eyes on erebor


Nori stopping other dwarves from tearing Bard a new one


Pairing: Bilbo x Reader x Thorin

Characters: Bilbo, Thorin Oakenshield, Fíli, Kili, Balin, the Company

Warnings: A Bit of Angst

Word Count: 1, 612

Note: I hope the person that requested likes the one-shot.

Dunno if u r in the mood for a request but I will try my luck: How about this the reader-who’s a dwarf and elf hybrid- says goodbye to bilbo after the bofta and thorin watches her kiss bilbo a goodbye kiss, the reader had a thing for thorin but she knows she has no chance with him so when she met bilbo she fell for him and biblo is gone and she is upset because she’s confused of her feelings and fili and kili thinks she’s upset because she misses the blue mountain

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As hard as it still had been for me to believe, it had happened. 

Erebor had been reclaimed and restored to its peaceful glory, after the very long months that had passed by, journeying across Arda on a dangerous quest. Now, Erebor was to be rebuild and Thorin was to be crowned as King Under the Mountain. Without any further doubt, there would surely be a marvellous, grand feast that not a kingdom from across the four corners of Arda could have fathomed to organize. 

Though, everyone knew that this grand feast wouldn’t be arranged till many days later, as we all had felt deeply exhausted in body and soul. 

Upon the aftermath of the horrific battle cries of orcs that collided with the roars and shouts of dwarven soldiers, amongst other races - everything had grown silent and still. So still was the atmosphere that if a light feather would happen to fall, it would be heard. And should there be the beating of a bird’s wings - that would have been the only breeze. It was still, utterly still.

I gazed out the balcony of an abandoned chamber that had once belonged to a Durin ancestor of Thorin. There, I squint my eyes as the blinding sun, like a bashful youth who had been kissed for the first time, glowed with its final rays, flecked in gold. I rest my arms upon the railing of the balcony and begin to contemplate the sudden, unexpected paths I had taken in life.

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“Will you wear this?” Thorin whispers into her ear, her beard scraping Bilbo’s cheek. This close, Bilbo can feel Thorin’s bosom press lightly against her back. On a chest before them lies an ostentatious dress and matching cloak, both spun from pure gold.

Fem!Bagginshield, inspired by this anonymous prompt (from 4 years ago. Wow!!!) and @shipsicle‘s stunning art (Bilbo with golden eyes? Hell yes!!!), set in Erebor where both Thorin and Bilbo fall to the gold’s spell. Featuring a reverse striptease, seriously terrible implications (there was a point this was supposed to be a darkfic), cheesy dialogue, and a cringy title.

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leaper182  asked:

I saw that Dwori is one of your top 5 ships. What in canon converted you? Do you have any favorite Dwori fics?

I can’t really give you any of my favourite fics (partly because I don’t remember), sorry :/ I’ll probably find some but meanwhile, go here.

And as for what converted me, there are really subtle hints in the movies. Idk if you know or not, but I’ll put it anyway for people who don’t know. For example:

Even though Ori doesn’t really need protecting, Dwalin does it anyway


There you can see him keeping his eye on him in Erebor, physically touching him

stopping his little ori from getting hurt, like he literally stops everything to pull him back

Dwalin has run about five or six metres just to protect Ori

The way Ori looks at him

And then, Graham McTavish says:

“Dwalin has a soft spot for Ori, who he quietly admires for being so determined to come on the Quest against the wishes of his family. He protects the naïve young Dwarf in battle, and keeps a watchful eye on him throughout the journey.”

And there’s also this - Even the actors ship it

And there is also the goblin tunnels thing when Ori only has his slingshot, so DWALIN GIVE HIM HIS AXE



I rest my case

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Dain’s nicknames for Thranduil and his army

Fighting Temptations I

For my dear anon who requested this; I used an imagine for inspiration too. 

Based on:  Imagine that after BOTFA Thranduil and Thorin have to be present at negotiation meetings, and you are there to stop an interracial conflict 

“Hmm, must I be forced to waste my time with such a tedious affair?” Thorin growled at Balin as you sat silently away from the pair, “I am a king. I have much to do.”

“As is he,” Balin returned, his tone the closest you had heard to annoyed, “Which means that yes, you will be forced to waste your time. Though, I should remind you that it is not such a waste.”

“Call it what you will,” Thorin looked to the ceiling with irritation, “But I recall the last time we met, a battle resulted.”

“Yes, it did,” Balin replied wryly, “As much your doing as his.”

“So you see how unwise this would be,” Thorin intoned sneakily, “We could not afford another.”

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