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Kevaaron and a spin the bottle kiss? :")

god bless you, my beautiful darling Natalie

“Organic lab is tomorrow. Did I do my pre-lab?”

“Yes. You did it last night.” Kevin responded, eyes glued to the book in his hands.

“I did it on a Saturday? That doesn’t sound like me. Are you sure?” Aaron asked his brow furrowed.

“Just check your notebook idiot.” Andrew snapped from the couch.

That was probably the smartest move, so Aaron opened his bag and pulled out the ridiculously overpriced lab journal he’d been forced to buy.

“Wow. Look at me go, doing my home work early and shit.” Aaron huffed amusedly.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Aaron didn’t even wait for someone else to open the door, no one would. Matt was waiting on the other side with a bright smile on his face.

“Hey! We’re gonna get trashed. You guys in?” the sway in Matt’s stance said he had already started.

“Yeah I’m in.” Neil didn’t even hesitate before getting off the couch and heading out the door.

“Hell yeah! I’ll grab my speaker!” Nicky cheered as he darted into the bedroom.

Andrew silently got up and followed Neil out the door.

“That just leaves you two. Kevin? Aaron? You guys coming?” Matt asked his head cocked and a dimple prominent on his cheek.

“I have lab tomorrow man. I can’t stay long” Aaron said as he grabbed his wallet.

“Tomorrow’s labor day. No class.” Kevin stated as he too reached for his wallet.

“Why didn’t you fucking say that when I asked about my pre-lab?” Aaron accused as he whirled around to glare at Kevin.

“You still need to have your homework done on time, Aaron” Was Kevin’s faux wise response.

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Wrong (part 3)

Summary: You shouldn’t be in Bucky’s bed every night but yet you are

Word Count: 1169

Warnings: angst and a cliff hanger because i’m a hoe for suspense

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Part 1Part 2

You were in the midst of getting dressed when you heard the door bell ring. You were going to call out to Steve and ask him to answer but then you remembred he was in the shower so you ventured to the front door. When you opened it to your suprise Bucky was at the front door.

“What are you doing here?” You asked in a whipser tone not wanting Steve to hear if he had come out of the shower already.

“You can’t go with Steve today!” Bucky exclaimed frantically, you couldn’t help but raise an eyerow what was he talking about?

“What are you talking about?” You asked as Bucky pushed past you into the living room, his eyes were cold and distant. You could see him balling his metal hand into a fist as he spoke.

“Look you just can’t go with him. Do it for me.” He said wrapping his arms around your waist. You were incredibly confused as to why he was pleading for you not to go with Steve.

You unattached yourself from the embrace he had you in and stepped back, “Bucky tell me what is going on?” You were almost pleading him because you had never been more confused in your life.

“Steve he’s gonna-” Bucky was cut off by Steve calling your name. Only seocnds later did he appear in the living room confused like you as to why Bucky was standing in your apartment looking like he was about to murder someone.

“Buck what are you doing here?” Steve asked standing next you and pressing a kiss to your lips briefly before pulling back and waiting for his best friend’s answer.

“I just wanted to wish you good luck.” Bucky lied but of course Steve being his naive self believed him.

“Thanks man it means a lot.” Steve said walking up to Bucky and giving him a manly hug. You watched the two interact and you were confused why was Bucky wishing Steve good luck.

“Good luck on what?” You asked as the two pulled away from the manly embrace. Steve scratched the back his neck trying to say something plausable.

“On not throwing up on any rides like I used back in the day.” Steve lied and you eyed him suspiciously not believing him but you had secrets you kept and you respected that he had his own secrets.

“Oh I’m gonna go back to getting dressed it was nice seeing you Bucky.” You said with the frinedly smile you wore everytime Steve was around. Steve nodded before pressing a kiss to you cheek. In the corner of your eye you could see Bucky clenching his fists as Steve’s lips touched your cheek. You offered him a small smile before sauntering off into the bedroom to get dressed. When you went away Bucky decided that it was time to try and convince Steve out of proposing to the you.

“Are you sure you’re ready?” Bucky asked once you left. Steve arched his brow at his friend.

“Of course I am, why don’t you think I should?” Steve asked as he watched Bucky’ expression change into one he couldn’t register.

“No I just want to make sure you’re ready for this it’s a pretty big thing to do, you know?” Steve nodded smiling already picturing the two of you in your married life.

“I do Buck and I’m ready, I’ve waited all my life to fall in love and then I met Y/N and she just took my breath away.” Steve said his mind going back to the day you met in his head.

Don’t I know it.” Was what Bucky replied but instead he responded with a small nod.

“Anyway I should be going.” Bucky said knowing that there was no way of convincing Steve out of proposing to you.

“Okay I’ll see you later Buck, I’ll call with the good news.” Steve said and Bucky feigned happiness for his friend before leaving your’s and Steve’s apartment


Steve had taken you to Coney Island and you had the time of your life, you felt so happy in those moments with him it was like your affar was Bucky was but a mere dream. Steve was now holding your hand leading you down to the beach, it was just pass sunset and the sky was still a mix of red and orange. It looked beautiful and Steve couldn’t of asked for a better place to the pop the question.

You walked hand in hand down the beach, Steve pulled you close to him so that your head was on his chest as the two you walked along the beach. He kept staring down at you wondering how he got to be so lucky, that you were all his. People who passed by couldn’t help but ‘ooh’ and ‘aww’ at how adorable the two you looked together. The only sound you could hear was the waves crashing in as you walked, it was peaceful and you couldn’t help but feel at home. It all came to a hault when Steve stopped and then turned you to look directly at the sea.

“It’s beautfiul tonight. Don’t you think?” Steve asked, you hummed in response making Steve let out a chuckle that sounded more nervous than anything else.

“It’s no as beautiful as you nothing and no one is.” Steve said and you were thankful your face was buried in his chest or he would have seen the heat that rose to his cheeks as he called beautiful.

“I bet you think I’m just saying that but I’m not Y/N. When I met you I couldn’t help but stare at your immense beauty. I know that loving me hasn’t being easy on you but I’m so glad we’ve made it through all that we have.” Steve said and you smiled sadly at the reminder that you betrayed him and fell in love with his best friend.

“I want to be with you forever, I wasted too many years of my life chasing after something I couldn’t have. i won’t any longer Y/N, I can’t.” You looked up at Steve wondering why he was saying the things he was. He smiled at you before getting down on one knee and pulling a velvet box out of jacket pocket, he opened it revealing a diamond ring. You were speechless.

“What I’m trying to say Is Y/N will you do me the honour of being my wife.” Steve asked, you looked at him and down at the diamond ring that was staring you in the face and taunting you.

“I-I uh-” You were cut off by the sound of someone calling your name. You and Steve both turned your head and saw Bucky sprinting towards the two of you.

“Bucky?” You asked confused as he got to you and Steve.

“What are you doing here Buck? We’re in the middle of something.” Steve said nervously because he was still waiting for your answer.

“I know and that’s why I’m here. You can’t marry him Y/N.” Bucky said and Steve got up looking enraged.

“Why not?” He asked, bucky looked at his best friend and then back at you who was frozen to the ground.

“Because I’m in love with her.”


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Hold On (Calum Hood) Imagine Part 2|Anon Requested

Anon:Hey, can I request something? Idk, cute daddy Calum where she is giving birth at home and he is cute and caring with her while the deliver and you can take from here, please? Just cute and fluffy, lots of daddy Calum feels rn lol

Part One


About half an hour had passed before you heard the familiar jingle of keys in the front door, your contractions had gotten closer and the pain was at the point of unbearable, the only thing getting you through this was the thought that at the end of this you would be getting a beautiful baby.

There was a lot of scampering around the house, multiple footsteps from all around before a rather puffed out looking Luke appeared at the door, his whole face filled with relief as his eyes landed on you, splayed out on the floor, an unattractive sweaty whale.

“She’s in here!” Luke called into the hallway bringing more thunder stomps from all around, Luke had rushed to your side and grabbed your hand before realising he had no clue what he was doing and just watched you squirm in pain.

“Are you sure its labour?” He asked gently, recieving a death glare from you. Never before had you wanted to punch the giant breadstick that nearly cried when he walked in on you changing once, but, questions like that aren’t exactly making your situtation better.

“OFCOURSEITSFUCKINGLABOUR” You screamed, you watched the colour run from Luke’s face and heard the gulp as he swallowed down his terror. You felt bad but couldn’t help the steam from practically pouring out of your ears.

All of a sudden, Calum’s little puppy face appeared at the door and your contraction seemed to fade a little. You were so happy he was here to stop you from ripping poor Luke’s face off. He ran to you and crouched by your side, taking your other hand in his and kissing it repeatedly.

“I am so sorry, Y/N, I knew I shouldn’t have left, I’m so sorry, its gonna be okay, we’ll get you to a hospital and-” Calum was cut off by the nasty laugh escaping your lips. He looked at you quizically before you looked up at him.

“Calum there’s no time! I’m having this baby noooow!” You threw your head back to the feeling of the baby moving around, your toes curling at the feeling and your knuckles turning white from squeezing so hard, surley breaking both Luke’s and Calum’s wrists.

“W-What? Sure you can! C’mon, Luke, grab her shoulders and on the count of three, we’ll pull you up” Calum had become rather pale at the thought of a home birth and you weren’t too happy about it either but it seemed to be what the baby wanted. You felt Luke’s arms snake around your shoulders before sending a terrifying glare at Calum.

“Calum Thomas Hood, you listen to me right now, this baby is coming and its coming now. When I say there is no time, I mean there is no time and I refuse to give birth in a car, this baby is coming out here whether you like it or not” You said calmly and quietly to Calum but everyone could feel the bite in your statement, especially Calum, you’ve only ever called Calum by his full name once before and that was when you were in the middle of a really heated argument, you said it so dark it scared him so much to the point of him apologising instantly even if he still had some fight in him.

“Okay baby, can we at least go into the living room? I don’t want dropping food on the floor to become one of my biggest fears” He chuckled softly and rest his forehead against yours, relaxing you instantly, you nodded your head as he wrapped his arms around you as best he could, beckoning the other boys, who you didn’t notice were standing in the doorway the whole time, all four of them pulling you out of the pickley, watery mess you were in and accompanying you to the living room.

They placed you down on the couch gently, Ashton placing endless amounts of cushions behind you, asking if you needed more after every single one, although ignoring your requests for him to stop and shoving more down your back. Michael was under instructions to find blankets and towels while Calum was sat holding your hand and breathing with you. Luke was cowering on the love seat, biting his lip ring in nerves.

“C-Call my mum” You managed to pant out making Calum’s eyerows furrow.

“Why?” He asked slowly, afraid you’ll yell again. Apparently that feeling was mutual between Cal and Luke as he had grabbed a cushion to bury his face into.

“She’s a nurse, sh-she can help” Although your mother wasn’t a midwife, she was a nurse and you knew that she knew what to do, she loved babies and often watched birthing programmes on the TV, resulting in her gaining a lot of knowledge in the area.

Calum was hesitant but agreed. Him and your mum never quite saw eye to eye, while she hated the fact he was in a band, wore countless ripped skinny jeans and not to mention the Snapchat incident. She was never really a fan. He did grow on her for a while when she managed to look past the lyrics, such as, ‘Drinking all the way to third base. princess getting naked, falling on their faces’ or ‘She’s got a naughty tattoo in, a place that I want to get to‘ and saw the sweet, kind and gentle puppy you did… But when she found out about a baby being born out of wedlock, things became unsettled again.

As he left to make the phone call, he ordered Michael and Ashton to look after you, not mentioning Luke who was burried so deep in the cushion he was almost inside it. Ashton sat on the edge of the couch and held your hand, rubbing your thumb with his and making shushing noises, actually calming you down as the feeling started creeping up again. You squeezed his hand, indicating another contraction and scrunched your eyes shut.

“Does it hurt?” Michael asked with a giggle as a few whimpers fell from your lips, you could almost hear the other two silently cursing him for asking such a stupid question.

“YESITFUCKINGHURTS” You squealed without breath as the pain was starting to reach its peak, for some reason the pain wasn’t fading away slowly like it used to and you were left as a lump of hurt on the couch.

“She’s on her way” Calum yelled, vaulting the sofa you were lead on, his body flying over yours, nearly kicking Ashton in the face. Calum’s hand found yours again, nudging Ash’s hand away leaving him to lean back into Mikey, rubbing his hand in pain. Your grip was a little stronger than you thought.

“I can’t hold on much longer Cal” You moaned as your head flew back, colliding with the armrest.

“I know princess but just try and hold on otherwise one of us will have to put oursleves at the buisness end of a birth and, to be honest, no one wants that. Ashton would pass out, Luke would die and I promised myself I would never let Michael anywhere near you.” Calum laughed softly, his attempt at a distraction was working slightly, you were too focused on Michael’s offended face to even think about the tiny human trying to shoot out of you right now.

“W-why can’t you do it?” you asked, your desparation for relief clearly showing.

“Why can’t I do it!?” Michael asked, his hurt and shock making his voice squeak.

“Because I don’t trust myself, I don’t want to hurt you or the baby. I feel guilty for simply being the reason you’re doing this right now, I don’t think I could be down there telling you to put yourself in more pain” He kissed your knuckles as a warm feeling ran across your cheeks before he turned to Michael “And I know you well enough to know that you wouldn’t take it seriously. And ever since day one, you wouldn’t stop saying how hot my girlfriend was and how you couldn’t believe she was still with me when you were here. You’re seeing nothing!”

For a moment you thought Calum was being too harsh on Michael, accusing him of such things but Michael simply giggled making Calums glare break into a grin.

“Dude she’s in labour, watching a human head coming out of there isn’t gonna give me anything but nightmares” Michaels laughter was soon cut off by an intense scream coming from you as the biggest contraction of the morning made its way shooting throughout your system. You buried your head into Calum’s chest, his rapid heartbeat banging against your forehead as his hands travelled down your back in a soothing manner.

“It’s okay, she’ll be here soon” Calum whispered into your hair after placing a butterfly kiss on the back of your neck. “But in the mean time she gave us some things to do okay?” He asked into your hair, you nodded your head slowly before he placed another kiss in the same spot.

He sat you up to reveal your pale sweaty face before shuffling on his knees towards Ashton and Michael who were sat at your feet. He shooed them away before throwing a blanket over your body and pulling your pyjama bottoms and panties off from underneath. As he tossed them aside you heard a small ‘ew’ come from Calum as he balled the soggy pyjama bottoms up.

You closed your eyes for a moment but they flew back open as a cool wave of wind swept over your legs, looking down you realised Calum had disapeared beneath your blanket, coming back out looking rather pale

“Cal?” Mikey waved his hand over Calums spaced out face.

“Y/N I don’t know how you’re doing this but its gross” He stared you dead in the eye, completely serious. You couldn’t help the small snort of laughter escaping your lips as his eyes were filled with some kind of trauma from what he saw down there.

“Not helping” You cried out in a sing-songy voice. He nodded his head and bounced back to you, replacing the blanket over your knees. He resumed his position crouched next to you as you regained stability in yourself as yet another contraction had started wearing off very slowly. You took a deep breath and stared up at the white cieling. This wasn’t going to get much easier was it?