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It wasn’t Woodward & Bernstein. It was Panda and…Panda #2.

8 Insane Coincidences You Won’t Believe Happened (Pt. 2)

#8. Various World Leaders Fall to the “Two Pandas” Curse, All at the Same Time

In 1976, the BBC ran a documentary called Very Important Pandas that pointed out this bizarre and quite frankly ridiculous coincidence. It starts with Richard Nixon, who was given two giant pandas by the Republic of China during a visit, because they didn’t have time to buy him a box of chocolates and that was the first thing they found in the pantry. That was in 1972 – Nixon Watergated his way out of the U.S. presidency two years later.

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anonymous asked:

hhh what if under panda's eyepatch is a device which keeps his human nature intact, what if being a panda reduces him to animal basics but the machine keeps his human side active so he doesn't become a lost consciousness, what if the botched experiment was mind control by reducing human consciousness to that of animals making them more compliant, what if that's it gfcvbvc your art is cool ok

oooooh oh I really like the sound of all of that, Anon, especially what the experiment was about.

I figured I’d take a quick shot at doodling your mind control Panda eye as a warm up today, too:

anonymous asked:

What is Cabertown's plan for attacking Honeydew Inc. when the time comes? Nukes? Magic? Velociraptor steeds? Whatever is under Panda's eyepatch? Simon's mother? All of the above? I NEED to know!

They seem to be doing enough damage to themselves.