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kicking you out

for the anon who asked for a groupchat celebrity au with twitter. ik this isn’t exactly what you asked for, but i will do a proper celebrity au one day. probably. dedicated to my wife @jiilys bc she deserves all this and more

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: thanks for tuning in last night! check us out next week when we’ll be discussing whether sand dollars should be a viable form of currency

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: james no one cares about ur stupid fuckign radio show

James Potter (@jimsradio) retweeted: ur the co-host

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: i dont see how thats a relevant piece of information

Remus Lupin (@remuslupout) tweeted: @jimsradio why do you have pine trees listed as your topic for next week

James Potter (@jimsradio) retweeted: why not

James Potter (@jimsradio) retweeted: theyr an important part of our capitalist, consumer-driven society

Remus Lupin (@remuslupout) retweeted: is this just because you couldn’t come up with a better topic

James Potter (@jimsradio) retweeted: r u insinuating that i had no ideas and decided on pine trees bc there happens to be one outside peters bedroom window

Remus Lupin (@remuslupout) retweeted: yes

James Potter (@jimsradio) retweeted: fair

James Potter to radioheads: how about we have remus as our special guest next week

Sirius Black: i have legitimately never heard of a worse idea

Remus Lupin: good luck driving yourself to the lido next week then dickhead

Sirius Black: i already lost that job

Remus Lupin: why am i not surprised

Sirius Black: jokes on u lupin, ur the one who’s been driving me 40 minutes out of your way every morning for nothing

Remus Lupin: fucker

Remus Lupin to James Potter: we need more advertising

James Potter: ?? we have plenty of advertising

Remus Lupin: we have the same ad for your dad’s hair gel playing every break on a ten minute loop

James Potter: ?? what’s ur point

Peter Pettigrew to james you know i love monty but we need more advertising: guys 2, 141 people listened in last week

Remus Lupin: are you kidding

James Potter: result!!!!

Sirius Black: was that the one where we talked about freaks & geeks conspiracy theories

Remus Lupin: no that was the one where you talked about crunchy chips vs squishies

Remus Lupin: do you even listen to the show

Sirius Black: im the co-host thank you very much

Remus Lupin: could’ve fooled me

Sirius Black has removed Remus Lupin from the chat.

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) tweeted: @petepettigrew i still cant believe u prefer squishies to crunchies

Peter Pettigrew (@petepettigrew) retweeted: what?? theyr more flavoursome

James Potter to Sirius Black: remus has been our special guest for the past five episodes i think we need someone new

Sirius Black: what about pete

James Potter: pete does sound

Sirius Black: then get someone else to do sound

James Potter: u, my friend, are a genius

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: we need someone with tech experience to do our sound booth pls and thank

Peter Pettigrew to fifa plays would make a shitty topic: I thought I was sound technician??

James Potter: u can still be sound technician we’re just having u as our special guest

Sirius Black: im not sure i can handle having a special guest who thinks squishies r better than crunchies

James Potter: ??? u were the one who suggested pete in the first place

Sirius Black: i was?? funny that

Peter Pettigrew: i hate u all

Lily Evans (@liljane) tweeted: @jimsradio i have two years worth of tech experience and can do friday evenings if ur still looking for a sound technician

James Potter to shitdick central™: holy shit check out the chick who just applied for techie

Peter Pettigrew: who is she

Remus Lupin: lily evans

Remus Lupin: she had her own radio show a couple of years back with this really awful guy

Remus Lupin: it was really popular

Peter Pettigrew: the radio show or the guy

Remus Lupin: ?? the radio show

Remus Lupin: the guy turned out to be a massive racist

Remus Lupin: in her last interview she called him ‘an abusive fuckface’

Sirius Black: i say we hire her

James Potter: seconded

Remus Lupin to James Potter: is the only reason you want to hire her is because you think she’s hot

James Potter: do you really think i’m that shallow

Remus Lupin: yes

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: @liljane you’re hired. i’ll dm you the details

Sirius Black to i’m not shallow remus i just have an appreciation for the finer things in life: i cant believe that you both literally and figuratively slid into her dm’s

James Potter: im blocking u

James Potter to what the fuck is an aardvark anyway: that went rather well if you ask me

Sirius Black: ?? it was a fucking atrocity

Sirius Black: you were staring at her the whole time

James Potter: no i wasn’t

Remus Lupin: you missed five of your queues

James Potter: ok, so maybe i was a little off

Sirius Black: there were more awkward silences than that one time peter tried to pick up rosmerta at the three broomsticks

Peter Pettigrew: you promised you wouldn’t bring that up again!!

Sirius Black: sry pete, desperate times call for desperate measures

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: make sure to check us out at our new time of 7:00pm fridays!!

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: you do realise no-one actually watches this show

Lily Evans (@liljane) retweeted: he’s right you know

James Potter (@jimsradio) retweeted: i hate both of u

Lily Evans to James Potter: can u stop making jokes about lamps

James Potter: i don’t know what u filamean

Peter Pettigrew to wes anderson is better than quentin taratino and you know it james: ALMOST 10K PEOPLE LISTENED IN LAST NIGHT

James Potter: HOLY SHIT

Lily Evans: james u owe me $50 and your 1st edition copy of the great gatsby

James Potter: i’d rather die

Lily Evans: then die, jim

Remus Lupin: christ

Sirius Black: u called??

Peter Pettigrew: what even is this group chat

James Potter to Lily Evans: was that u tearing up i saw in the sound booth when i was reading out my piece about foreshadowing in the simpsons

Lily Evans: i was tearing up over how bad it was

Lily Evans: there was something in my eye

Lily Evans: i think it was your complete lack of a writing style

James Potter: stop it

Lily Evans (@liljane) tweeted: petition to kick sirius out of the group chat bc he won’t stop talking about scooby doo conspiracy theories at 3am

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: i can scooby do what i want

Lily Evans (@liljane) retweeted: blocked

James Potter to Sirius Black: WHERE ARE YOU WE’RE ON IN 5

James Potter: sirs

James Potter: where r you

Sirius Black: ran in tp regulus at the cineplex

James Potter: where are you now

Sirius Black: field next to cneplex

James Potter: don’t move

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: sorry that there was no show this week folks!! sirius got mauled by a bear and i had to drive up to toronto to help amputate his right arm

Remus Lupin (@remuslupout) retweeted: @jimsradio who’s going to wank you off now

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: @remuslupout bitch im left-handed

Sirius Black to velma, daphne and fred: i’m sure evans would do it for you james

Lily Evans: you want to lose the other arm black

Peter Pettigrew to cry me a river lupin: maybe we should make our group chats accessible to the public to get more hits

James Potter: i would but no one wants to see screenshots of sirius in a bra

Sirius Black: by no-one do you mean everyone

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: thank you guys so much for 20k hits the other night!! more content coming

Sirius Black to bitches bitchin: GRAHAM NORTON TONIGHT BITCHES

Lily Evans: are you sober

Sirius Black: am i ever sober

Lily Evans: good point

James Potter to sirius stop changing the group chat name while graham is in the middle of asking you questions: i think that went well

Lily Evans: james im leaving you for graham norton

Sirius Black: not if i leave him first

Severus Snape (@halfbloodprince) tweeted: @jimsradio feel like keeping your hands off my co-host you wanker??

James Potter to i haven’t been able to listen to eyes on fire by blue foundation since they played it over bella and ryan’s scene in eyewitness: how are we gonna handle this

James Potter: my vote is firmly rooted in manslaughter

Lily Evans: leave it to me

Lily Evans: but keep manslaughter as a backup

Lily Evans (@liljane) tweeted: @halfbloodprince i wonder what it’d be like to not be so ridiculously self-involved as to impose yourself where you’re strictly not wanted?

Lily Evans (@liljane) tweeted: @halfbloodprince stay out of my life or you’ll be receiving numerous calls from my lawyer

Lily Evans to manslaughter: yes or no: its sorted

Sirius Black: you don’t even have a lawyer

Lily Evans: he doesn’t know that

James Potter to Lily Evans: whats a rlly interesting and extensive subject we could cover this week

Lily Evans: milk

James Potter: excellent

Lily Evans to tangled is so much better than frozen: im at the studio and i have liquor

Sirius Black: be there in 5

Peter Pettigrew: can u pick me up

Sirius Black: McNo™

Remus Lupin: i regret the day i gave u that keyboard shortcut

Sirius Black: i dont

James Potter to Lily Evans: r u ok

Lily Evans: fine just sistet stuff

James Potter: u sound trashed

Lily Evans: thsts bc i Am

James Potter: where r u

Lily Evans: blcony

Lily Evans: jim

Lily Evans: can u tak e me hpme

Lily Evans: jaems

Lily Evans: i love you

Lily Evans to James Potter: what did i say last night

James Potter: nothing its fine

James Potter: don’t worry about it

Lily Evans: i am worried about it

James Potter: don’t be

James Potter: see you at work

Remus Lupin to James Potter: whats goin on between u two

James Potter: ???

Remus Lupin: you know what i mean

Remus Lupin: you keep looking at her and looking away

Remus Lupin: she keeps forgetting to give you your queues

James Potter: probably distracted by that hickey on your neck

Remus Lupin: i TOLD you i FELL OVER

Lily Evans (@liljane) tweeted: thank you guys so much for 100k! i’ve made @jimsradio promise to change his username if we make it to 1mil in the next two months

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: he should change it to @wanker

Lily Evans (@liljane) retweeted: i checked its already taken by @halfbloodprince

Sirius Black to james potter and co: can you and evans stop eye-fucking during the sets

James Potter changed the chat name to i dont know what you’re talking about.

Sirius Black changed the chat name to yes u do.

James Potter changed the chat name to do not.

Sirius Black changed the chat name to do too.

James Potter changed the chat name to do not.

Remus Lupin: you guys know she’s getting all of these right

James Potter: shit

Lily Evans to James Potter: u have something u want to tell me

James Potter: i’d rather do it in person,,,,,if thats ok

Lily Evans: only if we announce our engagement during a set

James Potter: deal

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: we hit 1mil! also @liljane and i are fucking

Remus Lupin (@remuslupout) retweeted: about time

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: you don’t say

Remus Lupin (@remuslupout) retweeted: i do say

Peter Pettigrew (@petepettigrew) retweeted: im blocking both of u

Lily Evans (@liljane) retweeted: r u gonna hold up your end of the bargain @jimsradio

James Potter changed his username to @lilandjimsradio.

Lily Evans (@liljane) retweeted: nice


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NetVbZrMn1c) @rainbowspouses @gorleska Here’s my video :) I’m pretty happy with it, but I hate the captions. I hope you all can look over that. And I also hope you all like it! <3

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Müzik önerir misin

Redd - Aşktı bu

Redd- beni sevdi benden çok

Redd- her neyse

Redd - nefes bile almadan

Ikiye on kala - mutluyum ama birazdan geçer

Ikiye on kala - iyi ve güzel kadınlar hep ağlar

Ikiye on kala - sonra kül tablasında yer

Ikiye on kala - bakalla diye çıkıp sana gelesim

Son feci bisiklet - bu kız

Son feci bisiklet - rahatsiz vals

Son feci bisiklet - bikinisinde astronimi

Son feci bisiklet - ütopya

Son feci bisiklet - uzaydan geldiğine göre

Bağzıları - akışına bıraktım akmadı

Bağzıları - zaten kırılmış bir kızsın

Kaan boşnak - yorgunum ve ağrılar

Kaan boşnak - böyle güzelsin

No land - düşünme kaybolursun

No land - aramızda dinazor

Açık seçik aşk bandosu - yap bi seksilik

Açık seçik aşk bandosu - popon hep pipimde

Açık seçik aşk bandosu - artık gitme

Açık seçik aşk bandosu - içimde bir huzursuzluk

Adamlar - koca yaşlı şisko dünya

Skylar grey - wreak hovac

6LACK - never know

A$AP - lsd

Adele - hello

Adele - skyfall

Adele - rolling in the deep

Adele - someone like you

Rihanna - diamonds

Rihanna - desperado

Rihanna - work

Rihanna - stay

Rihanna - rude boy

Rihanna - bitch better money

Rihanna - s&m

Rihanna - we found love

Rihanna - disturbia

Rihanna - unfaitful

Rihanna - te amo

Deniz tekin - sezenler olmuş

Deniz tekin - ayrılık

Deniz tekin - benim aşık olmam gerek

Deniz tekin - beni vur

Onur akın - gay bana geceler

Halil sezai - paramparça

Ahmet kaya - soyle

Ahmet kaya - kafama sıkar giderim

Ahmet kaya - hani benim gençlin

Ahmet kaya - hep sonradan

Ahmet kaya - doruklara sevdalandım

Ahmet kaya - yakamoz

Ahmet kaya - sözün şiirlerin

Ahmet kaya - kendine iyi bak

Ahmet kaya - yakarım geceleri

Amy winehouse - back to black

Anemi - ta aq

Artic monkeys - Do I wanna know

Axel - bad karma

Alan walker - faded

Bağzıları - kime sığınsam sigarası bitmiştir

Fifty shades of grey sounstrack

Fifty shades of darker soundtrack

Titanic soundtrack

FF5 soundtrack

Teoman'ı aç dinle hangisi oldugunun onemi yok.

Duman - bal

Duman - bebek

Duman - hatun

Duman - yanibasimda

Duman - helal olsun

Duman - beni yak

Duman - dibine kadar

Duman - gönül

Kaan Tangoze - bekle dedi gitti

Benta - love in dark

Birileri - halledebilirdik

Boy epic - dirty mind

Boy epic - fifty shades

Boy epic - hell

Boy epic - filthy

Blue foundation - eyes on fire

Burak yeter - tuesday

Carla’s dream - sub piela mea

Cem adrian - nereye gidiyorsun

Cem adrian - mutlu yıllar

Cem adrian - herkes gider mi

Cem adrian - artık bitti

Cem adrian - ben böyleyim

Cem adrian - sari gelin

Ceyl'an Ertem - odalarda ışıksizim

Ceyl'an Ertem - kör heves

Ceyl'an Ertem - el adamı

Chisrtina Aguilera - hurt

Cigarette after sex - nothing’s gonna hurt you

Coca roise - lemonade

Bebe - cocaine

Deniz toprak - sebebi sensiz

Deniz toprak - diz dize

Karmete - nayino

Yudum - esmesun ayruluk

Dread pitt - safari

Dillion - thirteen

Duman - içerim ben bu aksam

Emir can igrek - muzik kutusu

Emir can igrek - gönül davasi

Emir can igrek - beyaz

Pinhani - gonul dagi

Haluk levent - zifiri

Haluk levent - anlasana

Haluk levent elfida

Tuğkan - geber

Tuğkan - zor

Tuğkan - elfida

Tuğkan - venüs

Sezen aksu - seviyorum kahretsin

Sezen aksu - sen ağlama

Sezen aksu - belalım

Sezen aksu - ben sende tutuklu kaldım

Sezen aksu - kolay olmayacak

Yıldız tilbe - biraz ümidim olsa

Yıldız tilbe - delikanlim

Aşkın nur yengi - serseri

Emre Aydın - sen beni unutamazsın

Emra aydin - kime dokunduysan ona git

Emre aydin - son defa

Emre Aydın - belki bir gün özlersin

Model - antidepresan gulumsemesi

Model - değmesin ellerimiz

Model - mey

Model - levla

Model - sen ona aşıksın

Emre aydin - buralar yalan

Emre aydin - ses ver

84- ölürüm hasretinle

Mor ve otesi - küçük sevgilim

Mor ve otesi - bir derdim var

Mor ve otesi - cambaz

Göksel - benden geçti aşk

Izel - kizimiz olacakti

Gnash - i hate

Gabrielle aplin - the power of love

Badem - sen aglama

Gece yolculari - affedecek misin

Gece yolculari - seninle 1 dakkika

Gece yolculari - nerdesin

Suicide squad soundtrack

Gri - korkak

Gri - olmaz

Groavva armada- think twice

Halsey - castle

Halsey - gasoline

Halsey - young god

Kalben - sadece

Kalben - haydi söyle

Hoizer - take me church

Imagine dragon - ı so sorry

Imagine dragon - radioactive

Imagine dragon - demons

Imagine dragon - beliver

Indila - s.o.s

Iskarta - vos vos

Cigarette after sex - keep on loving you

Kelly clarkson - because of you

Lana del rey - dark paradise

Lana del rey - hit and run

Lana del rey- blue jeans

Lana del rey - born to die

Lana del rey- you can the boss

Ay fenalik geldi dkakskw gene veririm 🌹🌹

Ashes and Wine ― The DELENA Album - best delena songs and songs that should have been delena’s (skip to disk three for songs that aren’t from the show)

Listen on Spotify (you need an account but it’s free :) just make one with fb or with your email address. Takes 2 minutes. THIS MIX IS WORTH IT)

or just add the songs listed to your delena playlist (if you think there are any of your favourites that I missed pls message me xx


Disc 1: Season 1 ― 4

1. Say (All I Need) ― OneRepublic (1x01)

2. The Weight Of Us ― Sanders Bohlke (1x07)

3. Brick By Boring Brick ― Paramore (1x18)

4. All I need ― Within Temptation (1x19)

5. It Is What It Is ― Lifehouse (1x22)

6. Come Home feat. Sara Bareilles― OneRepublic (2x01)

7. Ashes And Wine ― A Fine Frenzy (2x03)

8. I Was Wrong ― Sleeperstar (2x08)

9. Skinny Love ― Birdy (2x21)

10. I Should Go ― Levi Kreis (2x22)

11. Make It Without You ― Andrew Belle (3x01)

12. Echo ― Jason Walker (3x02)

13. Distance ― Christina Perri (3x03)

14. Holding On And Letting Go ― Ross Copperman (3x10)

15. Give Me Love ― Ed Sheeran (3x14)

16. Never Let Me Go ― Florence + The Machine (3x19)

17. Twice ― Little Dragon (4x01)

Disc 2: Season 4 ― 5

1. Fear And Loathing ― Marina and the Diamonds (4x02)

2. Feel So Close ― Calvin Harris (4x04)

3. The Thread Of The Thing ― Fay Wolves (4x06)

4. Little Deschutes ― Laura Veirs (4x07)

5. Kiss Me ― Ed Sheeran (4x07)

6. Eyes On Fire ― Blue Foundation (4x08)

7. Speechless - Acoustic ― Morning Parade (4x08)

8. Oblivion ― Bastille (4x09)

9. New York ― Snow Patrol (4x10)

10. Belong ― Cary Brothers (4x23, 6x07)

11. Royals ― Lorde (5x01)

12. Don’t Deserve You ― Plumb (5x02)

13. Satellite Call ― Sara Bareilles (5x03)

14. Fire Breather ― Laurel (5x16)

15. Do I Wanna Know? ― Arctic Monkeys (5x17)

16. Chemical ― Kerli (5x20)

17. Be Alright ― Lucy Rose (5x22)

Disc 3: Season 6 ― 7

1. Light A Fire ― Rachel Taylor (6x01)

2. Salvation ― Gabrielle Aplin (6x02)

3. All Through the Night ― Sleeping At Last (6x02)

4. The Power of Love ― Gabrielle Aplin (6x04)

5. Unbreakable ― Jamie Scott (6x06)

6. Another Love ― Tom Odell (6x07)

7. Compass ― Zella Day (6x09)

8. Lost ― Kris Allen (6x09)

9. Always Take You Back ― Night Terrors of 1927 (6x12)

10. Time ― Mikky Ekko (6x13)

11. You’re Mine (The Chase) ― Meiko (6x17)

12. When You Sleep ― Mary Lambert (6x18)

13. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You ― Cary Brothers (6x19)

14. Fly ― Meadowlark (6x20)

15. To The Wonder feat. Kina Grannis ― Aqualung (6x21)

16. Hunger ― Ross Copperman (6x22)

17. Silhouette ― Aquilo (7x22)

Disc 3: Should have been Delena / Make me think of Delena

1. With Love ― Christina Grimmie

2. I’m A Mess ― Ed Sheeran

3. Never Ending ― Rihanna

4. fOoL fOr YoU ― ZAYN

5. Say It feat. Tove Lo― Flume

6. Running Up That Hill ― Placebo

7. Words ― Skylar Grey

8. Bloodstream ― Ed Sheeran

9. Trouble - Stripped ― Halsey

10. Decode ― Paramore

11. Breathe Again ― Sara Bareilles

12. Losing Your Memory ― Ryan Star

13. You Found Me ― The Fray

14. Stay feat. Mikky Ekko ― Rihanna

15. Fix You ― Coldplay

16. Love Somebody feat. Wafia ― Ta-ku

17. Bumper Cars ― Alex & Sierra

18. Let It Go ― James Bay

19. For The First Time ― The Script

20. What Now ― Rihanna

21. Hypnotic ― Zella Day

22. My Everything ― Ariana Grande

23. Higher ― Rihanna

24. Bloodstream ― Stateless (this is actually a Datherine song but it’s too good)

Disc 4: Should have been Delena / Make me think of Delena

1. Beauty Of the Dark ― Mads Langer

2. A Drop In The Ocean ― Ron Pope

3. In My Veins feat. Erin Mccarley ― Andrew Belle

4. Orbit feat. Ashe ― SŸDE

5. Open Your Eyes ― Snow Patrol

6. Stop And Stare ― OneRepublic

7. Loop ― Paces

8. Close To You ― Rihanna

9. TiO ― ZAYN

10. Touch It ― Ariana Grande

11. Do You Remember ― Jarryd James

12. Hold ― Vera Blue

13. Not Over You ― Gavin DeGraw

14. High ― Zella Day

15. TALK ME DOWN ― Troye Sivan

16. Wings ― Birdy

17. Between ― Courrier

18. iT’s YoU ― ZAYN

19. Never Say Never ― The Fray

20. Mercy ― Shawn Mendes

21. Never Be Like You feat. Kai ― Flume

22. Down ― Jason Walker

23. Chasing Cars ― Snow Patrol

24. Playback feat. Reija Lee ― Paces

Disc 5: Should have been Delena / Make me think of Delena

1. Sex With Me ― Rihanna

2. I Found ― Amber Run

3. Run ― Leona Lewis

4. 1000x feat. Broods ― Jarryd James

5. Clarity feat. Foxes ― Zedd

6. Be The One ― Dua Lipa

7. Bridges ― Broods

8. Keep You ― Wild Belle

9. Cruel feat. ZAYN ― Snakehips

10. Over And Over Again feat. Ariana Grande ― Nathan Skyes

11. How Would You Feel (Paean) ― Ed Sheeran

12. Best Mistake ― Ariana Grande

13. Love On The Brain ― Rihanna

14. Without A Word ― Birdy

15. Unsteady ― X Ambassadors

16. Settle ― Vera Blue

17. Breathe ― Fleurie

18. Perfect ― Ed Sheeran

19. Dream ― Imagine Dragons

20. Hold On ― Chord Overstreet

21. Now Or Never ― Halsey

22. All The Time ― Jeramih

23. Outside ― Tender

24. Only You ― Zara Larsson

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What kind of music do you listen to?? Favorites, guilty pleasure songs, whatever! I'm hunting new music and coming up empty so far ):

(( OOC: *shrugs* I have a pretty broad range…. like a lot of stuff…. I think the only music genre that I’m avidly against is country. Not a fan. 

Guilty pleasure songs? All of the classic meme songs. I love that shit. 

GUILTY pleasure songs? *grins* 

Sexy Back: Justin Timberlake 

Crazy in Love: Beyonce 

BITE: Troy Sivan 

Hold Me Down: Halsey 

Party Favors: Tinashe 

Talk Dirty To Me: Jason Derulo 

Into You: Ariana Grande 

In The Dark: Dev

Birthday Cake: Rihanna 

Eyes On Fire: Blue Foundation 

… there’s a lot more… but I’ll end here. *shrugs* )) 

playlist || CONCUPISCENT

you don’t have to listen to these obviously, I just wanted to make a list of songs I listen to while I’m writing this fic

• The Neighbourhood- Lurk • Blue Foundation- Eyes On Fire • Beyonce- Crazy in Love (slowed + pitched) • Dmitri Vegas- Body Talk (Mammoth) • Ty Dolla $ign ft. The Weeknd- Or Nah • Years & Years- Take Shelter • Hippie Sabotage- Devil Eyes • VAGUE003- Tonight • The Neighbourhood- Sweater Weather

How to cry.

alex turner - glass in the park
alex turner - hiding tonight
alex turner - it’s hard to get around the wind
alex turner - stuck on the puzzle
arctic monkeys - despair in the departure lounge
arctic monkeys - fire and the thud
arctic monkeys - mad sound
arcitc monkeys - i wanna be yours
arctic monkeys - love is a laserquest
arctic monkeys - mardy bum
arctic monkeys - no.1 party anthem
arctic monkeys - only ones who know
arctic monkeys - riot van
arctic monkeys - she’s thunderstorms
arctic monkeys - the jewellers hands
arctic monkeys - you’re so dark
arctic monkeys - 505 
all american rejects - another sad song
all time low - therapy
alter bridge - in loving memory
alter bridge - watch over you
angus and julia stone - and the boys
alt-j - something good
alt-j - fitzpleasure
tom odell - another love
bastille - get home
bastille - laura palmer
bastille - things we lost in the fire
ben harper - forever
birdy - skinny love
blink182 - imiss you
blink182 - after midnight
blink182 - adam’s song
bloc party - i still remember
bloc party - sunday
bloc party - this modern love
blue foundation - eyes on fire
bombay bicycle club - always like this
bombay bicycle club - beggars
bombay bicycle club - fairytale lullaby
bombay bicycle club - flaws
bombay bicyle club - jewel
bombay bicycle club - leaving blues
bombay bicycle club - many ways
bombay bicycle club : my god
bombay bicycle club - swansea
bombay bicycle club - the giantess
bombay bicycle club - word by word
chrstina aguilera feat a great big world - say something
christina perri - a thousand years
coldplay - gravity
coldplay - sparks
colsplay - we never change
daughter - youth
daughter - medicine
daughter - smother
fergie - that’s whay i say, it’s not what i mean
foals - spanish sahra
foals - late night
foxes - in her arms
frams - don’t stay here
goo goo dolls - iris
imagine dragons - demons
imagine dragons - hear me
jake bugg - broken
jake bugg - a song about love
jake bugg - simple pleasures
jeff buckley - forget her
jeff buckley - hallelujah
jeff buckley - calling you
joy division - love will tear us apart
kings of leon - cold desert
kodaline - high hopes
kodaline - midnight
kodaline - one day
kodaline - talk
kodaline - the answer
linkin park - in pieces
linkin park - iridiscent
linkin park - not alone
linkin park - robot boy
linkin park - the messenger
ludovico einaudi - i giorni
mighty quinn - my road
mumford and sons - below my feet
mumford and sons - ghosts that we knew
mumford and sons - home
mumford and sons - hopeless wandered
mumford and sons - i gave you all
nirvana - something in the way
oasis - don’t go away
oasis - let there be love
oasis - stop crying your heart out
oasis - wonderwall
of monsters and men - love love love love
of monsters and men - six weeks
onerepublic - counting stars
passenger - i see love
passenger - let her go
pink floyd - if
radiohead - all i need
radiohead - fake plastic trees
radiohead - high & dry
radiohead - how to disappear completely
radiohead - true love waits
radiohead - karma police
radiohead - no surprises
radiohead - creep
radiohead - talk show host
radiohead - thinking about you
red hot chili peppers - snow
regina spektor - hero
regina spektor - us
ron pope - a drop in the ocean
ron pope - save me
seabear - cold summer
sia - breathe me
sigur ros - allright
sigur ros - sæglópur
sigur ros - samskeyti
sigur ros - varúo
sigur ros - von
snow patrol - chasing cars
snow patrol - in the end
snow patrol - new york
snow patrol - open your eyes
snow patrol - run
snow patrol - you could be happy
skylar grey - words
sum41 - crash
the 1975 - fallingforyou
the 1975 - you
the 1975 - me
the 1975 - talk!
the beach boys - only with you
the beach boys - tears in the morning
the beach boys - thinking about the days
the beatles - something
the drums - down by the water
the drums - i can’t save your life
the drums - it will end in tears
the fray - heartless
the fray - look after you
the fray - never say never
the fray - you found me
the killers - read my mind
the killers - romeo and juliet
the kooks - gap
the last shadow puppets - meeting place
the last shadow puppets - i don’t like you anymore
the last shadow puppet - the time has come again
the maccabees - first love
the maccabees - go
the maccabees - ayla
the maccabees - went away
the maccabees - toothpaste kisses
the national - demons
the national - gospel
the national - i need my girl
the national - runaway
the national - sorrow
the script - breakeven
the script - for the first time
the script - nothing
the script - six degrees of separation
the smiths - asleep
the strokes - i can’t win
the strokes - killing lies
the strokes - on the other side
the strokes - when it started
the tallest man on earth - little river
the tallest man on earth - the dreamer
the temper trap - sweer disposition
the vaccines - all in white
the vaccines - weirdo
the vaccines - wetsuit
the xx - angels
the xx - heart skipped a beat
the xx - crystalised
the xx - do you mind?
the xx - infinity
the xx - missing
the xx - night time
the xx - basic space
the xx - reunion
the xx - stars
the xx - vcr
two door cinema club - undercover martyn
two door cinema club - next year
two door cinema club - sun
vampire weekend - everywhere
vampire weekend - i stand corrected
vampire weekend - i think ur a contra
william fitzsimmons - everything has change
you me at six - crash
you me at six - stay with me
3 door down - here without you
30 seconds to mars - alibi
30 seconds to mars - city of angels
30 seconds to mars - convergence
30 seconds to mars - end of the day


I’ll seek you out
Flay you alive
One more word and you won’t survive
And I’m not scared
Of your stolen power
I see right through you any hour

so come and get it

young menace; fall out boy | eyes on fire; blue foundation | we hate everyone; k.flay | fire; barns courtney | break stuff; limp bizkit | all your light; portugal. the man | bleed it out; linkin park | teenagers; my chemical romance | fairly local; twenty one pilots | dream; onerepublic | whatever it takes; imagine dragons | legend; the score



I’LL BRING A WAR  |  Orson Krennic + Wilhuff Tarkin

(OTP: snippy genocidal space bitches + death star breakups)

EMPIRE: CREEP REMIX – alpines  |  PITY – noga erez  |  BEGGIN FOR THREAD – banks  |  EYES ON FIRE – blue foundation  |  FUCKED MY WAY UP TO THE TOP – lana del rey  |  FEYD RAUTHA DARK HEART – grimes  |  POWER & CONTROL – marina and the diamonds  |  SADIST – crystal castles  |  CHASING YOUR SHADOWS ALL AROUND THE WORLD – zeigeist  |  PUPPETS – depeche mode  |  LOADED GUN – lightning dust  |  DELIRIOUS – susanne sundfør  |  CRUEL WORLD – phantogram  |  STRAIGHT FOR THE KNIFE – sia  |  SOFT POWER – ladytron

listen here –

Though It Burns Your Lips
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: megyal | Word Count: 7.5k | Rating: NC-17

Summary: As they work on a serial murder case, Harry and Draco begin to really see each other.

Review: This is a dark fic with difficult to swallow parts, but it is beautifully written so it’s easy to read as well, to just go along with the flow and pace the writer has set in the fic. There’s a lot for us as readers to discover in this fic about Harry and Draco, just as they discover each other.

Content/Warnings: Implied Child Abuse/Rape, Minor Character Death, Implications of Dissociative Identity Disorder

Mood Music: Eyes On Fire - Blue Foundation

the signs as a randomly mini-playlist

❝ aries: ❞
☸ crystalized, the xx.
☸ enjoy the silence, anberlin { depeche mode cover }.
☸ i’m so sorry, imagine dragons.
☸ she used to love me a lot, johnny cash.
☸ come closer, miles kane.

❝ taurus: ❞
☸ welcome to the black parade, my chemical romance.
☸ creep, radiohead.
☸ your love is a lie, simple plan.
☸ patience, low roar.
☸ sweater weather, the neighbourhood.

❝ gemini: ❞
☸ la grange, zz top.
☸ you drive me wild, the runaways.
☸ war pigs, black sabbath.
☸ baby did a bad thing, chris isaak.
☸ is this love, bob marley & the wailers.

❝ cancer: ❞
☸ me gustas tu, manu chao.
☸ counting stars, onerepublic.
☸ dark star, jaymes young.
☸ stay high { habits remix }, tove lo.
☸ skin, rihanna.

❝ leo: ❞
☸ toxic, britney spears.
☸ ain’t it fun, paramore.
☸ one for the road, arctic monkeys.
☸ brooklyn baby, lana del rey.
☸ heroes, david bowie.

❝ virgo: ❞
☸ she moves in her own way, the kooks.
☸ keep your head up, ben howard.
☸ teenagers, my chemical romance.
☸ my girl, the temptations.
☸ my favorite things, john coltrane.

❝ libra: ❞
☸ bad girl, avril lavigne feat. marilyn manson.
☸ what so not, gemini.
☸ don’t, ed sheeran.
☸ you give love a bad name, bon jovi.
☸ welcome to japan, the strokes.

❝ scorpio: ❞
☸ i wanna be your dog, iggy pop & the stooges.
☸ eyes on fire, blue foundation.
☸ planes, jeremih feat. j-cole.
☸ endors toi, tame impala.
☸ 505, arctic monkeys.

❝ sagittarius: ❞
☸ ruby, kaiser chiefs.
☸ club foot, kasabian.
☸ no you girls, franz ferdinand.
☸ dreaming of you, the coral.
☸ in my room, the last shadow puppets.

❝ capricorn: ❞
☸ the scientist, coldplay.
☸ all i ever wanted, lenny kravitz.
☸ disorder, joy division.
☸ young and beautiful, lana del rey.
☸ wild world, cat stevens.

❝ aquarius: ❞
☸ animals, maroon 5.
☸ happy go sucky fucky, die antwoord.
☸ robot rock, daft punk.
☸ why won’t you make up your mind, tame impala.
☸ the end, the doors.

❝ pisces: ❞
☸ howlin’ for you, the black keys.
☸ fire, kasabian.
☸ let’s dance, david bowie.
☸ bad habit, the kooks.
☸ call it fate call it karma, the strokes.

Unholy - A playlist about demons and religious delusions 

1.Necronomicon - Nox Arcana // 2.Beyond the Veil - Lindsey Sterling // 3.Killing Time - Infected Mushroom // 4.We Are on Fire - Cocorosie // 5.I’m Not Human at All - Sleep Party People // 6.CURBSTOMP - Meg Meyers // 7.Eyes on Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) - Blue Foundation // 8.kill - iamamiwhoami // 9.Sinister Kid - The Black Keys // 10. I’m the Devil - Clam’s Casino // 11.Locked into Phantasy - Lauren Bousfield // 12.Boards of Canada - Gyroscope // 13.Witch Hunt - Jack off Jill 

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