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What are some of your favorite cheap/drugstore makeup for cosplay(foundation, contouring, eyeliner, etc.)?

Oh boy lets see! These are my favs, and I use them on the daily too!

Rimmel Stay Matte. It’s really opaque, which I love for cosplay, because it gies my complexion a good blank canvas to work on and contour. This goes for their powder too!

Pixi Palatte. I bought this palette cause it has a variation of shades. For dark and blonder hairs. Great for cosplaying mutiples colors.

But if I need to change my brows for a odd hair color, blue, orange, green, I use prismacolors.

NYX Palatte. I use a contouring palette actually. It’s got more variations of shades for more complex looks. Rather than having one shade darker of bronzer.

As a highlighter I use either cheapy wite eyeshadow, or my highlight stick.

BH colors. I bought this cheap ass feild of colors, cause you never know what you need for cosplay. But I always buy BLACK and WHITE in larger, singular pots. The .99$ wet n wild ones.

Fabuliner. I favor FELT Tip eyeliners. But they dry out fast, no matter how fancy. So I always buy a bulk of 4-5 cheap ass ones. They’re all the same honestly, just nice to have a ton on hand. They dont last long so its a waste to buy some 24 dollar one.

Covergirl is my favorite cause they have every fucking shade under the sun. I really love the Katy Perry matte ones! The color is nice and vibrant without being too sticky or cheap. And If its too much, I lay it one and dab some off.


  • Shallan: I shouldn't lightweave for my date with Adolin, what if he falls in love with the enhanced face and not the unmagicked one?
  • Adolin, sweeping on shimmer highlighter to complete his contour: hey ren do you think i should do a color lip with this eyeshadow or stick to a light gloss

Easy Sunday Brunch Makeup Look

When it comes to makeup on the weekends, it is great to try something a little different, like a sparkly eye or a gorgeous red lip, especially if it is something you can’t get away with at school or the office, but sometimes you may prefer just to keep it simple. This makeup look is great for the weekends, brunch, and hanging out with your girlfriends it is glowy, understated and natural looking but still enhances your best features. Only the smallest amount of product (product, not products) is required to keep it looking soft and simple.

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anonymous asked:

I need tips for eye makeup! I'm Arab so my skin so dark, especially around my eyes. My bags and my lids. I'm 14 and I love makeup, but I can never do nice natural pretty makeup because my eyes are too dark. I use light concealer to cover my kids as a primer and base but it doesn't seem to work, and neither does white eyeshadow. Most of my friends are light skinned so nice colors like light pinks and neutrals look great, but you can't see hem on me, any tips?

Watch these videos to learn about color correcting and covering dark circles: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=jackie+aina+color+correction 

Color correction might be what you need! It will take some practice to find the right shade and amount of product to use but it does work if done properly. Then for natural looking makeup instead of going for light colors use metallics that are the same shade as your skin. On days when I just want natural looking eyeshadow I go for medium toned golds and browns so it just adds a little bit of shimmer and sparkle to my lids without looking super bright or ashy. 

Also you can use your dark circles to your advantage. If you conceal under your eyes and not your lids it usually looks like you just have some shadow on your lids. You can then apply a light layer of shimmery gold or brown shadow over you lids for a very natural look. 

To get shadow to show up there are a lot of things you can do. 

1. Try using eyeshadow primer instead of concealer. This one from wet n’ wild is supposed to be comparable to the urban decay one which is the one I use: http://www.wetnwildbeauty.com/eyes/primer/photo-focustm-eyeshadow-primer.html

2. Pigments have much more intense color than regular eyeshadows because they have less fillers and are closer to pure pigments. 

The urban decay electric palette is all pressed pigments so the colors are very intense: http://www.sephora.com/electric-pressed-pigment-palette-P385671

Makeup geek eyeshadows:

The loose pigments are very intense: http://www.makeupgeek.com/store/eye-products/pigments/makeup-geek-pigments.html

Regular shadows are very pigmented: https://www.makeupgeek.com/store/eye-products/eyeshadows/makeup-geek-eyeshadows.html

The foiled shadows are super intense (I think they crease on oily lids though): http://www.makeupgeek.com/store/eye-products/eyeshadows/makeup-geek-foiled-eyeshadows.html 

Colourpop eyeshadows:

The ultra-metallic ones will show up on every skin tone: https://colourpop.com/product-category/shadows-pigments/shadowsandpigments/?filter_finish=125

The regular metallic ones are great as well: https://colourpop.com/product-category/shadows-pigments/shadowsandpigments/?filter_finish=123

You can use colourpop shadows as bases for other shadows as well. 

3. Instead of using concealer as an eyeshadow base you can use an eyeshadow stick or like I said above, colourpop eyeshadows. 

In this tutorial I use a melted down nyx jumbo pencil in black bean for a black base to deepen up shadow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkI1-UL7ceg

In this tutorial I use a melted down nyx jumbo pencil in milk to help bright colors shop up better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjOfQZQEMH8

4. You can foil metallic shadows to get them to show up better. I always do this with loose metallic shadows otherwise the shadow goes everywhere. I first pick up some shadow on my brush and then spray it to dampen the shadow. Then I apply the shadow to my lid.

I do it in this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzpOaookFTI

I hope at least one of these tips helps!

Two Steps - Part 12

Hey everyone! sorry it’s been so long since i’ve posted! Thank you everyone for your lovely comments on the last part as well as the timeline for the story I put together. I just finished watching  season 4 of the 100 and let’s just say I still haven’t  recovered. That’s why it’s taken me so long to post. But anyway, thank you guys so much for reading! Have a great day :D 

Part 12:

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For @foxy-voxy and anyone else who was curious about my cartoon-style makeup. Really, the important bit is to make sure everything you use is totally matte. Eyeshadow, highlights, etc.

Hourglass Vanish stick foundation (Vanilla)
NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer (Vanilla - I’m noticing a trend here)
Contour with Nyx Wonder Stick in Light/Medium
Set with Nyx Matte But Not Flat Powder (Nude)

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette - Combust in the crease
Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette - Dagger on the lid
Maybelline Line Stiletto liner
Mascara of your choice (I used a French/European brand that’s hard to find)

Line and fill lips with Nyx Suede Matte Liner (Soft-Spoken)
Fill with Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lippie (Lolita)

Now, the part that makes it special is the cartoony lines. I find this works best with a few different thicknesses of liner, so I used the above-mentioned Maybelline Line Stiletto along with Hard Candy Bold & Gorgeous and one from Yves Rocher that might be hard to find in the US. The HC one is really handy because it’s got this weird flick-shaped tip that makes thin lines if you press lightly and thicker ones if you press harder, a bit like a fountain pen. Vary the line widths, finer ones around the eyes and lips, thicker ones down the nose and along the jaw-line.

Then be sure to lock it all in place with a setting spray like Urban Decay All Nighter, especially if you’re going to a con or a party!

Red Lipstick Tips

After you’ve selected a red lipstick to rock, you’re probably asking yourself this question: How exactly do you rock it?

When it comes to wearing red lipstick it’s best to keep the rest of your makeup simple. Bright eyeshadow and red lips can look a little retro whilst super dark smoky eyes can edge on goth. Whilst it’s fine to wear red lips with whatever makeup combination you like, these are a few tips and tricks to try if you’re a little bit shy.

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I literally refuse to pay to make my hair shiny

three different drugstores

  • Nuance shampoo  8
  • nuance conditioner 8
  • nuance hair spray 15
  • agadir conditioner    17
  • carols daughter leave in    10
  • carols daughter shampoo   9
  • chi silk infusion (2)      24
  • its a 10 leave in     14
  • agadir mini shampoo    9
  • agadir oil treatment    12
  • makeup remover wipes    4
  • beauty blenders (2)  6
  • nose hair trimmer  5
  • teeth whitening kit    25
  • wet n wild lash primer   5
  • physicians formula contour stick   13
  • ( ? brand )  contour stick   4
  • nyx concealer    5
  • nyx eyeshadow stick   5
  • nyx eyeshadow pot     5 
  • almay lip liner    7

total    210 :)

Apply a white coat first for a more vibrant and bold color! The same actually goes for eyeshadow- apply a white eyeshadow stick to your eyelid and then applying a bold shadow over that💅

Soft Winged Liner Tutorial

When I posted that I was thinking about doing a soft, smoky, powder winged liner look teamed with glossy purple-plum lips I immediately got a response from so many of you guys to create a tutorial. This is a gorgeous, simple, chic and sophisticated makeup look that anyone can do and is great for proms/formals/cocktail parties and more. I love to wear it with glamorous hollywood style waves and hair tucked behind one ear but it also looks great with an updo.

Watch the video tutorial above or keep reading to see a step-by-step picture guide.

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HERES  a quick makeup tip: 

If your just starting out with makeup, I really recommend using cream eyeshadow sticks. Its super easy to blend and u literally can not mess it up. (I SWEAR I CAN WEAR EYESHADOW NOW BECAUSE OF THESE THINGS)

Anyways, what I really came here to tell you is that I’ll being doing TONS of head canons (etc) next week, SO SEND THEM ALL SO I CAN FLOOD MY BLOG WITH THEM OKAY??