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In the picture with the dress, I think this bruise is just a very smokey eye makeup or what bruise do you mean? I just can see the little one at the back of her neck

Other Anon: Actually, I don’t think that’s a bruise, it doesn’t look like one to me. In the article it talks how the makeup designer kept saying how he was trying very hard not to make Harley be beautiful, so it’s most likely just messy, scary makeup, I highly doubt that’s a bruise.


I’ll say it like this, mostly I would agree with you both but this is a smokey eye: 

This is the bruise: 

It looks exactly the same as the bruise she has around her eye at the end of the movie here: 

Do you see what I mean? Where the makeup ends and the bruise begins? Idk that’s just my opinion. There’s a point where the makeup stops and the bruise begins. 

On her neck? I think what you’re seeing is a shadow. Or are you talking about this? 

Honestly that looks like either a scratch or a kiss mark or something like that to me, but I don’t think it was intentional for the scene. 



Kara and Mon El Breakup Up Scene from Mr and Mrs Mxyzptlk

One of my favorite things about this scene is their body language. The entire time Mon El is admitting how jealous he is of Mxy, Kara looks like she’s thinking the entire time about how he’s gonna break his heart in a minute. And Mon El. He is pleading. He is begging her to give him another chance, because she is all that he wants. You can see it all in his eyes. I love this scene, because even though it was so heartbreaking, the acting was so good.

The Kara and Mon El Makeup (and Make out) Scene can be seen here: https://thoughtsfromaclutteredbrain.tumblr.com/post/157661528446/kara-and-mon-el-kiss-scene-mr-and-mrs-mxyzptlk

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au | a final curtain call

Had Chiara been told that she were to die at the young age of twenty-two, she would laugh it off. After all, anybody who grew past the common age of dying before adulthood, you’re good in the upcoming years–at least, for the standards of a commoner. Sickness and death go hand-in-hand for commoners; from the moment she became aware of death, she knew she accepted it. It’s the end game for most ordinary citizens who are too poor to afford medicine and a good physician.

Yet, as she lay dying in the arms of a close friend, death remained difficult for her to accept. Vivid images of memories she made throughout her life flashed before her eyes in split-second scenes akin to a film. There was so much she wanted to do–become a better singer, get married, explore the world, have children, and watch herself grow old and gray. But fate had to fire the gun. In the blink of an eye, the almost-perfect dream shattered like glass. What a pity.

Her gaze went to the sky. The stars are beautiful. She wondered what it’d be like to be one with the beyond.

Using the last bit of strength she had left, she told her friend to save himself. There is no use saving her, after all. Her clothing had been soaked with her own blood. Then her breath hitched; her vision began to fail.

And with the snap of a finger, death snatched her soul away, away, away.


Tangled!AU Cast Extras I actually wasn’t planning on doing but anywaYS HERE THEY ARE and now with captions!

Yurio and Yakov are the most disturbing thing I’ve drawn in a long time. Also: Phichit as the Hook guy who wants to be a concert pianist, and Chris as Gunther, who wants to be a interior designer.

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Destiel + Prolonged Eye Contact

Bonus (the longest eye contact to ever happen):


#one of the first things simon said when he changed was that he was repulsive #and nothing more than a monster #and in this moment he realizes he too was injected with demon blood #and wonders if they think that makes him evil too #if he’s really the monster he first thought he was


We raise a great army. An army bigger than ever before. We call in favors. We do deals with Kings and Earls that we hate. Whatever we have to promise them, we promise. And in the end, we assemble an army twice the size of the army our father took to Paris. And we declare war on England.

No. In the name of our dead father, in the name of Ragnar Lothbrok, the greatest hero of our country, and in the name of Odin, we declare war on the whole world.