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Hair [xx]

Flower Crown [xx]

Eyeliner [xx]

Lips [xx]

Nose Mask [xx]

Eyeshadow [xx]

Oversized Shirt [xx]

Jeans [xx]

Shoes [xx]

Bracelet (EA)

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The Price of Wanting Children - Killian Jones One-shot

Request: 40 & 37 Killian Jones
40 - “The kids, they ambushed me.”
37 - “Welcome to fatherhood.”
Title: The Price of Wanting Children
Pairing: Killian Jones x Reader

Killian and (Y/N) had been together since before the first curse was created by Regina. However, they ended up being separated right before the curse was cast. For Killian, the worst part was that he had to leave his two children behind as well, Brennan and Eva. Brennan was the oldest at 8, and Eva was 6. When the family was reunited, it was certainly a site to behold. Though there was a little humor in the situation as well. When Killian had spotted his wife, he had begun to run towards her, actually sending Emma and most of the other townspeople into a panic, afraid that he was going to hurt someone. Yet when the woman was embraced into a warm hug, the whole town froze, and finally, the two were one again. The children seemed to accept him fairly quickly, since they did have their memories, and knew that someone was missing in their lives, and now they had him back. 
It was now about 3 years later, and now they had another little girl named Reyna, and another little boy on the way. Though Killian didn’t know about that. 

(Y/N) was currently making dinner for their growing family while Killian was outside, making sure the kids didn’t do anything they weren’t supposed to. That evening was fairly calm up until Killian came busting through the door with three giggling children right behind him. The pirate stumbled into the kitchen, panting softly. 
“The kids- they ambushed me!” He gasped out. His hair was a total train wreck, his clothes were tattered and the worst part was the marker and glitter all over his face. 
“You’re the one who fell asleep!” Brennan said with a smirk as his little sister couldn’t stop giggling. 
“Daddy’s a princess now!” Eva said happily, clapping her hands. 
“Honey, daddy has always been a princess.” (Y/N) smirked. 
“(Y/N) no, you’ll give them idea-”
“DADDY WEAR DRESS!” Reyna shrieked happily and began to pull her father up the stairs and into his and (Y/N) room, where there was a large assortment of dresses. 
“Oh god- (Y/N) help!”
“No.” (Y/N) said simply and smirked as she watched her husband disappear up the stairs. 
“Mummy, is daddy going to be alright?” Brennan asked innocently. 
“Probably not, but it was his fault for wanting children.” (Y/N) smirked.

30 minutes later, Killian finally came down the stairs wearing a frilly pink dress, and a Batman mask. Why in the world Reyna decided to put the mask on him, was beyond any of them, but it looked amazing either way. To join the mask, there was also make up all over his face. His face was nearly pure red, with hot pink lipstick, and multicolor eyeshadow all over the mask. 
“We are not having any more kids,” Killian muttered to his wife later that night. 
“Heh, about that…” (Y/N) coughed awkwardly. 
“Welcome to fatherhood, love.”

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So I ordered some things from ELF Cosmetics (the top picture). My package came in today and I knew I was getting a free eyeshadow, but y'all they sent me SEVEN free FULL SIZE gifts!!!! They sent me a mascara primer, mascara, eyelid primer, glitter eyeliner (so excited to use this), a eyeshadow/eyeliner duo in a purple shade- I searched this as soon as I saw it and I could not believe how beautiful and pigmented it was o m g, the backed eyeshadow palette, and an eyelash curler.

The things that I actually bought included in the top picture were several skin care products- the hydrating bubble mask and application brush (this was so much fun putting on tonight), an exfoliating scrub, and a daily face cleanser. I also bought a fan brush and some high definition translucent powder!

I just can’t even express my love for ELF! It is such a good, affordable brand. I am so happy and very impressed. I have used ELF for a long time and I can’t wait to continue to learn and use more of their products!

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Dressing Bubba up, and doing the makeup on his pretty woman mask pls

You gently put the brush up to the cheek of the mask.
“You want some blush?” You asked, and got a shy nod from Bubba. You gently coated the dead skin in light pink blush. You promised Bubba you would do the makeup on his new mask, since he loved how you did your own makeup. He wanted to be pretty like you.
“Do you want some lipstick too?” He nodded. “Okay, what color?” You held up some different colored lipsticks. He picked the bright red one, and you applied it around the mouth whole of the mask.
He nodded.
He nodded again.
An hour later, you had completed the makeover. You even curled his hair a bit. Slowly, you lifted a hand mirror up to him.
“Do you like it…?” You asked softly. He instantly hugged you and make some happy sounds. Bubba was beyond happy that you helped make him pretty, like you.
“Aww, I’m glad Bubba. You look very pretty.” You hummed and kissed his masked cheek.


The bones in your feet crack

       pine needles under each step

            audible, soft, mesmerizing

Your wounds

      Medals of Honor

You display them with pride

      the calluses you’ve collected

      the bruises coloring your skin

      the blisters still ripe with pain


      white socks 

      thick eyeshadow

      heavy tanner

      sharp eyeliner

      brand-name crystals

You paint yourself

      A doll

Perfection in its most righteous form

Because you are both beautiful and scarred

      painted and blistered

      poised and bloody

Beautiful is the dancer who worked for it

      Beautiful is the dancer who endured 

            Who endured pain for pleasure

            Who endured sacrifice for reward

            Who reaped what was sown

Beautiful is the dancer who worked for it

      Beautiful is the dancer clutching 

            Clutching to the dream

            Clutching cramped muscles

            Clutching the medal second best to the goal

Beautiful is the dancer who worked for it

Your socks are always new

Your crystals shine like your eyes

Your brows are sharp

Your powder is soft

You have created yourself

      This form

            it is nothing new to you

      Your eyeliner

      Your bronzer

      Your brow palette

      Your eyeshadow primer

This is no mask for the medals you have earned

      matte finish spray does not cover up your wounds


      You show yourself as a force to be reckoned with

You hide the scalding blisters

      the shattered bones

      the scorched muscles

Not out of fear


But to show the world

You can be both pained and painted

      Athletic and articulate 

      Strong and sculpted


      Beautiful is the dancer who worked for it 

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Small question, what is Emmeryn supposed to look like in CAS, because everytime I load her I get the message 'some items were removed b/c they aren't installed' is it because of that custom skin you just loaded or?

Hi there! 

This will happen if you didn’t install all the cc. She uses all of my collection items, and other creators accessories and shoes. You don’t actually need these items for Emmeryn to show up in your game, but you will get that warning. The files you actually need for her to show up like in my screenshots are:

Genetics & makeup

Skin1 / skin2 /  eyes / eyebrows / eyelashes / freckles / lipstick / blush /eyelinereyeshadow / monday’s sclera mask


Nightcrawler Guy (you also need the mesh) / Alesso 60s / Alesso Slowly/ Alesso Angels

This is a completely unedited (it’s not even sharpened) screenshot of how she shows up in cas if you have all the cc installed:

Just a teensy WIP. Been watching too much The 100 lately.

So what would be the best category for some warrior paint face markings? So that they don’t interfere with other face content? Definitely not face paint (which is what I’m testing them on), cuz most people like me use eye masks. Eyeshadow? Or maybe tattoo?

Can I get some input? Would really appreciate it.