82 reasons harry’s ootp anger was totally justified

(because a 400 page thesis is not doable)(for


1.    he’d just come off a very stressful school year in which (surprise) someone had been actively trying to do him in

2.    a sliver of the darkest soul of all time was stuck inside him :)))

3.    darkest wizard of all time was actively messing w/ his brain

4.    his literal worst nightmare had just come to life before his eyes

5.    voldemort’s red eyes actively haunted him, waking and sleeping

6.    he’d squared off against the man who murdered his parents (!)

7.    and the man who’d betrayed his parents to their deaths

8.    he’d been tied so tightly neck to ankle that he couldn’t even turn his head

9.    he was stabbed

10.  he’d just learned the blood protection that had previously kept him safe was worthless

11.  he was jeered at and hexed at by a group of adults who wanted him dead

12.  he’d been crucio’d for fun, taunted, and chased after

13.  he’d just been psychologically tortured as well

14.  his classmate and co-competitor died and he was powerless to stop it

15.  he’d just seen the imprints of his dead parents

16.  his dead classmate had to be pried from his grip

17.  he blamed himself for cedric dying – survivor’s guilt

18.  he was forced to relive his entire horrific experience just after it happened

19.  he’d learned his teacher, whom he trusted, had actively been plotting against him

20.  his godfather literally got to see him for an hour before leaving again

21.  the minister of magic, who had always before been genial, called harry a liar to his face

22.  he had to return in exile to the home of his abusers

23.  while there, his cousin tormented him and the neglect of his aunt and uncle continued

24.  he was cut off entirely from the wizarding world, desperate for information

25.  he had no guarantee voldemort wouldn’t show up on privet drive at any moment

26.  no one was properly communicating with him

27.  and then he was attacked by two dementors (!)

28.  and he saved his cousin, and was nearly kicked out onto the street for it

29.  he spent the last month of the summer wondering if he’d be expelled from school

30.  all his wizard friends had been conspiring for the entire summer and had told him nothing

31.  he was suffering from chronic nightmares, i.e. not sleeping

32.  his godfather, embroiled in his own trauma, remained distant and broody

33.  he had to stay in a gloomy house which lbr would bother anyone

34.  uh his friends were chosen as prefects which led to him feeling further ostracized from dumbledore and isolated from them

35.  his mentor/grandfather type figure was actively ignoring him

36.  he’s unable to write to sirius, which had previously been one of his favorite things and greatest sources of comfort

37.  the government that was supposed to protect him sent an infiltrator to his school, violating his one safe space in the world

38.  said infiltrator stripped away everything he held dear

39.  said infiltrator also abused him repeatedly, forced his own body to abuse itself, and took great pleasure in watching it happen

40.  no one believed him

41.  even his dorm mate, who harry had previously considered a friend, disbelieved him

42.  he was ostracized and ridiculed by the entirety of wizarding society

43.  until he learned what threstrals were, he genuinely thought he was going mad

44.  he couldn’t participate in quidditch, the one thing he was naturally super talented at and greatly enjoyed

45.  even his broomstick—his favorite thing—was confiscated

46.  he blamed himself for mr weasley’s attack


48.  DADA, the only good thing he had going for him, was taken away

49.  dumbledore, the only thing that made him feel truly safe, had to leave

50.  he assumed guilt for dumbeldore having to leave

51.  he knows shit is going down (the Order is protecting something) and he’s not able to help, and he’s not able to put it all together, and that drives him mad because he’s a person of action who’s been encouraged to follow those impulses for his entire hogwarts career

52.  no one in this entire time sat him down and helped him work through any of this

53.  and spent a few days wondering if he’d been possessed by Voldemort

54.  he sort of dated the girl he liked but it turned into a mutually traumatic and horrific thing

55.  even the newspaper led a smear campaign

56.  every adult he trusts is failing him on (nearly) every level

57.  spent two months worried about where on earth hagrid had been

58.  spent seven months worried hagrid would be fired & what he was up to in the woods

59.  hagrid left (again) and he had to deal with the stress of caring for a giant (??)

60.  watched his favorite teacher be brutally ambushed and attacked

61.  child worried about everything tbh and he was always taking the world on his shoulders

62.  OH he had to watch ron suck @ quidditch and it was just terrible b/c he couldn’t fix it or make it better and sigh

63.  he was actively worried about his godfather, who was clearly in a very bad place

64.  he had to endure horrible lessons with the teacher who hated him

65.  he knew voldemort actually had access to his mind, which is terrifying

66.  however, the lessons only seemed to make it worse

67.  he was a child

68.  he’s been abused his entire life and has never been taught healthy coping mechanisms

69.  so he sticks with the standby of repress until it explodes

70.  which just does not work at all, but he doesn’t know any better

71.  his stress level just walking around daily is 8/10, no wonder he can’t cope???

72.  he learned his teenage dad was the kind of bully he’d been afraid of his entire life


74.  and that sent him into a spiral of depression wondering if everything snape had ever told him was correct

75.  he spent weeks wondering if his mum and dad actually ever loved each other

76.  his godfather and teacher only provided minor comfort; harry’s concerns weren’t really assuaged

77.  normal student stresses like studying for the most stressful exams of school career

78.  enduring a domineering hermione w/ the study schedules and whatnot during said exam times

79.  he suffered frequent, brain-splitting headaches

80.  mass breakout at azkaban is actually terrifying for him because he knows what those people are capable of

81.  he was a very small child

82.  people, he was only fifteen

A 7 step program for people who think Shiro is incapable of a romantic relationship because of his PTSD:

1. go to your local veterans hospital

2. go to the mental health department

3. find a veteran (bonus points if they’re with their significant other)

4. look said veteran in the eyes

5. tell them that they are incapable of love due to their mental illness

6. go home

7. try and live with yourself afterwards

how i answer asks

1. sit down to answer asks

2. pick one that interests U most and write short response

3. short response becomes long response with images that takes 20 minutes to write

4. become emotionally invested in plont being discussed and get tears in eyes

5. queue it to publish while ur at work even tho ur so excited u wanna publish it immediately 

6. either repeat or get too tired to answer any more even tho you get literally 4 a day and have close to 300

Challenge Time Y’all

Soooo I thought it was time to come up with a new challenge. We got a lot of great artists in and from Denmark. A huge part of them sing in english, so all the artists on this list will be from Denmark and therefor my guess is you won’t have heard the songs before and there in lies a challenge in itself. 

Only these pairings are allowed:

Characters (x readers) you can write for: Dean/Jensen, Sam/Jared, Cas/Misha, Gabe/Rich, Chuck/Rob, Charlie/Felicia 

General fics with focus on any of the above mentioned characters are allowed too!

Ships: Destiel, Deonna, Sam/Rowena, Megstiel, Janeel, Jared/Gen, 

I am limiting to these because I don’t have a lot of time to reading these days and I want all fics to be something I usually seek out - please respect these limits and know it is not hate against any other ships or characters.


1. Pick a song go to this doc:


2. Write the url you will be posting from by the song and your chosen pairing. Yes you have to add both now!

3. I allow 2 people per song - once two people added their name to a song you can no longer chose that one.

4. Sign-Ups run as long as there are songs. 

5. Mess with the doc and you will be banned from this and all future challenges.

6. Write and post your fic before May 31st (plenty of time on this one guys).

7. One song per person is allowed so far. I will let you know it changes. 

8. Tag me @thing-you-do-with-that-thing in the A/N when you post and use the # Kari’s Danish Artists SPN Challenge (long I know - sorry!)

9. If you need an extension or drop out let me know before May 24th or you will be banned from future challenges. Dropping out is cool and so are extensions. Just give me a heads up guys. If you are already banned I will remove you from the doc and send you an ask reminding you. 

10. Smut, Angst, Fluff - any combination as well as AUs are more than welcome. Just use warnings.

11. Word limits: It has to be a one shot so above 1k without the lyrics should you chose to use them. Word max: 6k (give me a change to get through all)

12. It has to be a one shot or a start of a series. You can combine with other challenges. But I prefer if the song inspires the fic in someway. Above it playing on the radio atleast.

List of songs and tags for signal boost are under the cut. Have fun y’all!!

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a daffodil
dilly-dallying in the wind,
daydreaming and noctambulating,
a lucid
I put it on a window—
in the morning
I find it near the door


benumb me,


if you need me,
I am nowhere


my winter sanctuary,
your eyes


ambidextrous, possessive
late literary executrix,
with her frail, pale, elegant hand
a word or two
every now and then,
or that is
what I would have done,
I am guessing


will you accept
my kiss
through death
between the shelves storing
eloquent catalogues
of human limitations,
enumerating reveries,


luxurious flowers,
heavy bees


I won’t rely
on your paramour for anything,
much less my heart;
what a silly face,
what plump pink cheeks;
are they cupidon?
oh are they cherub?


how I longed
to hypnotize you
into that psychotic phase under
the guise I which I only wanted that love, 
into that—utter—ravenous—obsession—
I had to be a captive
in a maze
of my own intricate construction,
a prison of magnificence and ruse,
of dispensation
and dispossession.

Jean Prouvaire (Jehan)
  • Genderfluid - They/Them pronouns
  • Pansexual
  • Wiccan
  • French/Irish
  • Long red hair that they usually keep in a sideswept braid
  • Freckles
  • Gorgeous brown eyes
  • 5′7″ tall
  • Smokes weed
  • Flower crowns
  • loves braiding flowers into their hair
  • Regularly performs tarot readings for their friends
  • Dresses in what Montparnasse calls “an unfortunate explosion of mismatched colors and patterns”
  • Has a Tumblr for their poetry and photography
  • Loves taking photos of their friends and nature and anything they consider to be Aesthetic™
  • Loves scrapbooking using said poems and photography
  • Hopeless romantic
  • Quiet and shy (usually)
  • Fairy lights everywhere
  • Listens to classical music
  • Stargazer
  • Daydreamer
  • Innocence personified tbh
  • Tattoos: The constellation Lyra over their heart, a white daisy on their right inner wrist, and a branch of lilacs on their right collarbone
MINI TUTORIAL and tips for making FNAF animatronic cosplay [Part 1- Materials and tools, base of head]

Hello, Hello~? I’m Shin and I’m gonna give you some advices about making Five Nights at Freddy’s animatronic costume. For first I wanna thank you so much, guys! I really really appreciate it. I’m glad that you like my Springtrap’s cosplay, even if this is only WIP of head. I’m really glad~!
And now, I’m gonna sorry for my horrible english xD My english sucks you know? I’m from Poland~ So, sorry again.
And let know- I’m not professional cosplayer! ST is my very first cosplay! 

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Body Headcannons, Send Me a Body Part and I will write about that Body Part of my Muse..

1. Nose

2. Mouth(Includes Lips and Teeth)

3. Hair

4. Eyes

5. Ears

6. Neck

7. Chest(Includes Breast size for females)

8. Arms

9. Hands(Include Fingers, wrists, fingernails/claws)

10. Hips

11. Legs

12. Feet(Include souls of feet, toes, toenails/claws)

13. Groin(Includes Genitals, Rear End, Pubic Hair)

14. Muscle Content(Describe Muse’s Muscles, Size, How Much they can lift, how refined are they?)

15. Bones(Describe Muse’s Bones, How strong are they? How quick do they heal? How heavy are they?)

16. Skin(Describe Muse’s Skin, How Smooth or Rough is skin? Skin Color? Any Large Noticeable Features; Scars, Freckles, Tattoos, Markings…)

angelstarlarries  asked:

Hey there again! What's your top 10 favorite larry fics of all time? Non/minimum smut. like a real fan fic with a plot and yeah :) I love asking you for recommendations bc you're so amazing and your fan fic recs are perfect ! I love you soooo much

Okay, so here it is:

1. That’s Me In The Spotlight (and no, you’re not allowed to fight me on that)

2. All Too Human (it’s just so cute)

3. And Then a Bit

4. Baby Heaven’s in your Eyes

5. You’ll Breathe Me In (You Won’t Release) (that’s smut, but I just love it)

6. never shut us down

7. Your Name Is Tattooed On My Heart

8. with nothing but your t-shirt on (smut, but it’s one of my absolute favourites)

9. Reeling Through The Fall

10. Relief Next To Me

That was tough, let me tell you!! I just couldn’t decide! Ask me again tomorrow and you’ll probably get at least five different fics. ;)

Click and Drag !

Another High school special request and made by anonie

1/ He is your rival

2/ He always looks at you secretly 

3/You always look at him unconsciously 

4/His act always catch your eyes

5/ he is the class’ clown

6/ Your best buddy who has the baddest grades

7/ Your childhood friends who will always be there for you (pick 2)

8/ He invites you to prom and gives you your first kiss

If you ever want me to do as special themed Click and drag, just tell me and I’ll do it ♥

Admin K

so I made a 'blue monday' playlist

and I wrote it all out nicely in my new notebook and was gonna scan it in but that involves getting out of bed so here it is:

1. peaceful, the world lays me down - noah and the whale
2. coming up easy - paolo nutini
3. november song - stornoway
4. it’s cool, we can still be friends - bright eyes
5. a dustland fairytale - the killers
6. lost in the post - the wombats
7. one last time - the kooks
8. colours - grouplove
9. boats & birds - gregory & the hawk
10. disenchanted - my chemical romance
11. not fade away - buddy holly & the crickets
12. fare thee well - oscar isaac & marcus mumford
13. blueberry hill - fats domino
14. words of love - buddy holly
15. in spite of all the danger - the nowhere boys
16. long distance lullaby - stornoway
17. i guess things happen that way - johnny cash
18. take a message to mary - the everly brothers
19. superstar - sonic youth
20. canopies and drapes - emmy the great

10 things I forgot to tell you before I told you not to talk to me

1. did you notice that our last hug was just as short as our first?

like we didn’t know each other at all

like we didn’t know what to expect in the days to follow

the difference was the misery afterwards

or that I was a little taller

2. you left and I ripped the skin from my chapped lips so that maybe they’d forget what yours tasted like

you wasted my time

when I did everything I could to be worthy of yours

3. you kept me around like those crumpled tests in the back of your binder you’re afraid you’ll regret throwing away on the off chance that you might need them in the future

but you know you’ll never look at them the same way you did when they were fresh off the teacher’s desk

marked in purple pen instead of red

4. how dare you leave brush strokes on my shoulders, daisies on my forehead, and ghosts still lingering like deadweights in my hands

how dare you break me with words I never even had the chance to hear drag out of your mouth, you inadequate coward

how dare you try to put me back together with superglue dripping from your knuckles like the guilt in your eyes

5. you kept me around like I was your fading bouquet of mispackaged flattery and you were unable to let go even though I was dying more with every day of neglect

6. what made you think that I deserved any less than you using your bare hands to reach into my chest and extract every last hint of your affection rather than your doing so pathetically with selfish, thoughtless fingers on a touch screen

7. I held you like the moon does waves

8. gravitated into your heartbeat like asteroids fall for the sky

9. inhaled starlight into veins of a galaxy that you didn’t belong in

you know, you should have told me that you were having trouble breathing because I mistook that as me taking your breath away

how stupid of me

and you see, I may not have been right for you but it wasn’t right for you to take everything I was insecure about and throw it back in my face after you were the one who made these monsters finally go away in the first place

I may be fifteen and they think I’m too young to understand but my definition of love is being consumed by shadows that pinch, that drown, or haunt you so that he or she may have an easier time breathing

we both did that and then something happened

and I still don’t know what happened

I still miss you. every day. I can’t sit still, stand still, I can’t stand, I can’t count. I’ve lost count.

anyway maybe it’s good that you hurt me that way because I had to learn how to push through to the light switch without using you as a map

10. I still have your sweatshirt and your secrets and your mistakes

you probably want those back


1. Glowing Eyes
2. Glowing Eyes
3. Glowing Eyes
4. Glowing Eyes
5. Glowing Eyes
6. Dance Party
7. Glowing Eyes
8. Glowing Eyes
9. Josh and Tyler handshake
10. Glowing Eyes
11. Glowing Eyes
12. Glowing Eyes 
13. Glowing Eyes (acapella)
14. Lane Boi
16. Breaking of the building (Again)

[INTERVIEW] 150806 Love! K-POP NEXT BOYS ISSUE, 27 Questions with Block B (Jaehyo)

1. What is your hobby?

Photography, watching movies, baseball

2. What is your special talent?


3. What is your foot size?


4. What is your most charming feature?

Everything from head to toe, my body type, my eyes

5. What do the members call you?

Jaeko (Taeil and Kyung call me this often)

6. “I won’t by outdone by another member in this!

”I’m pretty much not outdone in most things

7. Korean artist you like?

Kim Kwangjin

8. Japanese artist you like?

Southern All Stars

9. Japanese term you learned recently?

I like Ishihara Satomi-san the best

10. First thing you do in the morning?

I look toward the bright morning sun, turn on music, and drink my morning coffee

11. The most surprising gift from a fan?

Their many years of love for Block B

12. What do you want to brag loudly about to everyone?

I have a lot I want to brag about, but the muscle that goes from my waist to my butt

13. When do you think, “I’m a real man”

When I open a lid that the other members can’t open

14. What do you want to say when a fan is sad?

Your smiling face is prettier

15. What do fans say that make you happy?

(In Japanese) daisuki~~ (I really like you~~)

16. Has there been any surprising incident related to ‘HER’ recently?

There was an earthquake yesterday (tear)

17. What kind of day was a recent ‘NICE DAY’?

The concert at Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall

18. Has there been a sad incident related to ‘MOVIE’S OVER’ recently?

Today… is sad… because I have to go back to Korea tomorrow..

19. Now that the Japan Tour is over, please say something to BBC!

Wait for me! I’ll come back soon!

20. Most delicious food you ate during the tour?

The steak from where the Japan office president took us to

21. Is there something you’re obsessed with recently?


22. Is there one place that was especially fun during the tour?

Hibiya Concert Hall

23. Where do you always go when you go to Tokyo?


24. Is there something you want to do in Tokyo?

I want to take pictures at Tokyo Tower

25. Your favorite place in Tokyo?


26. What was most memorable about your stay in Tokyo?

Yesterday. I was scared because of the earthquake

27. A word about your thoughts on finishing the shoot!

It was fun! (laugh)

Source: @bbc_yeonchu (1, 2)

Korean translation by @bbc_yeonchu

English translation by youngha @ blockbintl

Cockles LiveStream Drinking game

1. take a shot every time Jensen calls Misha “Mish”

2. take a shot every time Jensen does the unicorn laugh

3. take a shot every time Misha touches Jensen’s shoulder

4. take a shot every time they give each other heart eyes

5. prepare to die