eyes yo

You choose to be insecure, how you say? Well you’re the one who believes the words people say. You’re the one who tells yourself negative things. Really start loving yourself tell yourself you’re beautiful. Give yourself compliments even if you don’t believe them. Look in the mirror every morning and say “you’re beautiful”, point out the things that you like about yourself. Instead of pointing out the flaws you have. Look at your perfections even if its just something little. Love yourself! It Boosts your confidence. Love yourself or else who will? No one else’s opinion should matter but your own. Who cares what they say be yourself and love yourself
—  Ladies please listen

can i just say that as a chinese who celebrates chinese/lunar new year it is incredibly overwhelming and gratifying to see such a genuine celebration of a festival i celebrate that normally flies under the mainstream media’s radar


i just want someone who looks at me the way JB looks at Bambam when he sings