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i really wanna post more of these but i also wanna post RIGHT NOW so here’s my YUTS Unsolved (it wouldnt actually be called that, he would have his own title) things i’ve been working on.
him having a youtube channel for ghost hunting with him as the skeptic is so fucking funny to me

Inktober 15- Mysterious

Carousels carry a curious energy, one of steadiness, repetition, and agelessness. It makes sense that they would become resting places for spirits whose existences lack those energies…. and also who need a place to sit.

Also available on Instagram, as well as new work I haven’t scanned yet!


I saw this post and I just gotta.

I was thinking that Dark’s broken shell + Google being a humanoid AI would make a messed up form with wires sticking and rust all over their body. Their glitching combined doesn’t help.

Oh, and Google’s secondary objective + Dark’s revenge-driven motives? Bad combination. Do not trust at all cost.


In the mission Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts i wanted to quit the game because how lost I was roaming the Winter Palace, I was getting anxiety. I headcanon my inquisitor has nightmares  of not of The Fade, Corpheus, or the dragon, but the of endless halls in the winter palace and being lost there, she now gets anxiety entering new palaces. Going back to the palace in Trespasser does not bode well with her..