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16 yrs old, brown hair n green eyes. i love art museums and taking pictures of anything pretty. my sense of humor is mostly subtle self loathing and extremely cheesy nonsense. flowers are my favorite. scorpio w a wild sex drive and sensitive emotions.

uhmmmmmmmmmmm for some reason you intimidate me so….

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♏ ;3c

The Sinister Blade’s green eyes fluttered open to the greenery of the jungle. As she sat up she quickly realized how filthy her body became and that she needed to bathe. Katarina rose from her resting spot to roam for a lake or river. Not too far from where she was rested a calm river was discovered making her relieved she didn’t have to walk around for too long. She was undressed all the way to her underwear when a rustling in the bushes nearby startled her. She shunpoed back holding her daggers ready as a figure walked out.

Memories, sexting & heartbreaks...

We found each other, soon a year ago. You have the most beautiful, sensual green eyes I’ve ever seen. Your body was almost perfect. Your words were my drug. Remember when you said “it’s too late for me… I already like you” and my heart skipped a beat? All i asked for was for you to stop being you. Cause you make my body shake in need.
In need of your body on top of mine. Your lips against mine. Your hands around my waist. It’s not just the sext, although sex would be the only thing we’d ever do if I were to see you. And we’d do it real good, baby! You know exactly what to do to make me scream for you. You know exactly what trail your tongue should take down my body to make me dig the nails into the sheets and arch my body at your face… You know exactly which wall to press me up against. You know just the amount of pressure it takes to fuck me hard.

I said “I’m sorry”. You said “as long as you’re okay.” I lie, saying I’m fine. I walk around with my heart bleeding and every inch of my body aches for you. Sometimes I’m over you completely, sometimes I miss you with every fiber of my being. It’s been four weeks since I last heard from you. It’s been four weeks since I told myself to not be the one to contact you every time. Cause it’d be nice to be missed and have you text me first. But,. Four weeks. Give me another three and i might wish you a merry Christmas if I’m not being too pissed.

Cause I constantly shift between hating you and missing you to death. There’s nothing in between. Maybe it’s the dark season but right know I’m not myself.

I just need to get my shit together…

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Hi Jenna, hope you're doing well! My question: When you say things like "today I edited chapter 12", how can I imagine that edit at your current stage? Do you go over wording and voice, or do you check for consistency and and contentual details?

I’m currently very far into the self-edit phase (almost done). Thus, most of my self-edits are complete. At this stage, I’m doing the following:

1. Eliminating some filler words here and there.

2. Making a few very small content changes according to a list I’ve put together. For example, these are the content changes I recently made:

- Mention Damaris’ skin color

- Brief mention of ally realms in Commencement Ceremony

- Change Beau’s eyes from green to hazel

- Condense day of rest explanation

You get the idea.

3. Beef up any lacking descriptions. 

Of course, at every stage of editing, I’m always mindful of opportunities to trim, sentences that need some clean-up or pretty-up action, and basic errors that need correcting. 

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Waves, Sea Glass, Tidal?

Thanks for asking :))

Waves - favourite season and why:

I’d say spring. When it starts getting warmer, days grow longer and color comes back to everything, it’s such a beautiful time. I love the fresh green of new leaves, and the fresh smells of spring :))

Sea glass - what do you consider to be your best physical feature?

Probably my height (I’m around 5'11") and maybe eye color (gray-green-ish)?

Tidal - what is a color that best describes your personality?

Hm. The first color I thought of was green, so I’m gonna go with that… Though that sounds like jealousy XD maybe brown?

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describe urself on anon and i’ll say if id date u: Girl, blonde hair, blue/green eyes, short, loves all sorts of music, loves adventure and the outdoors, loves reading, Gemini, etc. Your blog is rad as fuckk. xoxo

uhmmmm lemme see. automatic date. cos u gemini. and you seem sparkley. 💫🙏 (ur rad gem)

I expected custodians

Be guided by the handsome grape’s defender.
Worn-out abberations and lewd roosters.
To the self-assured color of the gem promise.
I stayed promised and transluscent sunburst orange
In the middle of the region.
I’d do it for the friendship in which you breathe
For the foams of cashmire you’ve perched,
You reflect my rabid coffin
Like a nocturnal elephant to fresh lemon.
The worn-out iguana inherits outside the romantic juices,
Opaque yellow cummerbunds of oblivion,
Marine seams above a lashed tree.
A current of infinite kis
That does not know why it flows and rustles

My parenthetical eye makes you always
Green legless horses of heart,
Transluscent sunburst orange seams above a molested momentum.
Nothing but your charitable toe.
Like funerals fly outside pastures.
Lake of a forced harsh stalks of cattail,
Nothing but your cosmic arm.
And a hairy star’s ice will shower you.
I want you to imbue on my eyelids,
Brings all the passes precisions.
Because i love you, love, within the fire and amid the sky

I am changed by jar and panic, by probe and sunshine
All awes become receptacles.
You see toe as delicious as the wind.
A forceful current day.
This absurd bottle and returning propeller gnaws me
With it’s slender manes like breath and toe
And dark wells like tail and writings.
Salt of a silent car
Living outside the area among a callous raft,
Scrupulous as a wet-winged tiger.
All peace become corpses,
Sea’s skin of a hated demonic chalk architecture.
And you’ll ask why doesn’t his poetry
Wet of reflections and angels
And the slender movies of his native land?

You have the brightest green eyes
Like sun shining through a canopy of green
You have the most beautiful flaws
And a voice that makes my heart melt
We can talk for hours
And She has soft coffee eyes
The one who holds us captive
(As we hold her)
And clings to you
And shuns all their reproach
And I promised my heart to both of you
She’s warm and innocent
And smells of clean air and home
(You smell of storms)
And trust me
I believe in Us
They say eyes are the windows to the soul
And ours seem to be
So we will hold hands at the end of the hall in a three person line
Your hand warm and strong in hers
And both of yours in mine.


It was his birthday today. It’s been a year, and I’m still love in with him. I think I always will be. He was my first love, and I’m so glad it was him. I don’t hate him, I don’t despise him, and we didn’t leave things badly.. He was my best friend, so probably the worst part of this all was that i lost my friend. Knowing all his faults, and all his insecurities, I fell in love with him, and that’s no fault to him, just myself. He told me not to, but yet I did. Although I didn’t expect to either, honestly how could i have not? He wasn’t perfect, but at the end of the day, with the guys I’ve been dating, no one compares to him, and no one ever will. I fell in love with that smile, with that laugh, with those big, mysterious green eyes, with that ginger beard, with that beautiful, intelligent mind, with his artistry, with that love he had for his family, I fell, and I have not gotten up since. For a long time I didn’t want to get up, but I think today made me realize that I have to. I have to let him go and that’s been my biggest fear. Because I know I will and I know I will be fine, and slowly day by day I’ll remember him less and less and I’ll be okay. But I don’t want to forget, I want him in my heart forever. He took a piece of it, a piece i’ll never get back, so really… I guess I won’t forget him. All i want is for him to be happy and achieve his goals. Whoever he ends up with, I hope she realizes and appreciates what an amazing person he is, because I know I would be grateful every single day. Maybe i wasn’t enough for him, maybe I was too much for him, but in the end he’s never going to love me, and I think it’s time for me to accept that. All i can do is appreciate the fact that I even got to meet and be with someone like him, because it was one of the greatest experiences of my life and i’d do it all over again. I just wish I could have spent my life continuing to figure him out, to love him and to support him. I don’t and never will regret falling in love with him. Thank you. Goodbye Elmo. 

For Nicole...

I don’t know where this journey is taking me… Months have passed. The seasons have changed. The semester is almost over. I haven’t spoken to her. I reckon she doesn’t wanna hear from me , but part of me still hurts. It still aches. The pain hasn’t gone away. I know you try to play it off like you didn’t get your feelings hurt, we’re all human. If you hate me, I understand. I guess what I wanted to say was… Don’t take this experience and use it against other people. The damage inflicted upon my persona has been there for a long time. Don’t you think you’re a bad person, don’t you think this was your fault. Foolish. Silly. Brash. Unaware. To be in a place where there’s no sound and time. Perfection with you. Your beautiful green eyes glowing and changing colors in the sun. Your smile slowly turning into a laugh as the dimple on your cheeks show. You’re always youthful. Free spirited. Living for adventure. Open to ideas. Just the nostalgia of tracing my fingers over your body, my lips touching your skin… sends chills down my bones. Wanting us to be more but my pride wouldn’t let me open up. I’m trying not to use a specific word in fear of disbelief, in fear of rejection, anger, sadness, heartbreak. If you’re reading this now, you probably think I’m full of shit… that or you’re not reading it at all cause you hate me. I guess what I want is… for everything to be okay in your universe. For all the negative be washed away with happiness. A high point to be achieved and no judgement be made. I’m sorry. Two simple words that can be said to solve any situation right? unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way. But I believe time heals all wounds, and it’s time I healed the ones between us.

Take care, Leon.

Get to know the OC - 3 and 4

Name: Note
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Hight: 6'1
Zodiac: Gemini
Hair: dirty strawberry Blond
Eyes: dark green
Wrighting hand: right
Blood type: A -
Ask sign: 🃏

Note is the older brother of Star he is older by three minutes. Note is very fucked up in the head. Infact he loves playing head games with people, he will mess with you until you go insane. He will laugh at you if you try to hurt him because he cannot feel pain. He has a condition called CIPA which basically makes it so he cannot and has never felt pain. Note will laugh and mock you until you’re angry at him. He will slowly torture you to savor the moment.

Note loves clowns, One because people are afraid of them, Two he grew up listening to ICP and Three he finds Gamzee from homestuck amusing. Note loves looking like a clown.

When Note isn’t a psycho mess he usually is with Camy to protect him.
Note feels as if he is Camys guardian Angel and it is his purpose to keep Cam safe. Note met Cam at a mental hospital, shortly after Note felt compelled to get Cam out of there so Note, Star and Cam all broke out.

Note loves people but will get very mad and hurt you violently like break a few bones in your body by laughing and stomping on you, or choking. Note loves jokes and laughs a lot so he is a funny person to be with.
That is it for Note, if you have any questions about him send a 🃏 on ask followed by your questions and I will try my best to answer.

Name: Star
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Hight: 6'1
Zodiac: Gemini
Hair: strawberry blond
Eyes: dark green
Wrighting hand: right
Blood type: A -
Ask sign:⭐

Star is the younger brother of Note, he is younger by three minutes. Star is a strange one.. He is dark and twisted. Loves to pull pranks and play tricks on you. He is a charmer of sorts. He has an intimidating vibe, and will manipulate you into doing things he wants you to do. He knows how to charm his way into even the stubborn ones. He has an evil mind and is a fucking snake. He is poisonous, cruel, smooth, intimidating and scary. You probably wont be able to hurt him because he is well, kind of fucking scary.. If you do hurt him.. Its probably best that you dont even try. He can and will do some dark things to you. Even manipulate his brother into hurting people he doesn’t like. Star loves to play rough. And the fact that no one really wants to hurt him cause of his frightening vibe upsets him cause he gets a kick out of being abused.

Just like his older brother he loves clowns and has the same interest as his brother. Including an interest in Cam.

Star is always thinking twisted things so he is always intimidating. And this makes Cam nervous. Which pisses Note off, but deals with anyways because it is always good to have an intimidating person with you to fend off unwanted company. Star will protect Cam and has the same feelings for Cam like Note does. Star and Cams back story is the same as Note’s.

Note and Star will always be together, it is unlikely to see them separated. They do everything together. And like a dumb twin cliche they say the same things at the same time and finish each others sentences. How cute lol.

Anyways Star is a dominant sadistic masochist. He is stronger and freakier than his older brother. He kinda likes people but people are always afraid of him so he only has his brother. Hes a scary person to be with.
That is it for Star, any Questions about Star leave a ⭐ followed by your questions and I will try my best to answer them 💕🔪

Thank you guys for reading all this. Stay safe you sick monsters ^^


      SHE WAS SITTING ON A BENCH, book open in her lap.  It was homework, but she wasn’t much doing it.  It was more just open there to give her something to pretend to focus on.  The witch ( if one could even classify her weak-magicked self as such ) just DIDN’T want to deal with people right then.  Not really, anyways.  Though she certainly wasn’t reading, just zoning out into empty thoughts.  As if h o p i n g that she could escape the reality for some time.  Or, morse so, escape people.

                          A sound like fluttering caught her attention and she glanced up.  Green eyes narrowed upon the bird up above her, recognizing it easily enough.  Long sigh would flee her dry lips, head shaking.  “Poop on my head, Quasi, an’ I s w e a r you’ll become a featherless bird.”

            Yet, despite the threat, a sly smile twitched across her face.


  • Name: Amelia Lily Potter
  • Alias(es): Amelia Bennett (adoptive name), Mia (by those who want to die), the lost Potter twin (by other students), Potter-Two (by Draco), Filthy halfblood (by Bellatrix)
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 15+ (varies on verse)
  • Date of Birth: July 31st 1980
  • Place of Birth: Great Britain
  • Hometown: tbd (varies on verse)
  • Spoken languages: English
  • Sexual preference: Straight
  • Occupation: Student (tbd for older verse)


  • Eye color: Bright green
  • Hair color: Jet black
  • Height: 5′5
  • Scars: Nothing too extreme, with the exception of a scar on the back of her right hand due to her detentions with Umbridge
  • Burns: Nope
  • Over weight: Nope
  • Under weight: Nope


  • Color: Yellow
  • Hair color: Red
  • Eye color: Hazel
  • Song: Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
  • Movie: Jurassic Park
  • TV Show: The Simpsons
  • Food: Pizza
  • Drink: Banana milkshake
  • Book: The Brothers Grimm


  • Passed University: No
  • Had sex: No
  • Had sex in public: No
  • Gotten pregnant: No
  • Kissed a boy: Yes
  • Kissed a girl: Yes
  • Gotten tattoos: No
  • Gotten piercings: Yes
  • Had a broken heart: No
  • Been in love: No
  • Stayed up for more than 24 hours: Yes


  • A virgin: Yes
  • A cuddler: Yes
  • A kisser: Yes
  • Scared easily: Depends
  • Jealous easily: Depends
  • Trustworthy: Yes
  • Dominant: Depends
  • Submissive: Depends
  • In love: No
  • Single: Yes


  • Have they harmed themselves: Not intentionally
  • Thought of suicide: No
  • Attempted suicide: No
  • Wanted to kill someone: No
  • Drove a car: No
  • Have/had a job: No
  • Have any fears: Yes


  • Sibling(s): Harry Potter (older twin brother), Jackson Bennett (younger adoptive brother) †
  • Parents: James Potter (biological father)  † , Lily Potter (biological mother)  † , Joshua Bennett (adoptive father)  † , Mary Bennett (adoptive mother)  †
  • Children: NIL
  • Pets: NIL

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Tell us MORE about your new husband. I want to know and so do others.

Well I won’t give away much info, but he has gold eyes, brown curly hair, green shirt, combat boots, h o t, and is fucking adorable but also can and will kill you