Please pardon us while we have a short glee and sugar-induced freak-out. If you’ve been following the Geyser of Awesome for even a little while you’ll know how much we enjoy anthropomorphism, googly eyes, and sweets. We’ve just encountered an awesome combination of all three:

A punny ice cream parlour in Barcelona, Spain named Eyescream sells shaved ice cream imported from Taiwan that they serve up with tasty pairs of sauces and toppings and… wait for it…  googly eyes made of sugar.

So your sweet frozen treat stares up at you while you eat it. Is the ice cream creature paralyzed with fear or excited that you’re about to enjoy it? It’s important to consider what one’s personified food might be thinking, so these are the questions we ask ourselves.

It looks like it’s time for another field trip. We hope you’ll join us. The more people, the more flavours and toppings we can try.

[via Design Taxi]