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some makeup tips for lower-budget beginners

hello younger girls, trans girls, and anyone who wants to learn how to do makeup and doesn’t have $3k to drop on a kit, here’s a compilation of things i’ve learned doing makeup on myself and others over the years, and overspending on like, everything

- if you’re going to invest in anything, invest in foundation that won’t clog your pores/irritate your skin
- nyx has good eyeshadow singles
- nyx primer is also a+
- nyx is just great ok
- morphe palettes are twice as big as sephora palettes and half the price, and they’re almost (if not equally) as good.
- if you’re spending over 8$ on mascara you probably have something to prove
- take care of your skin your makeup will look 10x better if you do
- makeup wipes are convenient but overpriced and wasteful: garnier miscellar water is like $6.50, works better, and lasts a long time. put it on a paper towel or a kleenex or a cotton pad.
- beauty blenders are just fancy sponges that soak up your product and grow bacteria. don’t let instagram tell you you need one
- all the brushes you need: foundation (there are lots of kinds, my favorite is a japonesque round tapered synthetic brush), big fluffy powder, little fluffy blender for crease, little flat one for eyelid, medium fluffy cheek brush, eyeliner brush (angle or tiny skinny one, whichever you like better. sephora has an amazing angle liner brush for ~$14), brow brush if your aren’t using gel. the rest are great but you can do a full face with just those 7.
- don’t use creams with natural hair brushes. morphe + real techniques have great synthetic ones.
- maybelline 24 hour tattoo gel eyeliner is $9 and better than every gel liner i’ve ever used
- light-medium foundation with buildable coverage: one foundation for everyday and full glam
- colourpop’s lip products are ~$6 each and they’re amazing
- spray brush cleaner!!!!!!!!! (you can use rubbing alcohol but it can dry out natural hair brushes, and make sure it’s dry before putting it near your eyes bc that shit hurts)
- buy lashes online, buy duo lash glue at cvs
- HALLOWEEN STORE GLITTER (make sure it’s cosmetic grade!)

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Fav drugstore brand?


Milani, Makeup Revolution, The Ordinary (drugstore prices), CeraVe, DermaE, Sonia Kashuk, Pacifica, Essence, Shea Moisture. 

CeraVe, DermaE (loads of products with (AHA’s/BHA’s), and The Ordinary all make great affordable skin care that I trust will be decent to great products. 

Makeup Revolution is sort of killing it with all their cheek products lately. So many highlight and blush formulas and shades to choose from, even matte blushes which is sort of rare at the drugstore. Same with Essence! Essence has loads of affordable highlight shades, matte bronzers and blushes. I love their Brow Me Up, it’s a great dupe for Glossier’s Boy Brow.

Sonia Kashuk sort of makes think of the NARS of the drugstore. Maybe its the packing. Their products usually don’t let me down. 

Pacifica is a great option for my vegan, all natural beauty lovers. They sell Pacifica at Target, Ulta and some drugstores. Even places like Whole Foods. I trust their products will look really soft and pretty on my skin and won’t feel overly cheap or cause reactions. Lots of their products are infused with things like coconut oil, rose water, antioxidants, etc. Plus their packaging is really cute. Oh my god and their blood tuscan orange perfume (only $22!) was my summer scent all through out my first few years of college. 

I also wish more drugstore brands made single eyeshadows like the Shea Moisture Mineral Eye Shadows. For those looking for warm, reddish/purple eyeshadows try using their mineral blushes, they come in awesome red and plum shades! Shea Moisture also has loads of complexion product shades for those with deeper skin tones!!