The signs and their names in my phone

Aries: Aloha 🍍

Taurus: 🐗🍴🐲🌽🌙🏧

Gemini: Big Bad Wolf

Cancer: Pumpkin Spice 💸

Leo: The Todd

Virgo: Bae 😘😍❤

Libra: Crazy Eyes

Scorpio: Cheryl

Sagittarius: Sissie Pants 🌸

Capricorn: Houdini ✨

Aquarius: Fuckfish

Pisces: Stabby 🔪🔪🔪

How did Rachel not know that Quinn sabotaged the plan to runaway with Adam? I thought that was a little weird.
Quinn got back at Chet, YASSS!

I loved all the Quinn and Rachel scenes. Those 2 are my fav. I couldn’t care less about the other characters. That last shot of them on the chairs is reminiscent of our introduction to Rachel in the limo, plus that song was in the pilot too.

As much as I loved Rachel’s “love you"to Quinn, it was disturbing b/c Rachel had those crazy murder eyes. Their relationship is so complex and toxic and fascinating.

All in all, the finale captured everything I love about this show. It’s entertaining but more importantly it’s compelling as hell!

I just really love this show, can’t wait for season 2!