eyeshadow palletes

Confession: I’m so tired of instagram makeup beauty culture. There is so much pressure on girls now to have their contouring perfect, nice brows, matte lips, etc that wasn’t there before. What is the purpose? Nothing good is ever going to come out of teaching girls they need to look like models to be worth something. Also, it alienates poor women because it glamorizes spending $60 for an eyeshadow pallet or a blush. People act like it’s just a fun hobby but if we don’t wear makeup we’re not taken seriously. What about all the black women who are pressured into wearing lighter makeup or contouring their noses smaller? Why should I have to take an hour every morning to look “presentable” when men don’t? I love makeup too, but don’t act like it hasn’t created a toxic culture.

@ anybody starting in makeup

fuck whoever told you that you had to buy expensive products to get the look you want. fuck em! they’re product-pushers & they’re lying to you.
Foundation? 7-$10
Concealer? $2.50
Eyeliner? $1 or less
Mascara? $5
Lipstick? 5-$10
Eyeshadow pallete? 10-$15
Translucent powder? $6
Contour powder? 4-$5

Are MAC brushes necessary? No. Go to michael’s & get you some brushes.

Don’t like brushes? Use makeup wedges. they’re about $6 per pack. fuck a booty blender.

Don’t have enough money for either one? Use your fingers (wash your hands first)

Don’t believe me? My face is proof.


My first Ulta haul!

URBAN DECAY moondust Eyeshadow pallet $49.00
NAKED URBAN DECAY Flushed Bronzer/Highlighter/Blush $32.00
Too Faced Love Flush Blush $26.00
Too Faced La Creme Double Bubble Lipstick $22.00
NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner $6.99

Total savings: $135.99 ❤❤❤

So this was my first time going to Ulta, and it was super easy! So I’ll defiantly go back sometime. But I’ll have to hide this makup bc its obviously expensive and family would be sus. But its okay bc I love having nice things 💋💋💋

A Closer look at the Holiday 2016 Sneak Peeks from Kat Von D Beauty!!

•The Metal Matte eyeshadow palette, a mixture of matte and metal finishes and it looks HUGE!! $60

Also at the bottom of the pic:
•A mini everlasting Liquid Lipstick set
•A mini Bow N Arrow Set with a mini bow n arrow liquid lipstick and a mini tattoo liner in black

Coming soon to SEPHORA!