It was a little fight but she is finally finished. Welcome Emma <3

She’ll travel with me to LDoll and will be for adoption at booth A110 <3

Emma will come with…
- herself (MIO kit fair skin - Body/Head/Eyemech)
- Face up by me, Mikiyochii, with new eyelashes
- Nose carving by me, Mikiyochii
- Certificate of birth
- Eyechips by Puppelina
- Blond wig by Luts
- Handknitted muffler and bonnet by shopisCUTEdollSTUFF (etsy)
- Cardigan, dress and socks by MomoDollCrafts (etsy)
- Skirt by Minijijo (etsy)
- Shoes by Qmagicdoll
- Wooden box with cushions for a safely trip
- some cute little extras~

Her price is 320 € for the LDoll event (special discount). If she won’t be sold I’ll announce her here again.


Four sets and sleepy eyes function can be controlled by the lever on the back of her head. This is my beautiful fullset Tangkou Vampire. #vampire #tangkou #doll #fullset #eyemech #eye #mechanism #video #function #show #watch #live #how #four #color #set

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Question About Eyemechs?

So, I’m still working on my Nahh Ato custom and am almost done with her faceup, but I’d also really like to do something with her eyelids too. Considering that she’s a type 3 Pullip though, she’s only able to blink and can’t keep her eyes shut, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen people customize older dolls before and got them to keep their eyes closed, and I was wondering how do you do that? Do you need to swap the eyemech with a type 4 one, or is there something else you have to do? If anyone can answer this, it would be greatly appreciated! ^_^


Tangkou eye mech key first time use. Four sets, sleep eye lever! <3 Couldn’t fit all the chips in video so posting photo soon. #tangkoudoll #tangkou #eyemech #eye #mech #key #nib #first #time #four #set #motion #action #function

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