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Seek And Reform

Pairings: Billy Hargrove x Reader
Words: 754
Warnings: Mention of abuse, sexual content, angst
A/N: As requested, part two of my story! I would really love to hear what you think about it because I’ve been planning to make it a five-part mini-series.  

Summary: Billy shows up in your bedroom in the middle of the night in a desperate attempt to forget about his demons.


Sunlight peeked through your window, scattering the lingering shadows of the night. You hesitantly opened one eye to check the time. There was something about those extra few minutes of staying in bed that’d never failed to fill you with unspeakable bliss. With a grin, you shoved your face back into the pillow, enjoying its soft fabric.

As you were trying to ease your mind into a quick nap, something in the corner of your memory was making it hard to fall asleep. You frowned when the pictures of the last one started to slowly flood your head, changing the peaceful morning into a migraine-inducing one.

You reached out behind your back to check if someone was still laying on the other side of your bed. The spot was empty and cold. Was it only a dream?

“Looking for someone?” you heard an amused voice and immediately got up, turning your face towards its source.

Billy was leaning on the window ledge, taking a drag on a cigarette. You couldn’t even scold him for that since the half of his body was outside. The sunshine was enhancing his features and you would undoubtedly stare at his handsome profile for a moment if it wasn’t for the red marks on his face.

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A/N: Happy Thanksgiving!  A quick drabble I wrote before I head to the Thanksgiving table.  Thankful for my friend and family and all of you!


“When’s the food going to be ready?” Tony asks, poking his head into the kitchen.  You sigh and roll your eyes.

“Anthony Edward Stark, how old are you?”

“Older than you, pumpkin.”

“The food would be done faster if I wasn’t the only one cooking it,” you retort.

“I’ll go round up some volunteers!” Tony says, darting out of the kitchen.

“You know that’s not what I meant,” you mutter as you go back to making the crust for the apple pie, pressing little leaves out of the dough.

“Heard you needed some help, doll?”

You feel all of your worry and stress dissolve as your face melts into a smile.  You turn to find Bucky, leaning against the kitchen counter.

“I’d come over there and kiss you, but there’s no time,” you say.  “I’ve gotta get this pie in the oven as soon as I get the turkey out, I still haven’t started the green beans and the mashed potatoes are just potatoes right now.”

“I’ll make it easier for you,” Bucky grins, taking two steps to cross the kitchen so he’s standing in front of you.  In spite of everything, you dust your hands off on your apron as you wrap your arms around Bucky, leaning forward for a quick, sweet kiss.

“It looks like someone’s been tasting the food,” Bucky teases.  “Do I taste chocolate?”

“Did you really think I wasn’t going to eat the cookie dough?” you grin.

“Of course not,” Bucky replies.  “I’m just hurt that you didn’t save any for me.”

“(Y/N), I thought you said you had a lot to do!”

You jump a foot backwards to see Tony, half-smirking, half-annoyed.  

“I do,” you reply defiantly.

“And is Bucky on that to-do list?” Tony asks and you throw a towel at him.

“I don’t see you trying to help,” you say.

“I don’t see Bucky trying to help either,” Tony tosses back and you shake your head.

“He’s about to,” you say.  “Super soldier, put your knife-flipping skills to work and peel some potatoes.”

“I think I’m a little over-qualified for that, doll,” Bucky grins, but he starts at the task anyway.

“Wanna wrangle some other Avengers to help out, Tony?” you ask.

“If only to make sure you two don’t make out on the countertop and delay eating any further,” Tony says.  “Back in a few.”

You and Bucky continue to work in comfortable silence, the smell of the turkey filling up the spacious kitchen.

“Earth’s mightiest heroes,” you muse out loud.  “I’m so thankful we have such a great team that helps us with all the cooking.”  Bucky laughs.

“I’m thankful for you, doll,” he says.  It’s light enough, but when you look up and meet his eyes, you see everything that he’s not saying and you feel your throat get tight.

“Me too,” you say.

“You’re thankful for yourself?”

“Shut up,” you say, and you lean over to capture his lips in a kiss.

“I told you!” you glance up to see Tony, leading the rest of the Avengers into the kitchen.  “I need people to run interference in here!”

You shake your head and lean back in for another kiss.

Taehyung - You don’t love him

Taehyung’s hands shake as he grips onto the table, his eyes filling with tears as your words hang in the air. You gulp a little, wishing it wasn’t so hard to do this. In your head, you think back to all the poor decisions you’ve made in this relationship - agreeing to go on that first date, letting him kiss you, moving in with him, letting his propose and even accepting it. Looking down to the ring on your finger, it feels like it burns to wear it. You sigh and repeat your words again,

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Drabble: 15. “You’re breaking my heart, babe.”
Pairing: Sohn Hyunwoo/Shownu x Reader
Word Count: 416
Notes: None
Warnings: None
Genre: Humor

“Can you please, please go back to the living room?”

You were currently trying to finish the last dish for your Thanksgiving meal; the desert. But every time that you would place the finishing piece on top of your pie, it would magically disappear when you turned around to wash your hands off. You knew exactly who it was that was stealing the little topping piece, but each time that you turned around to confront Shownu about it, a cheeky smile would pull up his lips as he shook his head. You narrowed your eyes in suspicion as he smiled for the fourth time in a row, and you shook your head in slight annoyance before turning back around to face your pie, placing yet another garnish on top. “Why don’t you go watch your children instead of taking my pie toppings?”

Shownu placed a hand over his heart in mock hurt, but he couldn’t help but snicker at your sour attitude as he stepped close behind you. “You’re breaking my heart, babe.” He said in a joking manner as he snaked his arms around your waist, to which you jumped a bit in surprise at his sudden actions. “Besides, they aren’t children. And Kihyun is—“

Almost as if they knew that you were talking about them, a noisy series of shouts suddenly sounded out from the living room, and a very loud, very heavy crash quickly followed the shouts. You tensed almost immediately as everything suddenly went eerily quiet, and as you slowly closed your eyes you let it a small sigh. “Can you go see what they broke this time?” You asked Shownu, spinning around in his arm so you could face him. Shownu’s lips were pursed together in a cute pout as he nodded in agreement, and before leaving to see what mess had been caused, he pressed a quick kiss to your forehead.

You watched him for a moment as he walked away from the kitchen, and once you were certain that he was finally gone, you spun back around to face your pie. But unfortunately for you, Shownu had managed to distract you just enough to steal the garnish once again from off of your pie. You let out a frustrated groan as you slammed your hands on to the counter,but as much as you loved him, nothing annoyed you more than knowing how easily distracted you got by him.

“Stop stealing my garnishes, Hyunwoo!”

“Sorry, babe, I love you!”

First Christmas (Chris Evans x Reader)

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: Fluff

Request: I’m so excited you’ve open requests again!  You’re amazing! How about a one shot about spending your first Christmas with Chris’s family? Plenty of fluff please!

Requested By: @invisiblewithagreatpersonality

“Don’t be nervous” Chris spoke softly as he squeezed your hand reassuringly.  Tearing your gaze from the window, your eyes met his as you squeezed back.  

Letting out a soft sigh, you shook your head.  “What if they don’t like me?” you asked questioningly; your eyebrows rising in awareness.

This was your first Christmas with Chris.  The two of you had been dating for the past four months, and this was also the first you were meeting his family.  Having had bad times in the past with other boyfriends and meeting their families; it was just a nervous time for you.  But alas, Chris was doing everything to reassure you that they would love you.  

“Y/N, sweetheart, do you trust me?” his voice was adorned with love as he asked you the question. Without a doubt, you knew the answer to that.  Chris had never, under any circumstances, given you a reason to not trust him.  

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Jump Scare: Evan Hansen x Reader

so this was supposed to be for halloween but i got lazy n depressed. enjoy


You grabbed a fistful of Evan’s shirt after what seemed like the thirtieth jump scare of the movie. “Fuck!” You laughed at yourself, then looked up at your boyfriend, whose eyes were fixed on the screen. He gave you a sort of pat on the shoulder, saying nothing. You turned your attention back to the movie, reaching into the bowl of microwave popcorn Evan had made for the two of you. You offered it to him, but he shook his head and adjusted his arm around you.

Another twenty minutes passed before the movie ended. Evan sat completely still as the credits rolled across the screen, until you shifted underneath his arm. He quickly stood, brushing the popcorn off of himself and grabbing the remote to turn the television off. You followed suit, dragging the blanket with you.

“Hey, do you want to spend the night?” Evan turned around when he heard the question. “Yeah, uh, that would be great, because my mom isn’t going to be back until really late anyways so it’s not like she’s going to notice. I left some clothes here a while ago and so tomorrow I won’t have to wear what I slept in so yeah I think that’ll work.” He cut himself off before he could ramble any more. He talked for too long when something was bothering him. During the movie, you’d assumed he was quiet because he was watching, but an hour of dead silence followed by a spray of words was a pretty obvious indicator he was upset. That didn’t mean he’d want to talk about it, though. Most of the time, if you tried to bring up his acting weird, Evan would turn red and dodge your questions. You didn’t want to make things worse, so you kept quiet, hoping he’d say something.

He didn’t. Even when you had washed your face and put your hair up, which he usually thought looked adorable, he didn’t try to kiss you, or even touch you. He just sat on your bed, scrolling through his Instagram feed. “Babe?” He looked up at you. “Yeah?” You furrowed your brows at him. “You good?” “Yeah! Totally. Just, uh, peachy.” He turned red, giggling. “I have no idea why I just said that.” You settled in next to him, grabbing his arm to put it around yourself. He flinched when you touched him, but relaxed almost instantly.

You turned the light out and crawled under the blankets, feeling Evan’s warmth next to you but not around you the way it normally was. You could feel through the mattress that he was shaking.

“Babe?” “Yeah?” He responded in a concerningly normal tone. “Why are you shaking?” The mattress rocked as he shifted. “I’m not.” “No, you are. I can feel it.” You turned the bedside lamp on, illuminating the room so you could see Evan looking up at you, wide-eyed, totally still. “Babe, what’s up?” He took a few seconds to answer. “It’s nothing, it’s actually nothing, just all the jump scares in that, like, messed with me, you know, I’m fine.”

You turned on your side to face him, propping yourself up on your elbow. You used your other hand to grab his, which was cold and tense. “It’s okay. It’s fine. I’m not gonna let anything happen to you.” You had figured out pretty quickly after you met Evan that trying to use logic wouldn’t work when he was like this, that it was best to just let him know you were there and to touch him if he was okay with it. He held tightly to your hand, still shaking. “You want some tea?” Tea was your go-to. You would make it to calm him down, and he would make it to calm you down. He nodded. “I’m gonna go boil some water. Okay?” He nodded again. You hated to leave him alone when he was like this, but sometimes having someone else around, even you, just stressed him out more. It took you all of five minutes to brew two mugs of chamomile tea, his favorite. When you returned, his color had returned, if only slightly, and he wasn’t shaking so much.

“Hey.” You smiled, offering him one of the cups. “Hey.” He accepted and took a sip. You sat next to him. “You wanna go watch Parks & Rec?” He smiled and stood shakily, draping the blanket from your bed around both of you.

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Could you do a Drabble with 194??

“Good boy.”

You looked down at Spencer, admiring his furrowed eye brows and heavy eyelids as you grinded yourself on his stomach. His hands were tied in a knot at the top of the headboard and a ball gag was gently tied around his mouth. 
His sweet whimpers filled the room as he watched you grind your wet folds against his stomach. 
He threw his head back in frustration, needing a taste or to touch you.
You had already made him cum twice, and pain started to throb in his hard cock.
He whined and whimpered as he looked you in the eyes.
“You want something baby?” You asked sweetly as you ran your fingers through his hair. 
He nodded softly and you untied the gag from around his mouth. 
“Please sit on my face Mistress. I want to make you cum all over my face like I did to you.” He pleaded as he pulled at his wrists. 
You smiled and gripped his hair, pulling his head back.
“You’re always so good for me, baby boy.” You said as you hovered your sex over his mouth. 
You could feel his hot breathe on your aching center.
You slowly lowered yourself over his mouth and he quickly got to work, sucking and lapping at your slick folds.
“Good boy.” You praised as you hissed and pulled at his hair.


Joan Baez covering The Rolling Stones, “Salt Of The Earth,” 1971.

“Let’s drink to the hard working people
Let’s drink to the lowly of birth
Raise your glass to the good and the evil
Let’s drink to the salt of the earth

Say a prayer for the common foot soldier
Spare a thought for his back breaking work
Say a prayer for his wife and his children
Who burn the fires and who still till the earth

Raise your glass to the hard working people
Let’s drink to the uncounted heads
Let’s think of the wavering millions
Who need leaders but get gamblers instead

Spare a thought for the stay-at-home voter
His empty eyes gaze at strange beauty shows
And a parade of the gray suited grafters
A choice of cancer or polio

Let’s drink to the hard working people
Let’s think of the lowly of birth
Spare a thought for the rag taggy people
Let’s drink to the salt of the earth….”

I’d Find You Again: Chapter II

A/N: HERE IT IS!!! finally!

also on ao3 here

previous chapter: x

*spoiler alert* we get some e/é interaction here! fucking finally, amirite?? i promise there will be jetaire, but it’s not going to show up until much later in the story.

ships: enjonine, jetaire

so here it is, chapter 2 of this little anastasia au!

“Grandpapa, it’s me, Enjolras!” an overeager young lad with dark eyes and dirty blond hair declared a bit too enthusiastically, leaning back and pressing a hand to his chest while exaggerating a swooning motion.

Éponine threw her head back and groaned loudly, shaking her head and yelling out, “Can you please take that damn gum out of your mouth and try again?”

The young man stopped to glare at her, telling her haughtily, “It’s not gum, it’s tobacco.”

“Yeah, okay, whatever, just get rid of it,” Éponine told him impatiently, rolling her eyes.

She and Grantaire were trying to keep themselves on the down low as they held auditions for a man to pretend to be Enjolras in the theatre of an old abandoned palace of a count. The theatre was large, dark, and dreary, with heavy curtains torn by bullets and upturned chairs and tables everywhere, some of them with broken legs. So far, all of the men who had come in to audition were absolutely horrid, and while Éponine was persistent, Grantaire was beginning to lose hope with each man that came by.

“This is the last three?” Éponine looked up at her friend, the look on her face making it clear that she was completely unimpressed, unenthusiastic about all the men that have auditioned. They seemed to have gone through every type of man—teenage boys playing make-believe, forty-year-old men with cigars in their hand, young twenty-somethings just looking to make a quick buck, and God knows what else. “Grantaire, really?”

“What were you expecting?” Grantaire shot back defensively, scowling at Éponine. The both of them reluctantly turned their attention back to the young man Éponine was beginning to think had just wandered in by mistake and decided to go along with it. The man assumed a confident stance, his hands on his hips.

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you wanted to have the last word on us

so let me give it to you;

tell them how you lured me in

sparkly eyes and a dreamy smile

distracting from your fangs

tell them how you talked to me,

effortless and seemingly interested

tell them how you craved my appearance

but only as long as I would give you what you wanted

tell them how I turned you off

because I realized I deserve better

tell them how you came crawling back to me

just once

just to make sure your ego doesn’t continue to hurt

to make yourself feel inferior again.

you wanted to have the last word.

-go ahead, I don’t need it. (that is, to boost my self-confidence because the truth is that with all those other girls you’re deep down just trying to outrun the desert that is yourself) (you will never win)

Imagine Jack questioning yours and Dean’s ‘friendship’ when he sees you cuddling and why he is the little spoon.

“Jack.” Castiel breathed out “Jack!” he said louder, getting up from his seat and trying to catch up with the nephilim.

“Dean? Dean?” the younger man shook the sleeping hunter on the shoulder. Dean snored softly as per usual, oblivious to what was going on in his sleep, and you lay behind him with an arm drapped over him and your legs tangled. Your face was buried in the crook of his No matter how you fell asleep you’d always end up in the weirdest positions ever, this was the most usual one considering he liked to keep a hold of his gun to feel safe for the both of you.

“Jack, I wouldn’t do that!” Castiel pushed the saloon door open, trying to warn him but it was too late.

“Aaah!” Dean snapped awake and cocked his gun, pointing it at Jack. Sam jumped awake at the noise and you let out a groan when Dean’s abrupt movement woke you up.

“No, no no! Dean’s, it’s me. It’s me!” Jack raised his hands in surrender. Dean raised an eyebrow at him, glancing at Cas with only one eye open.

“Ah hey” he said in a rough voice, lowering his gun.

“D” you whined, the man putting the gun away and turning slightly to lay on his back so he could have a better look at you.

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Sweet Dreams 💦

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Pairing: Billy x Reader

Request: Billy Smut with doggy style.

Summary: Billy sneaks into your room after an argument with his dad.

Warnings: Smut, visuals. NSFW.

Authors Note: I’ve never done one with visuals before so I hope this is okay! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as much lately, life got a little busy but I’m still here and can’t wait to write all the request you guys have sent in. 💕💕

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Imagine...Overhearing Dean

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Pairing: Dean x reader

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Protection | BTS Reaction

Summary: You’re out with your boyfriend at a party, celebrating their latest win in an awards show. All the famous people are there and everyone’s drinking and having fun…Your abusive (Mentally and/or physically) ex turns up however - as they are part of a famous group also, but your boyfriend doesn’t like them due to how they treated you. Your ex tries hitting on you, but your boyfriend has other ideas.

Disclaimer: There are elements of abuse, mental and physical. There isn’t a lot, but they are still there. So just a warning. 

Jin: You were stood by the drink stand whilst Jin had gone to talk to a bunch of people who had congratulated him on his win with the boys. As you stood there, you were suddenly tapped on the shoulder and you turned around “(Y/N), it’s been a while.” said the familiar face. You knew you’d see your ex today, but you didn’t think he’d speak to you

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all night long

Summary: Make out sessions are Steve’s favorite thing in the whole wide world, and sometimes he can get just a little carried away…

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

A/N: I actually died writing this, so this is my ghost typing. Enjoy xx | masterlist

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Imagine Drunk Crying Over Steve’s Hair at Tina’s Party

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Summary: You get sheet faced at Tina’s Halloween party, where you end up crying about how beautiful Steve’s hair is.

Warning: Underage drinking. Drunken shenanigans.

You stood there, atop the coffee table in the middle of Tina’s living room, spinning around with your trusty red solo cup in hand, only pausing to stamp your feet against the table along to the tune of the drums. You weren’t even sure what song was playing, but you liked it, and you liked dancing atop the table, and you like the drink in your hand. You tipped the cup up, downing two more gulps of the red liquid you had grabbed from the spiked punch bowl. You let out a “Whoop!” which was met by a chorus of “Yeah!”’s, courtesy of the high school boys watching you dance around in your skin tight Daphne Blake costume. Your best friend, Nona, had come as Velma, but you had since lost her the hands of Faye Collins and the promise of something good to smoke in the back room. With Nona gone, you were left to your own devices, and you were not a good decision maker. Nona was 95% of your impulse control, after all.  Which is how you found yourself atop this table, spinning around once more, your red solo cup falling to the floor, as it was now empty and severed you no purpose. That is also how you found yourself tripping over your kitten heels, and promptly falling off of the wooden coffee table.

A surprised “Oh!” had hardly left your lips before you felt warm arms engulf you, and you found yourself looking up at your savior.

“Oh my god, Steveeee,” you drug out the boy’s name as you looked up at his face. If you were sober, you may have noticed the melancholy that had settled over his usual content facial features, you may have even asked if he was alright. But you weren’t, and a dopy smile made its way onto your face instead.

“Steve!” you said again, as if truly registering who he was this time. You reached both of your hands up to Steve’s face and patted the poor baby’s cheeks, a fit of giggles over taking you. Steve blinked down a few times at you, drunkenly laying in his arms. His left arm was placed under your thighs, his right arm on your upper back, fulling supporting your body weight as your feet dangled a few inches above the floor. You head had lolled to the sighed as you drunkenly laughed at something that was only amusing to you.

Steve would be lying to himself if he didn’t find a small amount of pleasure in your sudden appearance, even if you were drunk. The way you E/C eyes lit up when you had realized it was him, the large smile had had over taken your features and caused your eyes to scrunch up to the point where they were almost closed. Even the way you said his name, as if you were truly happy to see him, and it lifted up the spirit that Nancy Wheeler had just crushed with one single word.


“Y/N,” Steve said your name causing your neck to snap up quickly. Again with those damn shining eyes, looking at him as if he was the world. Steve’s heart beat quickened as he looked down at you.

“Yea, Stevie?” you asked, your voice excited. And you were, you had a crush on Steve for months now. A crush that had never went anywhere, seeing as how he was completely enamored with Nancy.

“Where’s Nona?” Steve asked, his gaze sweeping over the living room crowed by the students of Hawking’s High. Nona had proved harder to find that someone dressed in an florescent orange outfit should have.

“Dunno,” you said, your voice aloof. “I tired looking for her, but…” your voice trailed off as you looked up at Steve. Why did Steve want to find Nona? Nona didn’t even like Steve. Nona liked Nancy. Nona thought Nance was pretty, very pretty.

“Pretty,” you mumbled. Your hands, which you had let fall around Steve’s neck during your giggle fit, moved up again and you ran them up and down his face quickly. Steve blinked a few times and jerked his head back, trying to get anyway from your flailing hands, amused laugher left his lips and it was like music to your ears. You beamed up at Steve again, letting your hands rest on his face. “Real pretty.”

Steve’s heart jumped in his chest as you stared up at him with that intense gaze, a stare Nancy had never looked up at him with, he wasn’t sure about what it meant. But he did know that he liked it. He liked it very much. But you were drunk, and drunk people did stupid things.

“Come on Y/N, let’s go find Nona so she can take you home,” Steve said as he tried to put you back on your feet. Steve began to dip you down and your head started to swim.

“No!” you cried shrilly, jumping up and wrapping your arms back around his neck tightly and curling your body up against his. You were fully on his chest now, his hand under your knees instead of your thighs and you were looking up at him with big, bambi eyes. “No, I’m having fun, I don’t want to go home!” You whined, “Why are you trying to get rid of me Steve?”

Steve shook his head as he looked down at you, helplessly drunk in his arms. “I’m not trying to get rid of you Y/N, I’m trying to make sure you get home safe.” Steve attempted to explain, slightly amused.

“Y-Yes you are!” you accused, a pout forming on your face, “That’s mean!” Steve’s smile faltered.

Your eyes traveled back you to Steve’s face, memorizing every detail. You loved his warm brown eyes, the few beauty marks that adorned his face and… Your E/C had started to water as you looked up at him, and Steve began to panic.

“Oh shit, don’t cry, I’m sorry,” the words flew out of Steve’s mouth at a rapid pace. By this time tears were rolling down your face and Steve felt like complete and utter crap. A few minutes ago the girl he loved just told him she had never felt anything for him, now you were crying in his arms because he was a giant asshole. No wonder Nancy didn’t love him.

“You,” you hiccupped, “Your,” your voice was interrupted by the sobs leaving your body.

“I know, I’m an asshole, I’m so sorry Y/N I didn’t mean-” Steve was completely crushed by how upset he had made you.

“Your hair is so beautiful,” you wailed, shocking the hell out of the Steve.

Steve had to pick his jaw up off the floor before he turned his confused gaze to you. All at once, every bad emotion he had been feeling before was replaced with confusion and curiosity. “What?”

“It soooo fabulous,” you cried as your hands made their way to his hair, where you ran your fingers through it, sending a pleasant shutter down Steve’s spine. “Steve why is it so pretty?”

“So pretty?” Steve was so confused as he looked down into you beautiful, teary, E/C eyes, gazing at him.

“Magnificent!” you said, eyes full of wonder as you continued to play with his brown locks. They were soft between your finger tips and you let out a content sigh as your head fell against Steve’s chest, your eyes fluttering shut as you continued to play with the boy’s hair.

A hearty laugh left Steve’s chest, shaking the both of you, causing you to blink your heavy lids up at Steve.

“Was’ so funny?” you asked, sleepily. All of a sudden the night’s events had caught up with you, and Steve’s arms were the most comfortable place you had ever been, and you found yourself sinking into them.

“Nothing,” Steve muttered, still chuckling, “You’re just adorable,” Steve said as he shifted you in his arms.

“Adorable?” you mumbled.

Steve hummed as an answered, and you looked up at him with bleary eyes, “So are you, Nancy is so lucky,” you yawned out. “I wish I was Nancy so you would love me too.”

Steve’s heart stopped in his chest.

“You love me?”

You offered no answer to his question, as you were already sleeping in his arms, a goofy smile still lingering of your lips, one of your hands tangled in his hair, the other limply laying over his shoulder. Steve shook his head and smiled softly, holding you a bit tighter.

“Come on Y/N, let’s get you home,” Steve whispered and began making his way through the crowd with you securely in his arms.

BTS Reaction▾You crying during a fight

Warnings: Angsty, Swearing, Mentions of cheating, (Almost) sexual assault.


Jin slammed the front door as he walked in behind you. “You humiliated her (Y/N)!” He yelled. He couldn’t hold it in any longer. The way you had treated his friend was not going to be tolerated.

“I humiliated her?!” You whipped around. The dress Jin bought for you tonight suddenly burning the skin it covered. “You have no idea who you’re fucking friends are!”

The thing is, today, you were supposed to go to dinner with one of Jin’s friends. He said it was going to be a double date but upon arrival, you found out her date ‘ditched’ her.

You felt sympathetic to her then but it soon turned to hatred as you noticed the lingering glances, the imposing touches, and the way she looked at him longingly. Granted, she didn’t make a hard move on him but what if you weren’t there? Would things have been different? Definitely.

You couldn’t help the jealousy take over you as you suddenly turned cold to her in the middle of your dinner. You gave her curt responses to her questions. The few she bothered to ask anyway. You let your anger bubble over so much that you threw a snide comment at her which was definitely not appropriate for a dinner like this.

“She’s been my friend since I can remember! We’ve known each other longer than you!”

“Has she been in love with you for that long too?” You aggressively took off your coat and flung it to the couch. He clenched his jaw as he looked at the ground in anger. 'He fucking knows…’ You thought.

“What am I supposed to do?! Cut her out of my life?” He looked back up with rage simmering in his eyes, utterly stubborn in backing down in the heat of the moment.

“You know what you shouldn’t do? Introduce her to your fucking girlfriend! She was practically all over you and you didn’t even brush her off! And now that I know you fucking know her feelings for you I-” You choked as a large lump formed in your throat. The tears you tried to hold back slipped past your eyes and down your cheeks. You shut your eyes tight in an effort to make them stop but seeing how they weren’t going to do that anytime soon, you rushed deeper into the house and into your room before locking the door and finally letting yourself let out your frustrations.

You tried to stifle your sobs but you couldn’t. Jin knew about her feelings but still thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to one another? Why was he still friends with her in the first place? The only explanation you could come up with was that he had some lingering feeling for her as well. At that thought, you only sobbed harder into your hands.

Jin only sighed as he realized he needed to give you some space. The both of you were way to fired up to talk right now. He wanted to walk right into the room and hold you in his arms but he knew you wouldn’t let him. He resigned to listening to your quiet sobs as he took up space on the couch and thought about what you said.

You were right. He should’ve have cut her out of his life as soon as he realized she loved him. But he couldn’t. Not when they had known each other since they were kids. He cared for her too much as a friend to cut her off like that. When Jin started dating you, he thought those feelings for him would go away but they didn’t. That’s why he introduced you to each other tonight, in hopes of letting her know that he can’t love her the same way. Especially not when he was in love with you. “Shit!” He let out in exasperation before lifting himself off the couch and walking towards the bedroom door. “(Y/N)… Can we ta-”

“Go away Jin.” Your broken voice was muffled through the door but he heard the utter hurt in your voice loud and clear.

“Please, (Y/N)… Let me explain okay? I’m sorry. Tonight was my fault but that’s not what I wanted to happen. I had you two meet so she would realize that I’m in love with you. I can’t- She’s been my friend for longer than I can remember and I don’t want to lose her as a friend. I thought that maybe if she saw you with me, she would realize that I can’t like her the same way I like you. I didn’t know this would be the outcome.” He let soundless tears drip down his face. “I’m so sorry baby. I didn’t mean it.” He finished as he leaned his head on the door in exhaustion. The fight, the tears, and his confession had taken a toll on him.

He was ready to retire back to his sofa until he was stopped by the sound of the door unlocking and cracking open by you. “Come in here before I change my mind.” You whispered, your voice a little more than hoarse. He rushed in wordlessly and gathered you in his arms, muttering sweet sentences into your neck with an occasional apology thrown in as well. He wasn’t going to mess up like this again. He would make sure of it.

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You jogged across the road as you made your hasty way to Yoongi’s dorm. He’d been in the studio for so long, you knew he hadn’t found the time to eat. Usually, you had Hoseok keeping an eye on him but the guy had decided to take advantage of his break and visit his family. That’s why you’d taken his place in caring for Yoongi. He didn’t seem to mind it really. You fed him and kissed him goodbye before he would continue his work in good spirits.

Though today was a little different. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t put lyrics down on a paper. He had a week and a half till his break would end and he would yet again find no time to write lyrics, He’s been staring at the blanks screen for the past three days. It didn’t affect him much the past days, but with the deadline looming near, his stress levels were at an all-time high.

“Yoongi, I got you lamb skewers!” You said as you plopped the takeaway bag on the only free chair. “C’mon babe, let’s eat. You didn’t even get breakfast in the morning.”

“Later (Y/N). I still have work to do.”

“You’ve been holed up in this room for the past three days. I’m sure you can take a break.” He chose to ignore which caused you to sigh, walk up to him and shut his laptop screen.

“What the fuck (Y/N)?” He snapped as he looked at you for the first time since you entered.

“You need food,” You tried to not let his tone affect you but he’s never spoken to you like that. “You’ll get back to it better if you go back to in with a full stomach.”

“Holy shit (Y/N)! Stop babying me!” He suddenly yelled as he got off his chair. “Stop being such a fucking nag and leave me alone! You’ve been here all day every day for the past few days and it’s getting annoying!”

“I’m only here because you neglect to taking care of yourself.” You tried to keep your voice low and steady. You folded your arms in hopes of not looking so intimidated by him even though you had your head ducked, eyes trained on the floor.. Truth was, he scared you like this. Never did he ever raise his voice at you and doing so right now struck a chord with you.

He groaned as he looked up at the ceiling, trying to stop himself from yelling even further. But when he spoke, his volume was still just as loud.“I’m not a child. Fuck off. I’ll eat when I want to. God, you’re so fuckin-” He stopped mid-complaint as he heard you sniff. You hadn’t wanted him to notice you just started crying but you stupid nose had to start running too. You quickly wiped your tears and tried to stop but they kept running down your face.

“I’ll just leave you to it then,” You’re voice was tame “I’m sorry.” You quickly turned around to head out, but his voice stopped you.

“(Y/N) wait.” He called out. You slowly turned back towards him and looked at him. He looked apologetic. He knows he pushed it too far. “I’m sorry. You shouldn’t be. Baby, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled at you. You’re only trying to keep my ungrateful ass alive right now.” He walked towards you and held your right hand in his left. Grazing his thumb over your knuckles, he tried to comfort you the best he could while still giving you enough room to pull away if you wanted to. “Why don’t we leave the place? Go to a restaurant? Eat together. Or if you don’t want to, I could drop you off home.”

You mustered a small smile and nodded. “You sure you want to?”

“I want anything and everything with you.”

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“You told me we would meet your parents. You promised!” You tried to reason. This was the fifth time Hoseok had backed out of introducing you to his parents, and honestly, you’d had enough. “What the hell is the problem?”

“Nothing! I just don’t want to introduce you to them yet! Can we drop the subject?” His voice was still level but you knew there was a lurking frustration behind his tone.

“No. I’m not going to drop this. Hob, tell me why the fuck I can’t meet them?”

“Because I said so!”

“You said so? That’s the most childish response you could’ve come up with!” You yelled back. You furrowed your brows and pinched the bridge of your nose to control your tears from falling. Fighting with Hoseok always drained you and this time was no different. You sighed as you lowered your voice to speak again. ”Hobi… Please tell me. I’m beginning to think you don’t want me to ever meet them.”

“I don’t! Are you happy now? I don’t want them to meet you! Especially when you’re being a whiny and a nagging bitch being like this. How the hell am I supposed to introduce my parents to someone like you!? Are you kidding me?” As soon as his outburst ended, he immediately wanted to swallow back his harsh words.

You bit your lip to steady the trembling. “I-” You wanted to say something. Anything. To defend yourself or even just to hurt him just as he did with your words but a hard sob wracked through you as you broke down in front of Hoseok, right in the middle of your fight.

“Shit,” He snapped out of his angry stupor and rushed to you, attempting to pull you into his arms and apologize. You let him wrap around you as you sobbed into your hands in shame of not being able to control yourself around him. “Shit, baby. I’m sorry I-” He choked on his own words as tears escaped his eyes as well. “That’s not true. I promise. Baby, I love you and I’m a dick for saying that. Please don’t cry.”

“I hate you Jung Hoseok.” You managed to get out before another sob broke out of you.

His arms around you only tightened before adjusting to pick you up bridal style and walking you to the bedroom. You don’t know why -and neither does he- but you don’t make so much as a peep as he does.  He walks in and sets you on the bed and climbs on beside you, pulling you so that his chest is pressed up against your back and his head is resting on top of yours.

“I’m sorry Jagiya… I- I can’t let you meet my parents yet because I’m scared. I know that’s not enough justification for calling you what I did but I’m scared that once I do, they might not get along with you. And I can’t handle having the people I care about not being able to like one another. I love my parents but I love you too and I’m torn.”

You clench your fists that are laying in front of you and clench your jaw to calm your blabbering sobs but to no avail. “Do you have that little faith in me? Why can’t you trust your parents to like me? Do you really believe your words to be tru-”

“No. Shit, never okay? What I said was a dick move. I promise it won’t ever happen again.” He suddenly placed a kiss on the top of your head. “I promise I’ll make it up to you. Okay? Just- Shit, please, can you find it in you to forgive me? If not now than later?”

“Of course you asshole. I ca-” Your sobs had finally calmed down enough for you to actually answer him but your voice was still hoarse. “How the hell am I not? I love you too much. Way too much.” Maybe you’re naive in forgiving him. Maybe it would be in your best interest to leave the warmth of his embrace and leave your shared apartment. But with every breath of his that synced with yours, your mind only chose to give your heart the reins to this situation and let you stay snuggled up against him

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You finally organized your scrambling thoughts and kicked your knee right to his crotch. Hard. “Oh fu-” The immense pain cut him off as he let you go and cupped a protective hand over his groin to protect it from further damage. He dropped to the ground and let out a string of expletives.

“Don’t touch me.” Your voice finally found itself and you whirled around to look for Namjoon and go home, but to our surprise, he was stood right in the middle of the hallway. “Joon-”

“Let’s go.” He simply said while grabbing your hand and leading you away from the scene. His grip was tight but in no way had it made you feel panic like the other man’s did.

He led you to the car and let you in the passenger door, then jogged his way over to the driver’s seat. Once he started up the car, you realized he had no intentions of waiting up for Hoseok nor Jin. “Joon, you can’t leave them behind.”

You could see his jaw clench before he turned to you with anger written all over his face. “What the fuck was that stunt you pulled back there?” His voice was sharp as he questioned you.

“I-” You tried to come up with an excuse, but the truth is; you had none. He knew you were only trying to make him jealous so it was embarrassing as it was already. The situation would’ve been comical if it weren’t for the fact that you had almost been assaulted in the most heinous way.

“Say something! Use your words (Y/N)!” He yelled impatiently. You couldn’t bear to look at him any longer so you diverted you diverted your gaze to the shift stick instead. Namjoon sighed in annoyance as he realized your reluctance to talk. “That was childish and foolish of you. You should be glad you brought him down because I was this close to sending him to the hospital with broken bones. You’re smart! How in the fuck did you think it was a good idea to go somewhere private with that asshole? Or were you not thinking at all?”

“I- I wasn’t.” You finally spoke up, still keeping your eyes trained away from his. “I didn’t know it would go this far and I-” Your voice broke right then as tears made their presence known to you by wetting a trail down your cheeks. No matter how tight you shut your eyes, the just wouldn’t stop. At least Namjoon was still oblivious to the wetness on your cheeks.

“Did you not find anything suspicious about him? Hw was drunk for fuck’s sake! What if something happened to you? You were the sober one.”

“So that excuses his actions?” You whipped your head up, the previous guilt replaced with anger. Your vision blurred with the new onslaught of tears but your voice held up. Namjoon was just surprised you had actually been crying. “He was larger than me, stronger, and fucking stubborn. I tried to move away from him. On multiple occasions! I even tried to motion you for help but you weren’t looking our way! He was the one who dragged me away and I can’t believe I’m having to defend myself to you of all people! I thou-” And that was it. That’s all you got out before actually breaking down.

Shit. He didn’t mean to make you cry. He just got scared and let his emotions take control over his words. He dropped is angry facade and breathed out to calm his nerves. “(Y/N) I- I wasn’t thinking.” His voice was quiet, stark in contrast to mere moments ago. He let our sobs die down before he placed a comforting hand on your thigh and rubbed soothing circles. “I had no right to say what I did. Please forgive me?”

“It’s fine.” You replied, still sniffing. “I shouldn’t have tried to make you jealous in the first place.” You placed a hand on his on your thigh. His touch was comforting and it did wonders to ease you.

“Just- Let’s not do that again. As much as I enjoyed the sight of you crushing his precious jewels, there’s no way I want anyone touching you like that again. Especially without you wanting them to.”

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You don’t know what ended you here. One moment, you guys were cuddled up on the sofa, and now you’re sitting as far apart from each other as possible as tempers flare. You know he said something that annoyed you and you countered with something just as irritating to him. “Why the hell do you have to be this way? It’s been so long since we’ve been with each other and you pull this shit?” He quipped after you tried to give him the silent treatment.

Your jaw ticked as you heard him. Silent treatment be damned. There was no way he was going to pin this on you. “Me? You’re the one who started this! Everything was fine until you opened your mouth.”

“It was a joke! Why are you being such a stuck up bitch?”

“Why do you have to be such a douche?” You knew it wouldn’t be long till you would be crying. You never liked fighting and even though you never let words affect you, fighting with someone you loved so much always ended you in a mess of tears.

“I wasn’t a douche until you were.” He bit back.

“Fuck you Park Jimin. I’m done.” You clenched your jaw shut as you lifted yourself and tried to grab your coat and leave the apartment, but Jimin’s hand wrapped around your arm and pulled you back, forcing you to look at him.

“We’re not done (Y/N)! Why the fuck are you overreacting?” He’d significantly calmed his tone down but only because his mind scrambled after seeing you threatening to leave. But he was still mad.

“Just leave me alone.” Your voice trembled as you tried to pull out of his grasp but his grip was firm. His brows furrowed at how your voice sounded so meek but his mind couldn’t comprehend it.

“No. You can’t just fucking run away from your problems. Stop being such a coward.” That was the tipping point. You tried hard but the dam broke and let your tears run loose. You turned your head away since that’s all you could do to protect your dignity with Jimin’s grip on your arm. “Shit, (Y/N)?” His anger switched to concern as he forgot the fight and gathered you in his arms. “Please don’t cry. Damn, I didn’t know what I was doing. I’m sorry.”

You guys stayed like that until your sobs reduced to small whimpers and your tears had completely ruined the front of his shirt. “I- I hate th- this.” You whispered into his chest after a long bout of silence.

“Me too. I’m sorry baby. Let’s forget the fight. Fuck that. You mean more to me than my ego. I’m so sorry. Let’s never do that.” He replied as he tightened his arms around you, refusing to let you go as if you would truly leave once he did let you go.

“I’m s-sorry too. This wasn’t just on you.”

“Doesn’t matter who it was on. Just promise me you won’t leave me.” He let out.

You pulled back a little to look up at him and noticed his own eyes were harboring tears. “Never. I could never do that.” You softly reassured him as you pecked a soft kiss on his lips. “I’ll always be with you.”

“I hope you mean that because I’m gonna get clingy from here on out.”

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You knew something was off as soon as you got in the car with Taehyung after a dinner with old friends. Your friends had wanted to meet him and his wanted to meet you so you both decided to host a small dinner at a slightly remote restaurant so they could all meet one another. You guys had gotten serious with each other in the past year and a half that you started dating.

You thought the entire thing went off without a hitch but it never occurred to you how irritated Taehyung was the entire night. “Tae?” You called for his attention, which only had you receiving an annoyed grunt in response. “Something happen?”

“No.” His tone was clipped as his grip on the steering wheel tightened. You decided to drop the subject till the both of you got home because you didn’t want to distract from actually driving. That didn’t mean you were taking this lightly. He must know how his little treatment was driving you up the wall. He knew how much you hated the silence between one another.

Once home, Taehyung dragged himself straight to bed, not even bothering to change into pajamas. “Tae… At least get changed.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Okay, what’s going on? Why are you being so snippy?” You demanded answers. At the start of the relationship, you promised each other that you’d never go to sleep angry at each other, and he seemed mad at you right now.

“Nothing alright?” He quipped back, still laid on his stomach on the bed as you bit your lip. “I’m tired and you’re really making me mad right now.”

“You’re already mad! Just tell me what happened!”

“You! You happened!” He snapped as he whipped around and sat up on the bed with his knees tucked under him. “Did you think I wouldn’t notice?”

“Notice what? I did nothing!” You defended yourself.

“Not yet.” He muttered as his fists that were on his knees were clenched tight.

“You’re making no sens-”

“You were basically eye-fucking him! There! Happy? I saw you flirting it up with Jimin right in front of me! Your hand was practically stuck to his fucking arm the entire night.”

“Wh- How could you say that? I would never do that to you! You’re blowing this way out of proportion!” You really were baffled at how easily he came to this conclusion. You knew Jimin, and you always teased Taehyung about how ‘hot’ Jimin was but you never realized he would be pushed to considering this.

“How could I not? You told me how much you thought he was hot. Am I wrong to assume you were flirting with him the entire nig-”

“Shut up.” You interrupted, not being able to hear him say further. “This is what you think of me? Some cheap girl who hops onto the next guy right in front of her boyfriend just because she thinks he’s hot? I love you, you asshole!” You asserted as tears slipt past your cheeks. “I’m going to go over to my friend’s. Stay at her place until you get your head together and can actually talk to me without flinging accusations at me.” You sniffed before running out the door and leaving a stunned Taehyung behind.

His tense posture slumped as he heard you slam the front door and let himself think with a cool mind. Shit, you were right. He let his jealousy get the best of him. His heart raced as he thought of what to do and suddenly jumped off the bed and chased after you. He flung the front door open and saw you still waiting for the elevator you called with your coat slung over your arm. He ran to you and hugged you.

You lost your footing a little and if it wasn’t for Taehyung holding you in his arms you would’ve dropped. “Tae-”

“I’m sorry. You’re right. I don’t know what came over me but I couldn’t stand it. You always teased me about how you thought he was good looking but tonight, it struck me how good the both of you looked at each other. I’m sorry for making such baseless accusations and I swear I won’t ever do it again but please don’t leave. I can’t see you leave. Not now nor ever.” He finished, tears of his own wetting your shoulders but it only made you lift your arms and wrap around him in an embrace. You had no intentions of letting go. Just like he wanted. Not now nor ever.

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It’s not fair. He can’t treat you like that and still expect you to be there.

“Why did I leave? I was there for almost two fucking hours Jungkook!”

“I got there! I got there just I soon as I could okay? I had an emergency meeting and I tried to text you but I couldn’t find my phone.” He tried to keep his voice steady but he was angry. If he only calmed down and stepped back to think about it, he would realize that he was in the wrong this time.

“You could’ve told me using someone else’s phone! That’s not even the damn problem! This isn’t the first time you’ve done this. Especially during the past few weeks. Setting up a damn date and either coming late or bailing out on me entirely. I’m fucking tired Kook. I can’t do this shit anymore. Now you’re home and blaming me for not having waited longer than I already did? Are you kidding me?”

“I’m sorry my life doesn’t revolve around you (Y/N)! I have work to focus on.”

“Then why the hell do you promise me things you know you can’t keep?”

“Promises break (Y/N). Gosh, why the hell do you have to be so annoying sometimes?”

He’d done it. The entire time, you’d held your tears back but he knew how you felt about that word. It sucked ass. Your vision became blurry as you let yourself cry right in front of him. All the anger and frustration he’d directed against you was immediately dropped and in the place of it came immediate regret. How the hell did he let himself go as far as to make you cry?

He tried to come near you but one step near earned him two steps back from you. “I- Shit… I’m sorry.” He said, feeling his own lips trembling. He sighed when you turned away from him and tried to stop your cries by plated a hand over your mouth but it was of no use. He still heard them and they still pulled at his heart. “I- I’m going to go for a walk. Let us clear our heads. I promise we’ll talk about this. This time I mean to keep my promise. Just- Please forgive me.” Is all he said before slowly walking out the front door.

For now, this is all he could do. Let the both of your minds calm with some distance between the two of you. He knew you’d forgive him. He just had to make sure this would never happen again. Ever.

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A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long to put out. I’ve been having some personal issues and I need to sort through them. I promise I tried my best to get this over with as quickly as possible while still putting out something I’m satisfied with.