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what are good eyeshadow pallets to get for my first pallet ?

If I were you, I’d buy something that’s more affordable like morphe or makeup revolution palette especially if it’s your first time playing with eyeshadows

Confession: I’m so tired of instagram makeup beauty culture. There is so much pressure on girls now to have their contouring perfect, nice brows, matte lips, etc that wasn’t there before. What is the purpose? Nothing good is ever going to come out of teaching girls they need to look like models to be worth something. Also, it alienates poor women because it glamorizes spending $60 for an eyeshadow pallet or a blush. People act like it’s just a fun hobby but if we don’t wear makeup we’re not taken seriously. What about all the black women who are pressured into wearing lighter makeup or contouring their noses smaller? Why should I have to take an hour every morning to look “presentable” when men don’t? I love makeup too, but don’t act like it hasn’t created a toxic culture.

Your Sugar Baby Over Night Bag : Tips and Tricks

Your SD has asked you to sleep over and to pack an over night bag. What do you bring? The last time I brought an overnight bag, I forgot a very simple item. A brush. lol So here’s some tips, tricks and items it’s always good to have in an overnight bag. 

1. Know his patterns. 

Hopefully by now that you’re sleeping over at his place you have an idea of his patters. Where he likes to go, how he likes to dress and the activities he likes to participate in. This is key to packing your wardrobe. For example, my SD is a socialite. He loves to go out to nice restaurants, preferably with live music so he can bring me to dance while everyone is watching. Aka, anywhere where he can find potential clients and be the limelight. 

2. Know his timing. 

Is your SD an early riser or does he like to lounge around with you in the morning? My SD is a get up and go kind of guy. So lingerie really isn’t an option. I do pack my makeup in a convenient that I can hang on a towel rack that was it’s easily accessible and everything is organized. Your SD wants to have fun, he’ll get frustrated if he has to sit and wait for you to dig through your bag to find things. Be clean and respectful.   

3. Pack light but efficiently. 

Just like my makeup bag. It’s clean, out of the way and on a towel rack. I pack my essentials. Get travel size containers to put shampoo and conditioner in or lotion. If you bring full bottles of thing your bag will be heavy and bulky. He’ll think you want to live with him, not just stay the night. lol 

Checklist :

Makeup: Again, my essentials.
-Small eyeshadow pallet (ONE)
-Highlight and Contour pallet
-EYE LASH GLUE (Super embarrassing if you forget this) 
-Nude lipstick (one)
-Essential Brushes I keep to a minimum. 
-Perfume - my SD loves smells

Toiletries :

-Tampons, even if you don’t need them, mother nature can be weird so just have them. 
-Baby wipes. It’s a really quick way to clean “down there” Without taking a shower.  Not to mention they can take your makeup off easily too. 
-Hair Brush. Yes, please don’t forget this. 
-Hair tie. Also a super important thing to have. How can you wash your face when your hair is in the way? Using a towel to wrap your dry hair in is not fun. (Been there) 
-Face wash
-Toothbrush and toothpaste 
-Cotton pads
-Your own small face towel. Don’t wipe your mascara on his towel. lol 
-Contact solution
-Contact case 
-Bobi pins 

Clothes :

-A really nice dress - What if he doesn’t tell you where you’re going? I always have a dress and heels on hand.
-Dark wash jeans. There’s something aesthetically pleasing about dark wash jeans. You can dress them up, dress them down. 
-Nude heels. I usually bring nude that way i can wear them with my dress, jeans whatever and match no matter what. 
-A casual outfit that looks nice. I always bring a dress then a casual outfit for the next day just incase we go to breakfast. 
-COMFORTABLE lingerie. Is that even a thing? If you don’t sleep naked but don’t want to wear your regular Mickey Mouse Pjs, then get soft comfortable lingerie that isn’t uncomfortable to sleep in. Not to mention, if you do sleep naked but are casually hanging around the house, it’s fun to walk around in. 
-Extra underwear. 2 pairs. 
-Nude bra or sports bra
-Cute sandals 
That’s basically it! Hope it Helps. 
-Samantha N.B. 

@ anybody starting in makeup

fuck whoever told you that you had to buy expensive products to get the look you want. fuck em! they’re product-pushers & they’re lying to you.
Foundation? 7-$10
Concealer? $2.50
Eyeliner? $1 or less
Mascara? $5
Lipstick? 5-$10
Eyeshadow pallete? 10-$15
Translucent powder? $6
Contour powder? 4-$5

Are MAC brushes necessary? No. Go to michael’s & get you some brushes.

Don’t like brushes? Use makeup wedges. they’re about $6 per pack. fuck a booty blender.

Don’t have enough money for either one? Use your fingers (wash your hands first)

Don’t believe me? My face is proof.

U/ta tips

As someone who actually fucking works at the store I’m tired of seeing all the horrible misinformation about what to do at u/ta

1. For fucks sake please stop stealing testers especially in perfume there are hidden cameras perfume and certain stores mostly high volume stealing stores and we are told to monitor perfume the most

2. Do not go on lifting one hour before closing we know this is the most hit time of day that lifters tend to shoplift there’s always a second manager watching the cameras at this time

3. Yes we always check cameras and I mean always if you beep we will check cameras and yes we will check the cameras outside to get your license plate number people who say this is a true are stupid and never have worked at the store

4. If you hit the same store over and over we do not build cases, however we will monitor you and most likely call the cops/mall cops

5. The reason why the white cubes of death exist is because people keep stealing 5 to 10 pallets of eyeshadow at a time stop doing this you’re making it harder for everyone

6. Speaking of the white cubes of death, the naked palette with these cubes on them or normally not checked just slide the pallets out of the boxes and leave the boxes alone I know this is normally not good but when the boxes or tag for the white cubes no one really checks them

7. If our managers see us on camera spotting a lifter and we on purposely let them get away our asses are in trouble so if you’re stupid enough to get caught by simple mistakes I don’t feel sorry for you

8. Do not conceal in drugstore makeup this is the place where most people do and are caught and where we find most of our empty boxes do not conceal in high end hair care either The best place to conceal is probably hair brushes or where the hair dryers are

9. When there is a big event such as sales or holidays specials there will be even more lost prevention in the store please make sure to be more careful than normal and cameras are actively monitored don’t be stupid

10. We cannot confront you only managers can we cannot touch you only police officers can we wear headsets to communicate constantly please don’t avoid us the best excuse is always I’m looking or I’m just browsing or killing time

11. In my experience, it doesn’t matter if you wear nice make up in the store or if it looks good we will always come up to you whether you were wearing make up or not just trying to dress in clothing that is not black because people are constantly come up to you and ask if you work there

Seth Clearwater Imagine: Date Night

Request 4: Reader is really short and gets teased from the others.

Music filled the small room we filled. It swept across the otherwise silent area. I was sitting on the counter while Kim and Emily towered over me. The girls gave inquisitive looks to one another as I gave them willing authoritative over my blank canvas. Kim points towards a colour in an eyeshadow pallet in Emily hands. Emily nods her head enthusiastically while she reaches for a brush. I close my eyes as I feel the smooth bristles of the brush dance back and forth across my eyelids. I feel like a doll that is being made; awaiting the finished masterpiece.

A knock forced it’s way into the room interrupting the music. The door nervously opened slowly. Sam poked in from the other side, “Seth is already here for (Y/N).” Emily went over to him and quickly peaked his lips and nodded her head. Both Kim and Emily returned to their unfinished work with vigorous determination. The mascara wand brush slowly across my eyelids, indicating that I was finally finished. I hoped off the counter and turned around to see myself on the other side of the mirror. I am fearfully excited.

Emily gripped my arm as I saw my reflection quickly drift away from the mirrors surface. The entire pack was crowded along the table eating various snacks that was left out for them. The ate in an effortless aggression that left the remains of their plates to vanish. Heads perked up from the sudden commotion of their imprints entering the scene. Seth got up from the table and stood there looking at with me with unwavering astonishment. The sight caused giggles to freely escape my mouth as I walk over to him. He instinctively wraps his arms around my waist and lens down and gentle kisses my lips.

“Wow Seth you have to lean over so much to get to your imprint that you turn into the Hunchback of Notre Dame,” Paul noted. Laugher barked loudly from all of the other pack members. My face was immediately invaded from the blush the spread across my cheeks.

“Literally anyone here but you would be able to reach the top shelf,” Jared countered back.

“How is the weather down there (Y/N),” Embry questioned?  I rolled my eyes at the hundred year old comment. Seth wraps his arms around me and starts to lead me towards the door.

“Hey, my imprint is just more down to Earth then of you here,” Seth joked back. The mouths of the pack members that made comments opened. Everyone else in the room shouted and oooed at his words. Seth’s hands entangled with him as he pulled me out of the house as we dashed towards the truck. We both got in a slammed the doors.

“I can’t believe you said that,” I gushed in between my laugher from the events that engraved in my member.

“Neither can I,” he replied.

“So where are you taking me?”  He started the truck and began to drive away from the shocked faces that were left inside.

“It’s a surprise.” I smiled a leaned back in my seat, awaiting for the next astonishing uncertainty the night would hold.

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As someone who's super into makeup, why do pro lifting people act like those poor little trans girls need sephora makeup to pass?? Like I could do a full face of drugstore makeup and look amazing for like 200$ less than at sephora. Just go online and read reviews of drugstore makeup and you'll find sooo many quality dupes that are cheap. There's literally no reason you need that 50$ eyeshadow pallet to pass.

Because it’s a shitty excuse for a shitty action. If you’re going to steal to survive, or for your kids, fine. That’s survival. Eating is survival, and sometimes you’re broke and homeless and starving. But a lot of these people aren’t even transwomen, they’re just middle class cis white girls who want things. 

It’s not that big of a deal though because eventually they’ll get caught and scared into not doing it again, or one of their blogs will get on the news as evidence of how much they stole and that’ll be really, really funny so it’s a win-win in the end when you think about it.


To be honest you guys need to stop over doing it with lifting , like I get the getting more than one thing thing but like taking all the eyeshadow palletes that are on the shelf or taking more than one expensive purse at once like cmon guys that’s not smart that’s why they’re hiring more lp and being more cautious around where I am it’s easy to lift from some stores but you never know whose watching you guys have to be careful and stop being extra you aren’t only making it hard for you but you’re making it hard for everyone else