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P101 EP 8 RANT

Dang, the voters of Broduce 101 really did the limited guys dirty. I can’t believe I just watched so many talented trainees get eliminated while unskilled pretty faces with lots of screen time took seats in the numbered chairs. Even in the top 11, there are people who make me squint when I see them because I just can’t understand why they get to sit in one of the sparkly couches. Some I’ve accepted, but some I haven’t. People can argue “oh but he works really hard!” or “he has a good personality!” Like BETCH, they ALL work their butts off and MANY of them have great personalities. The only reason low-skilled people get so many votes is because they have good genes that gave them good faces that fit Korea’s beauty standards. And like, having great dancing skills are good and all, but they’re trying to debut as “idol singers.” I remember in episode 3 or 4, one of the trainees who couldn’t sing well was asked by the teacher why he was trying to be a singer if he couldn’t sing or rap. Some of top 11 should be asked that too (Joo Haknyeon, I’m thinking about your grade evaluation performance and I’M LOOKING AT YOU)

Hwanwoong, Eunki, Woo Jinyoung, Dongsu, Sungri, Heeseok, Gwanghyun, and everyone else. You will be missed, and I’ll look forward to seeing you again in the future.

The deceiver

The cover that I did for @houseofmelkor‘s fantastic Dark Lords magazine featuring Sauron in his fair form when he was a high priest in Numenor and influenced the king to build a temple in Morgoth’s name and have sacrifices. (ok so the eye was a bit inaccurate T T ) I have quite a neat process for this because I was practising my greyscale to colour process so if anyone is interested in seeing it let me know?