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Dana ✦ is downloadable from The Sims 4 Gallery under the username wondercarlotta8

Hair  Top  Jeans  Shoes  Choker  Socks  Rings  Skin  Eyes  Eyebrow  Eyeliner  Eyeshadow  Face contour  Lips  Nails  Facemask  Lashes

Poses by @dearkims and @vibrantpixels 

Thanks to all CC Creators: @antosims  @mxfsims  @lumy-sims  @madlensims  @volatile-sims  @sims4-marigold  @salem-c  @chisimi  @magnolia-c  @s-club-tbr  @twinksimstress  @bernies-simblr  @annamsblue  @citrontart  @kijiko-sims​  

  • wonho: i'd like to thank all our amazing fans and my hard working members and my parents
  • wonho: but most of all i'd like to thank my gorgeous face and my sharp eyes and plush lips and my sexy body every single one of my muscles oh and my killer ass and-

anonymous asked:

All time fav makeup products? Face, eyes, lips, anything

Tarte blush in exposed, tartelette in bloom 2 palette is my ALL TIME FAve and I’m really enjoying Ruffle Trim from NYX lip lingerie. I got one of the colourpop highlight and blush duos in Knockout and it’s sooo beautiful. I also love their lippie sticks in Parker and Brink