Bewitching Eyes

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Pairing: Benny x Reader

Word Count: 823

Warnings: fluffish

A/N: This was requested by anon! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

You were on your way to go see Benny at the diner he worked at.  You didn’t always get to leave work early, but this was your lucky day.  This had to be the first time that you were given this opportunity.  Perhaps your hard work was starting to pay off.

After you turned off the engine, you sat there for a couple minutes.  You wanted to make sure that you were looking your best before going inside.  Benny was going to be pleasantly surprised by your presence.

As you walked through the doors of the diner, you saw Benny look up.  He always greeted anyone who came in.  When he saw you, his face lit up like a Christmas tree.  “[Y/N], what’re you doin’ here,” Benny asked, a wide grin adorning his lips.

“I got off of work early,” you informed him.  “I thought I’d stop by before I went home.  I know I’ll see you when you get home, but I never get to see you this early in the afternoon.

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