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Tell us what happened with pf and not to sound like a dick but we fucking told you so man. We told you these things for a reason.

I arrived at the willow at promptly eight o’clock with a few tubes of acrylic paint and a couple of brushes, and a square canvas of a decent size. Paintedface was waiting, just as we had planned, and I started prepping my supplies. With me, I had brought my leather bag, packed with iron and salt for protection (I didn’t know that I needed it, but it was a suggestion). I went to place my brush on the canvas, but Paintedface stopped me, asking how I was going to paint her when I couldn’t see her. She brushed her fingers against my cheekbone, and suddenly what I saw in front of me wasn’t human anymore.

She had too many edges, was my first thought. Too many edges, antlers reaching upwards, eyes that glittered like starlight, like nebulae, like the flickering of the lamplight, and superimposed on top of this strange creature was the vague, transparent outline of Paintedface.

They eye she gave the Sight to had tears streaming from it, my hands were shaking, my heart was racing, but I knew I had to complete the deal and fulfil my side of the bargain, so I painted, and painted, and painted for what felt like hours. I had set my bag down a while ago (I didn’t think I needed it, didn’t think the warnings had any truth to them, didn’t listen until it was too late). I think the completed portrait pleased her (it? I didn’t know), but it’s hard to tell. And then she let me go.

I was walking back to my dorm, and saw something moving that shouldn’t be, a cat that wasn’t a cat, fingers that looked more like skewers. Whispers were coming from the woods beside me, and I realized with a dawning horror that I had left my iron behind. The world was spinning around me, the night felt like it was pressing down on my shoulders, and all I knew was that it needed to STOP. I screamed, and the sound stopped a foot away. I heard footsteps over the rushing in my ears, heard them come to a standstill about a yard away. I raised my head, and through my tears I saw a creature with too many edges. And I whispered, “I want to make a deal”

In the end, the fulfilling of the deal acted as its own price. Sight can mean many things, and Paintedface took it to mean two things at once.

There was no pain, just darkness on the left side of my vision. The shapes were gone from the shadows, and the being in front of me had a familiar face. Shakily, I stood up, slightly dizzy and stumbling to get my footing. I knew better than to thank the creature, but I expressed my gratitude, (because Paintedface did fulfill her end of the deal). The walk back was difficult without depth perception, and I tripped on every other sidewalk crack. The crows watched from the side of the walkway. I thought they might be judging me. Or else, they were protecting me.

When Knowone asked if I wanted company, I agreed. I knocked on the trunk of the large oak beside me, loudly, and even though I knew now that she wasn’t human, I walked with her when she came, and we got ice cream. It’s funny, I never noticed how many tiny, unintentional deals we make as we go about our lives – company in exchange for beer, skittles in exchange for m&ms, comfort in exchange for comfort. I paid for our snack in exchange for help.

When I finally got back to my dorm, the moon was up at the top of the sky and the stars was out. I could hear music and hoof beats and wild howls from the east of the campus. My hand trembled as I jammed my key into the lock. And when I got into bed, I slept like I hadn’t slept in days.

And that’s what happened last night. I got the answers I asked for, though they were more horrifying than I imagined. And I intend to be more careful with my words in the future. I advise you all do the same.


Healthy New Year's Resolutions That Don't Involve Weight Loss

While many of us think the obvious resolution is to lose some weight in January, you can do better than that! You can be happy without getting thinner! If you want to make some healthy improvements to your life in 2017, choose to make a resolution that goes beyond losing weight. Instead, target areas of your life that can be directly improved:

  • Make doctor and dentist appointments in a timely fashion
  • Cook and prepare lunch instead of relying on processed foods
  • Floss
  • Support local farms and food producers
  • Get more quality sleep
  • Eat vegetables at every meal
  • Meditate
  • Spend more time outside
  • Actually eat your fruit before it goes bad
  • Bring your own bags when grocery shopping
  • Don’t watch tv or use the computer during meals
  • Take vitamins
  • Stretch and improve your flexibility
  • Drink herbal tea instead of coffee
  • Concentrate on improving your posture
  • Clean your kitchen and dishes after each meal
  • Participate in Meatless Mondays
  • Stop biting your nails
  • Cut back on your sodium intake
  • Regularly donate unworn and ill-fitting clothing to a local shelter
  • Wear sunscreen every day you’re outside
  • Quit smoking
  • Get an eye exam and update your prescription
  • Cut down on the amount of plastic you use each day
  • Re-try foods that you hate, but haven’t eaten in years
  • Moisturize and remove your makeup before going to bed
  • Keep a journal

Focus on changing your behavior instead of changing your body, and then every step will be a step forward.  


  • jack and shitty are BFFS FOREVER
  • jack and bitty werent even FUCKING SUBTLE bitty straight up said he and jack were boyfriends in front of ransom and holster
  • but they didn’t confront him about it because THEY CARE ABOUT HIM
  • and they wanted bitty to tell them on his own time
  • they all love each other and its BEAUTIFUL I SWEAR TO GOD
  • shitty apologized for the crap he pulled THANK FUCK
  • lardo is the head of the senior trio MY GUY
  • LOVE
  • HAS
  • JACK

however the devil pleases → sanvers aesthetic

and touch me like you never, ‘cause i am not afraid, i am not afraid anymore


but remember from here on in
history has its eyes on you

15 more ideas for your BOS!

Since our last list went down so well, we thought we would put our heads together and think of 15 more ideas for your book!

Let’s get started, in no particular order:

1.       Something to protect your book, I can’t believe this was not on our previous list! Bless your book/protective sigils, something to protect from wandering or prying eyes.

2.       Update your path page (if you have one, or start one) basically saying what your path is, and what is important to you – know this was in the other list, but we believe our practice changes from one year to the next so keep it updated.

3.       Do you have an altar? If so how about a section dedicated to it? How you set it up for ritual, for each sabbat/season (if it changes), life events, for offerings! Keep all that info together, and add pictures and photos.

4.       An ancestor page, where are your ancestors from? Is there anyone you would like to honour? Anyone who has really shaped who you are as a person? Write about them.

5.       Familiars, do you have one? What do you know about them? Have you had one in the past? Write about it.

6.       Tools. Write a list of the tools that are in your practice and how you use them, keep it updated.

7.       Rites/rituals/blessings/recipes that mean something to you and your practice, or ones that you have done, and how they went.

8.       A list of any active charges, wards, sigils that you have running at the moment.

9.       How you meditate

10.   How you ground yourself

11.   How you centre yourself

12.   How you create a sigil

13.   Have you had experience with spirits, done any spirit work? Write about it?

14.   Have you got experience with binding? Or banishing? Write about them.

15.   Draw/paint/be creative.

16.   Bonus! Have you picked up any witchy life hacks? Or little witchy tips? Write them all down in one place.



Eye injury owl update!
The tawny owl brought into us recently with a badly damaged eye is healing well. It has recently been moved into one of our secluded raptor pens for a bit more room and is flying perfectly!
We have been monitoring it with our CCTV cameras to ensure it can feed and hunt as normal, and once it has fully healed it will be back to the wild!