eyes set

I needed to get back in the habit of drawing apes because the last time was of the fanart I posted of Cornelia which was…March I believe.

So I decided to get over my artblock and draw @zombiekitty217 ’s Rain with Blue Eyes! *Originally was going to be Miriam instead, but I just wanted an excuse to draw Rain’s lovely hair, feathers, and cute braid!*

So enjoy!


les mis moments that break my heart: 1/?

combeferre, bahorel & the rest of les amis trying to stop courfeyrac going after gavroche


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.11

We’ve been all over time.


Sense8 | You Want a War?

Have you ever been to Paris? Good! Because I want it to be just for us.


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.14

Wait, Haircut’s on the moon?