question: How exactly do you rock it?

When it comes to wearing red lipstick it’s best to keep the rest of your makeup simple. Bright eyeshadow and red lips can look a little retro whilst super dark smoky eyes can edge on goth. Whilst it’s fine to wear red lips with whatever makeup combination you like, these are a few tips and tricks to try if you’re a little bit shy.

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HERES  a quick makeup tip: 

If your just starting out with makeup, I really recommend using cream eyeshadow sticks. Its super easy to blend and u literally can not mess it up. (I SWEAR I CAN WEAR EYESHADOW NOW BECAUSE OF THESE THINGS)

Anyways, what I really came here to tell you is that I’ll being doing TONS of head canons (etc) next week, SO SEND THEM ALL SO I CAN FLOOD MY BLOG WITH THEM OKAY?? 

Apply a white coat first for a more vibrant and bold color! The same actually goes for eyeshadow- apply a white eyeshadow stick to your eyelid and then applying a bold shadow over that💅

Rimmel ScandalEyes Eye Shadow Stick Swatches

Rimmel ScandalEyes Eye Shadow Sticks: 001 Witness White, 002 Bulletproof Beige, 003 Bad Bronze Girl, 004 Guilty Grey, 006 Paranoid Purple, 008 Blackmail, 009 Blamed Blue, 011 Bluffing, 015 Trespassing Taupe

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💙💜 Pastel Goth 💜💙
Used my Kat Von D Pastel Goth Palette for the first time today and tried something simple. I’ve never used colour in my eyeshadow before, typically stick to neutrals but I’m obsessed. One of my new favourite palettes now. Paired this eye look with my KVD Liquid Lipstick in Witches (black shade) and my grey wig.

~Skye [ she / her ]

Soft Winged Liner Tutorial

When I posted that I was thinking about doing a soft, smoky, powder winged liner look teamed with glossy purple-plum lips I immediately got a response from so many of you guys to create a tutorial. This is a gorgeous, simple, chic and sophisticated makeup look that anyone can do and is great for proms/formals/cocktail parties and more. I love to wear it with glamorous hollywood style waves and hair tucked behind one ear but it also looks great with an updo.

Watch the video tutorial above or keep reading to see a step-by-step picture guide.

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So… The new KIKO limited edition ‘Neo Noir’ collection is out, and I am constantly spotting the stunning editorial image for the collection all over the place; shop windows, Bus stops, online etc… it’s so captivating and I knew I just had to recreate the eye makeup! 

In the collection are a handful of new eyeshadow sticks and they are like nothing I’ve ever used before. Particularly this Power Blue shade- the metallic finish is mesmerising! 

If you haven’t already seen the editorial image for this collection then here it is: 

I have to clarify, this is not a paid-for sponsored video. I simply adore the makeup and wanted to use the corresponding products to recreate the look. So I contacted KIKO’s PR company and I receive the products free of charge - so a massive thank you to them for that. 

I have listed and linked all the products used in the tutorial in the description bar of the video! 



I’ve had a couple people compliment me on my Toothless makeup and ask me how I did it so I figured I’d make a tutorial so ok lets get DRAGONED 


STEP 2: MAKE THAT BLANK CANVAS EVEN MORE BLANK. Apply foundation all over your face. This isn’t absolutely necessary but it helps the eyeshadow stick a lot better

STEP 3: STEP UP YOUR EYEBROW AND EYELINER GAME. Do your eyebrows and eyeliner however you want to look dragon-ish, I normally do something like this— (I find it easier to do this at this point, but you might want to do it after the scales to avoid smudging)

STEP 4: STICK A WIG CAP OVER YOUR FACE. Grab a mesh wig cap and pull it over your face, being careful not to smudge any of your makeup. If you don’t have a mesh wig cap you could use fish net tights 

STEP 5: GET EYESHADOW EVERYWHERE. Use a big(ish) brush to cover the areas of you face that you want to be scaly with eyeshadow. The wig cap is going to act as a stencil, so try and dab it on without moving it around too much. 

STEP 6: REMOVE THE WIG CAP AND REVEAL THE MAGIC. Take off the wig cape carefully and you should have radical dragon scales all over your face. It’s pretty neat! 

If this doesn’t work too great the first time, wipe it off, apply some more foundation and give it another shot

And that’s it! My version wasn’t that great tonight because I’ve run out of eyeshadow and I only did it quickly, but it can look even better if you take more time over it. I hope you guys like this, let me know what you think! 

Have fun becoming dragon children ^.^

Girlfriend does my makeup

Reader X Harry
Description: Harry has to let y/n do his makeup for his channel!
Warnings: Some swearing
Requested?: Yes

Harry was behind the camera fixing the settings whilst you sat on the end of his bed getting things ready. Eventually he pressed record and perched himself down beside you, recording the intro
“Hey guys! In my last video I said that if you guys got it to 100k likes that we’d film a girlfriend does my makeup, needless to say… You smashed it” he says, you can tell he’s really not looking forward to it at all.
“I’ve got all we need in here” you state, showing quite a large makeup bag to the camera.
“so let’s get started” you continue. Remembering one last minute thing, you get up off the bed to turn the view finder around and sit back down.
“So I’m not even allowed to look at myself?!”
“Nope, you’ll have to wait” you grin devilishly at him
“Oh for gods sake” he whines

You pull your foundation and beauty blender out of the bag and squeeze two pumps onto your wrist.
“That’s going on my face?!” Harry looked genuinely afraid which made you chuckle.
“Yes, Harry the foundation is going on your face” you remark in a mocking tone, rolling your eyes.
“I’m just going to dab this on his face”
Staring at you for a few seconds Harry dabs, causing both of you to giggle like children for a few minutes.
You begin applying it on his face and he starts to squirm
“Harry! Stay still!” You scold him.
“I can’t help it, it’s cold as shit!” He complains.
Harry squishes up his face even more when you go to his eye area with concealer. You can never stay even a little pissed off at him for long, he’s just too cute. Next you take out your eyeshadow palette, sticking with neutral colours but making it look quite dramatic.
You giggle as Harry squirms again, this time at the brush on his eyelids. Now for black liquid liner, you do quite a thin line on each eye. Nothing too fancy.
“Moving on to mascara, this should be fun” you say sarcastically.
You pull the wand from the container, gently approaching his eye
“Woah woah, where are you going with that?” He holds your hand with the wand in it.
“Your eyelashes, you’re such a baby”
He soon lets go and you Lean forward, approaching his eye again. You can’t help but stop and throw your head back with laughter when he starts making weird faces because of something being so close to his eyes.
“Harry, we’re going to be here forever if you don’t let me do this” you say in between laughing.
He does as you say, you apply the mascara whilst sniggering every now and then at Harry’s expressions.
“Harry has quite a good brow shape so we’re just gonna fill that in a little”
You start to fill them in when Harry says
“This is how you get brows on fleek guys, take notes”
You cringe at what just came out of his mouth, covering your eyes.
“For fucks sake Harry” I swear through my hands.
As he realises what he just said he bursts out laughing and you’re left in a giggling heap on the floor, this is why I love him.
After picking yourselves back up you resume the video.
“Okay so we’re going to contour now”
You instruct Harry to suck in his cheeks and guide the brush along the hollows of them, bringing it up onto his temples.
“Now for some bomb ass highlight” you announce
“DAMN, SLAYYY HARRY” you yell while applying a generous amount on his cheekbones.
“Lastly, I’m going to apply some lipstick”
You pick out a dark red colour from your bag and turn to face Harry again.
“Relax your lips, Harry. I can’t do it when your pouting like a fucking fish”
He laughs at your comment, relaxing his lips so that you can apply it.
“My work is done!” You exclaim as you begin filming the outro.
Harry leans forward to kiss you and you kiss him back. You giggle when you pull away and see his lipstick is smudged from the kiss. Whoops.
You head into the bathroom of your flat and grab your mirror. Handing it to Harry he stares in shock at his reflection
“Oh my god, Y/N. Why did I agree to this”
He pauses but after inspecting it further soon continues talking.
“You have to admit I look DAMN GOOD though guys”
“Give the video a like if you enjoyed, leave a comment saying how you think Y/N did and thanks for watching!” you wave goodbye at the camera whilst Harry blows a kiss
“I love you, you goof” you shake your head at him, grinning from ear to ear.
“Love you too” he grins along with you. Although It’s hard to take him seriously with makeup on his face you manage not to laugh.
I didn’t really want to post this. I got upset because I was disappointed in myself at how shit it was. But Montana said I should post it and after all it was an anon request so here goes 😖

Finally got a camera!!! I had to play💎💎
BROWS @anastasiabeverlyhills brow wiz “caramel”
@benefitcanada gimme brow “3”
@anastasiabeverlyhills foundation stick “banana”
@maccosmetics “saddle”
@urbandecaycosmetics “pistol” and glitter liner “glam rock”
@nyxcosmetics_canada retractable eyeliner “white”


I literally refuse to pay to make my hair shiny

three different drugstores

  • Nuance shampoo  8
  • nuance conditioner 8
  • nuance hair spray 15
  • agadir conditioner    17
  • carols daughter leave in    10
  • carols daughter shampoo   9
  • chi silk infusion (2)      24
  • its a 10 leave in     14
  • agadir mini shampoo    9
  • agadir oil treatment    12
  • makeup remover wipes    4
  • beauty blenders (2)  6
  • nose hair trimmer  5
  • teeth whitening kit    25
  • wet n wild lash primer   5
  • physicians formula contour stick   13
  • ( ? brand )  contour stick   4
  • nyx concealer    5
  • nyx eyeshadow stick   5
  • nyx eyeshadow pot     5 
  • almay lip liner    7

total    210 :)