eyes are killing me

sanctuarytrin  asked:

Top 5 pics of Ben 😈💙

OH SHIT I CAN ONLY PICK 5??!!?? Okay, here goes (in no particular order)

1.) I’m weak for the Mendostache and goofy grin

2.) You can’t go wrong with Orchestra Ben

The hair and eye combo is enough to kill me ^^^

3.) Casual Dad 

4.) The Gerry look + A REALLY CUTE CAT 

5.) I have no explanation for this, but I love it.

This man will be the death of me.

Thanks, bb!!! :) 


The Three Sweet Commanders

I love how Sportacus is never even slightly surprised when it turns out to be Robbie causing all the trouble around town. I’m like 80% sure he’s playing along with Robbie’s schemes at this point tbh