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Clexa Family Portrait AU Manip

 Good Morning You All!

I couldn’t resist! Aren’t they a Beautiful Family?

What do You think? @effortlessly-opulent @clexa-hsau @ecfandom 



PART TWOhttps://skyline0000.tumblr.com/post/166614095898/clexa-family-portrait-pt-2 


never fell in love
because i just cut loose
but not when it comes to you


Some CGs I toyed around with (I don’t really know how to edit/redraw stuff, I just painted over the CGs lol)

I fixed the fixable CGs that Ray doodled all over (really Ray?? =_=) and added some of my own eyes on MC (stupid long bangs always in the way lol)

Already shared on my amino a while ago, but why not here too. Might do some more MC eyes cuz I like drawing eyes =w=

CGs © Cheritz