Wash's "hallucination"
  • Wash's "hallucination"
  • season 12 ep 9

i was rewatching s12 the other day and the scene where wash was “hallucinating” never made sense to me because a) he had passed out so it was more of a dream than a hallucination and b) as scary as locus can be i don’t think he has hallucination superpowers where he can implant himself into the conscious of another person (OR CAN HE) 

anyway upon rewatching it over and over again (because im anal like that) the “you shot him!” in the beginning of this clip doesn’t really sound like simmons, but rather a lot like doyle (scolding locus as they arrive at base maybe?) and then there’re those drums in background that sound like a heartbeat getting stronger right after wash shoots his gun (a defibrillator?) and then you hear doc grey calling for wash, the sound of a heart monitor, and doc grey sounding relieved so 

tldr; i’m 10000% sure wash was flat-lining and nearly died just before doc grey brought him back