Being a real fan :) ♥
I love how the people around me will never understand what it’s like to be a real fan of something.

They don’t have any clue what ‘being a fan’ means to me.

Sure, it’s the music, and sure, it’s the guys.

But not only that.

It’s the fact that their music will make my mood better even on the shittiest days ever. 

And at the same time their music touches me so much, because i can relate so much to it that i have to cry.

It’s the fact that there are so many other fans, who are feeling the same way as i do.

So many people you can talk to, whose heart is always open for other fans and their stories.

Try to find someone like this around you.

Yes, I’m a fan of that band. But there’s so much more behind it for me than just the music. So much others will never understand, but every other fan instantly know what i’m talking about.

And yes, i had the urge to get this off my chest. And yes, my wording is shitty, but nevermind.