Current list of WIPs

I have so many WIPs and I keep making more lmao. I promise I’m working hard on stuff! Thought I’d give a little list of what I’m actively working on a the moment (order is random!):

- All of the DDADDS characters as Sims
- Various Sims 3 Dragon Valley conversions, including 2 outfits and roof ornaments
- TSM Clothing conversions
- Doomfist’s (face)paint (including the paint from his 2 epic skins) as tattoos/facepaint
- Malfurion’s beard from HOTS (pretty much completely done)
- Small version of the Demon Hunter horns for adults
- Recolour of @winglysimmer‘s Symmetra Oasis outfit
- Functional tents from the Witcher 3 and DA:I
- Doomfist’s sprays as wall decals
- Anniverssary event sprays as wall decals plus the new Summer Games sprays
- Third eyes

EDIT: Knew I’d forget some stuff. I’m also working on fixing the transperacy of my Spectrum lipsticks and the facepaint on my Night Elf tattoos - one of the tattoos does not work correctly in the facepaint version!

Probably forgetting at least 10 WIPs lmao but this is just a peek into what I’m working on. I’m working hard, I promise! ♥

Can everyone stop fucking talking about how pretty noora is??? Like we get it, she’s white, blonde, skinny and has blue eyes

edit: i made this post thinking about people on the show, not in real life, i don’t care if you call Noora beautiful, what i’m talking about is how much importance they give on the show to the fact that Noora is pretty 

Kryptonian heart eyes

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Reasons Why CG Ruby is Adorable
  • doesn’t know how to “act casual”
  • is a terrible liar
  • gets nervous easily
  • is a total dork
  • does a total 180 when around her gf and turns into a smooth-talking flirt
  • how to calm ruby: let her spend time with her gf
  • still infatuated and obsessed with her gf after thousands of years
  • easily distracted, especially by love
  • cares deeply about her friends
  • is teeny tiny
  • also has teeny tiny gf
  • argues like an old married couple
  • is passionate
  • is affectionate
  • loves to kiss her gf’s neck
  • loves to kiss
  • bridal carries her gf
  • has big eyes

Edit: Here’s a link to why I think Sapphire is also adorable