eyes of the sleepers

Sleepy/Tired otp

- person A doesn’t get tired. He gets sleepy.
- He just wants to cuddle up and fall asleep in his boyfriends arms.
- He has tiny yawns and his eye flutter closed.
- Clingy af
- little spoon
- light sleeper
- “I don’t cuddle!” “I’m not adorable
- totally is
-always wears fluffy socks to bed
-always cold
- needs 5 blankets or more

- person B is a rock.
- nothing can wake them
- c o f f e e
- has to have the room completely dark
- will accidentally stay up until 5 am because of distractions (or they’re just a workaholic, you choose)
- just wears boxers because it’s too hot
- likes to play with Person A’s hair
- wakes A up with small kisses

Percy Jackson may drool in his sleep, but he likes to point out that Annabeth snores


No logo. The E is now crossed out instead of the O. Could the new song/album start with an E?

The dash in the place where the logo was most likely symbolizes waiting for a new logo. Either way, it seems like the red version of the logo is gone. The red eye is gone, and as red was the color of Blurryface, the last piece of Blurryface is also gone.

Silence=lack of sound/music.

Silence is the only word on the twitter header now, facing the right way instead of backwards. Maybe it is part of the new album in some way? Could this also relate to Tyler’s whisperer picture on Instagram?

Now we are just sitting in silence. But for how long?

Returning the Favor

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: The next morning (after the events of “Beard Burn”), Steve’s girlfriend returns the favor ;)))

A/N: this is intended as the sequel to Beard Burn! Yay! Look i finished something that i promised i would do! Thanks again all you beautiful people for getting “Beard Burn” over 1k notes.  That’s crazy,,,

Warnings: all smut, some fluff.  oral sex (mr), language

Words: 2260

tags: @feelmyroarrrr @sistasarah-sallysaidso @daybreak96 @doct0rstrange @trade-baby-blues @yourtropegirl @lipstickandwhiskey @captainumeboshi @emily-james-barnes

also: @bkwrm523 you seemed excited about this ;)

and @daughterofthebrowncoats i dk i just tag you in everything and this is blowjobs ;)

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(I should have used this gif for the first one dammit)

The next morning, you wake before Steve, eyes fluttering open against the annoying morning sun; you’d forgotten to close the blinds last night.  You groan and roll over onto your back, hitting Steve, who immediately wraps an arm around your stomach.  You glance up at him, expecting to find him awake, but he’s still fast asleep on his side, one arm bunched under his pillow, the other now lazily thrown across your stomach.  You smile and reach a hand up to run through his beard.  He looked so cute like this, his mouth open, lightly snoring, eyes squeezed shut against the sun.

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I bring to you: Steve/Tony betime/sleepy headcanons that nobody asked for :D

  • Tony is really clingy when he sleeps, he latches onto Steve like a limpet and doesn’t let go until Steve wakes up in the morning. And if he can’t physically hold on to Steve, some part of him is always touching Steve
  • Steve has this weird military training protective thing where he has to sleep on the side closest to the door so he can stop any “intruders” from harming them in their sleep. Tony rolls his eyes but plays along anyway
  • Tony is a super heavy sleeper, once he is asleep he is gone at least for the first couple of hours. Not even the Hulk could wake him. But he’ll only fall asleep in places/around people he feels comfortable with/trusts.
  • Steve disapproves of when Tony stays awake working for days at a time. But he also finds it incredibly amusing when Tony comes into the bedroom at the end of a bender, all stumbling and incoherent. It’s only 7 or 8 and Steve’s just laying in bed reading a book or watching TV, but Tony will shower quickly, put on sleep clothes, climb into bed with Steve and lay in his lap, burying his face in Steve’s stomach. Sometimes he’ll even pick up Steve’s hand and hold it in his hair until Steve starts running his fingers through it. Tony just relaxes right down and falls fast asleep and Steve is perfectly content to sit there and just hold him for a couple hours.
  • When they lie in bed at the end of a long day and cuddle, Tony likes to be the little spoon. He likes the feeling of Steve’s arms around him holding him tight. It makes him feel safe and protected.
  • Steve likes to be the big spoon because he loves holding Tony close to him. He loves when Tony buries his face in Steve’s chest so he can bury his face in Tony’s hair. He likes holding Tony because he feels like he can shield him from the cruelty of the outside world, and maybe even from Tony’s own demons.
  • Everyone assumes Steve is a morning person and Tony is very much not but it’s actually the other way around
  • Steve hates waking up early but because of the serum and his military training his body will wake him up at 5 AM
  • He’ll get up and go for a run but he’ll bitch and moan about it in his head the whole time, and he’s basically a grumpy old man until he eats breakfast and gets his morning kiss from his still sleepy Tony
  • Tony (when he actually goes to bed at a normal time - or at all) will wake up naturally pretty early - the Avengers were shocked that first morning together in the tower when Tony walked in at 8 AM with a smile, grabbed a cup of coffee, and asked Steve for the business section of the paper he had grabbed that morning.
  • Tony in the morning is also Steve’s favorite because he wakes up but he’s not fully awake. He looks so cute in the mornings, half-lidded eyes, pillow creases on his cheek, hair a mess, drowning in Steve’s t-shirts. He smiles at everyone and leans into Steve’s touch and everyone agrees that he looks so cute and cuddly and adorable in the mornings.
  • Though once he’s had some food and a couple cups of coffee he’s back to his usual obnoxious self.

In yesterday’s sleepers video, this graphic of an eye closing was displayed several times. In the center of the eye was the TØP logo in red. Because of this, we thought that it symbolized falling asleep, or more closure for the Blurryface era, because the eye was closing on a red version of the logo.

However, some posts made on twitter today have led us to believe that this is not the case.

For starters, the profile picture on twitter is now this eye with the red logo. This is making us think that whatever this is might be sticking around, so the eye graphic most likely doesn’t mean closure or saying goodbye. Furthermore, their Instagram profile picture has also changed to this red eye logo.

Could this possibly be a new logo design? Could this mean that red will also be a part of this new era?

This new picture was also posted on their twitter, in the same red eye shape. Backwards, the text reads “YØU’LL HAVE TØ CØME AND FIND ME”, which is a lyric from Polarize. This photo is now also their Twitter header, replacing the old black background that said “TWENTY ØNE PILØTS”. Setting this picture as their header means that it is important. At the moment, we believe that this is an invitation to look for clues. We know that they are very cryptic, and when the new album is released, we will most likely see that they have been teasing at it for a while, just like with Blurryface. Saying “YØU’LL HAVE TØ CØME AND FIND ME” implies that something is already hidden that they want us to find.

More updates to follow if new pictures are posted.


 Request: Emmett finds this girl on the side of the street broken and abused. He takes her to Carlisle and Carlisle fixes her up, but Emmett becomes like a protector for her because he’s drawn to her. (Maybe a parent abusing her, lots of angst) Then her and Emmett get super close and become inseparable and at first it’s friendly but one night she walks in on Emmett taking a shower or something, and I’ll let you take it from there lol (but make it smutty please)

Pairing: Emmett x reader 

Warnings: Smut, abuse ment. slight injury 

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for @softshumjr - happy belated birthday marta! i hope you had a wonderful day, you’re a wonderful person and a great friend to have (and also the thirstiest harry stan i know) i love you lots! 

Alec had a dilemma.

Compared to most dilemmas that he seemed to have of late, Alec supposed that this one isn’t as life threatening. And yet, in that very moment, lying on the couch with Magnus snuggled into his side, this dilemma seemed to be the most important thing in his life.

Magnus had fallen asleep about an hour ago, and Alec, unable to contain himself, had curled his arms around his boyfriend and pressed a kiss to his hairline. Now, however, Alec was berating himself for being unable to want to cuddle with Magnus.

His arm was numb.

He tried to ignore it, but after a while the numbing spread from the tips of his fingers to the crease of his elbow and was slowly sneaking up towards his shoulder. He could move. If Magnus didn’t look so peaceful and downright adorable while he was asleep. His head was tucked into the crook of Alec’s neck, his warm body against Alec’s, an arm and a leg draped over Alec’s own. He looked at peace for the first time in weeks, and Alec didn’t want to disrupt that just because his arm was losing all feeling.

They had been through a lot, the both of them, and they finally had a moment of peace to themselves, a moment to be able to actually curl up on the sofa together and actually sleep. But the feeling going from his arm was becoming too uncomfortable. He tried to dislodge his arm as carefully as he could as to not wake Magnus, but apparently he was a light sleeper and the small movement caused his eyes to flicker open.

“Alexander, what’s wrong?” Alec inwardly cursed himself as he ran his hand along Magnus’ back.

“Nothing, my arm was just going numb. Go back to sleep babe.” Magnus looked up at Alec, a softness coating over his face as he felt a strong sense of fond for this man.

“Alexander, how long has your arm been numb?”

“Not long.”

“Not long as in just now, or not long as in the past twenty minutes?” Alec avoided Magnus’ gaze, his cheeks burning at the smirk on Magnus’ lips, knowing full well that his boyfriend was taunting him.

“If your arm was numb darling, you should have just moved. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.” Magnus turned in his arms so that he was leaning on his chest.

“I didn’t want to wake you. You looked peaceful, and you haven’t been sleeping much lately. You need your sleep.” The smirk fell from Magnus’ face as he looked in astonishment at his boyfriend. Before Alec could ask what was wrong, Magnus leaned forward and captured his lips in a soft kiss. Alec felt himself melt into the feel of their lips slowly moving together, drowning in the feel of their languid movements.

Magnus pulled back enough to press their foreheads together, Alec’s hands gripping around his waist and a hand carding through Alec’s hair.

“You truly are something else, Alexander Lightwood.” Alec turned them round so they were lying on their sides and the pair got lost in the maps of the others eyes, and eventually got lost in the lull of sleep.

Alec supposed some dilemmas were worth it.

what my brain thought while watching sleepers 05 (especially the red eye)

- new logo ?
- sleeping eye because of sleepers ?
- closing the red eye could mean they’ll erase the color red soon ?
- are the sleepers chapters the story about how blurryface is falling asleep ?
- the official end of blurryface ?
- will blurryface never be gone because it’s a circle ?
- how will i survive a new album / era if this makes my feelings go crazy ?
- does the music at the beginning sound like the unreleased demo from 2013 ?
- Have you ever done that, when you squint your eyes and your eyelashes make it look a little not right and then when just enough light comes from just the right side and you find you’re not who you’re suppose to be? SQUINT YOUR EYES IT GETS BLURRY

Remember the Promise, Carl Grimes.

A/N: I made another one! I hope you guys like it as much as you have the last ones!

Summary: The reader and Carl are in a “no strings attached” kind of relationship that is as complicated as can be. Due to the disapproval of the reader’s mother they’ve been sneaking around for quite some time. Despite efforts to stop it, they both feel it turning into something more.

(Flashbacks in italics)

Word Count: 15,247

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have some headcanons

• when Ice listens to rock/alternative, he will always be seen air drumming

• ice’s room is warm and he really feels comfortable that way! It’s probably because of all the technology that’s in his room

• Norway has burn scars on his body from the witch trials

• when sweden’s sick, he likes to watch game shows like Price Is Right, Jeopardy, etc.

• denmark thinks ballet and ballroom are very pretty. he personally likes the waltz and jive. he is also always impressed when he watches petite allegro!! “Wooooow they’re legs and feet are moving so fast what????”

• I forgot who gave this headcanon, but all the credit goes to them. I like the idea of Finland having a prosthetic arm!

• iceland used to listen to 8-bit dubstep all the time

• Nordics in overwatch:
- Denmark: Junkrat or Roadhog!! he loves their story too; he thinks they’re very fun
- Norway: Zenyatta, Reaper, or d.Va
- Iceland: Reaper, Tracer, or Lucío!
- Sweden: Soldier76, d.Va, or Mercy!
- Finland: of course widowmaker or Ana, but I feel he would also enjoy Hanzo

• sweden gets notifications on when there’s a new minecraft update

• finland and Hungary are usually seen hanging out!!

• Norway can literally just sleep anywhere and everywhere. He’s also a deep sleeper. Sometimes he sleeps with his eyes open. (I forgot who came up with that one too, but credit to you!) He sometimes falls asleep at World Meetings, and when he does, his eyes are open. He hasn’t been caught yet. (The man is old and just tired let him sleep)

• England and America really helped Iceland work on his English during WW2, and if he ever forgets a word, he’ll call either of them. He’s gotten better at American lingo lately!

• sometimes at world meetings there’s “free seating” and that’s only if they have a meeting but nothing to discuss. So, Iceland will usually sit his friends: Hong Kong, Seychelles, Liechtenstein, and Taiwan. (Maybe South Korea, Seborga, or New Zealand will sit with them too?) ((basically it’s the physically younger aged nations altogether (maybe not the younger ones like sealand and Wy?) and they talk the whole time))

•with the countries mentioned above, Iceland’s in a group chat with them, and it’s always blowing up his phone

• the Nordics have reenacted the Friends intro

• order of who wakes up first and at what time:
1. Sweden (5:00 am)
2. Denmark (between 5:00- 5:45 am)
3. Finland (7:30 am. sharp.)
4. Norway (11:00 am)
5. Iceland (2:00 pm) (he doesn’t go to bed until almost sunrise) (it’s very bad)

• sweden has kept every single IKEA catalog produced because it reminds him of how far the company has come and it makes him really happy

• at family dinners, finland will talk the whole time, and it’s very interesting to listen to what he has to say! (Even if, canonically, he’s a misunderstood storyteller) everyone will stop eating and listen to him!!

•they’ve all got ghosts in their houses (which…would be very strange if they’ve lived in that house for centuries on top of centuries, right?)

• on separate note, Iceland and Sweden are easily startled by anything

• I love the freckles headcanon for Denmark, but consider that he also has eczema/“chicken skin” on his arms too. It’s little red bumps on the skin that are super annoying (I have them but they’ve gone away over the years)

• finland has a beauty marks on the right side of his collarbone, his left temple, on his left wrist, and a few on his chest

• contrary to popular opinion, Iceland reads a whole lot. Like he really enjoys the reading. His library is too small for all the books he has.

• Iceland and Norway share books frequently. They’ll send each other new books they’ve read and really recommend. It’s a form of bonding, I guess.

• Iceland was shown trap music by America, and although he thinks it gets kind of annoying, he likes a few songs. Those songs are used in memes that America has also shown him (he doesn’t fully understand memes yet either).

• Ice would rather stick with his alternative music

• Denmark gets severe panic attacks. Everyone helps him out in the ways they can, but most of the time it’s Sweden and Norway who can get him to fully calm down.