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I’m gonna get personal— Do you ever think of bacon.. romantically. Or Chickens? How did thing’s end with your ex? Oh and, what’s your biggest carby no-no craving. (like how i threw the serious question in there?? :\ you don’t have to answer haha)

I don’t think I’ve ever had any risque thoughts of bacon or chickens, but the first woman to cook bacon in my kitchen wearing only an apron gets dibs on my heart. 

My biggest carb craving is by far chocolate.  Donuts and ice cream are close behind, but chocolate is evil.  Late nights are when the cravings kick in, and if there’s chocolate in the house, there’s a high chance of it being devoured.  The weeks after Halloween were pretty rough, and more than once, I found myself standing in my kitchen, with wrappers scattered on the counter and chocolate all over my fingers, like a waking werewolf covered in entrails. 

Don’t worry, that’s not something I’m afraid of answering.  Foodies, feel free to end reading here.  Pity party begins in 3..2..

We were going to get married.  I still have that cursed ring.  No matter how many times I’ve tried to sell it, it never leaves (despite it being a rather beautiful ring for what it’s worth).  We had been together since she was in highschool.  She was very bi-polar which made for a beautifully miserable relationship, but we worked well together.  We went through some rough times, but were brought back together and had a kid.  It definitely wasn’t a good time or situation to have a kid, but she’s the only thing that makes me not regret everything.  So many awful, awful things happened during the course of our relationship, but we are very passionate people, and always worked things out - until she decided to go back to college 2 hours away from home. 
I was the only consistently stable thing in her life, and when she met new, reckless friends, I became the thing holding her back.  Around the time my daughter turned 2, I found out that she cheated on me for the second time while doing a load of drugs, and she told me she was leaving me because she no longer loved me. 
For a good amount of time after that, she lived homeless with another drug abuser while I raised our daughter alone.  Since then, she has cycled several times of trying to get her life together, and ruining it all over again.  It was a nightmare as I tried to fight for custody and keep my daughter safe, and to this day, my ex still thinks I’m the monster that took her daughter away from her. 
Having a kid with her has been the hardest thing imagineable for me, because the only thing worse than all the crappy stuff she did to me, is being forced to see her on a regular basis. 

So yeah, that’s my story (sparing the really terrible details).  It was easily the worst time of my life, but I like to think that I’ve really turned things around for myself, and have become stronger than I ever thought I would be. 

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Watchmen!!!! I loved rohrschack.

Oh me too.  That’s the only “graphic novel” I’ve been crazy about.  Great story.  I liked the movie, but one thing that really annoys me about it, is how they used 80’s music instead of an original score.  Bugs the crap out of me!  They did a really good job though. 

Oh haha, you probably missed my awesome Dr. Manhattan costume…

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I got pretty emotional… With that ass man bit. so many guys say it, but I honestly believe you mean it. this is no where the same but i wake up hysterically now dreaming about my siblings dying a horrible death and that im 2 late to save them.

That’s right, I’m legit.  I am also rendered helpless to its powers. 

That sounds terrible, dreams are too real.  I hope something horrible didn’t actually happen to them.

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And you should post something from your band. A demo. A picture…video of you screaming. I’m honestly surprised your not with someone yet, caring, rocker, chicken lover, and an ass man? Just wear that on a shirt.

Right?  That’s quite a preview of how evenings would be spent with me.  I try to slowly let people know how awesome I am so they don’t get overloaded all at once.

Aww, now there’s expectations.  It’d be easier for me to post some nudie pictures, but here are some songs if you feel inclined to hear them.  I will, however, leave this disclaimer that it’s not for everyone.  I know it’s weird stuff. 

A metal song with angry sounds.

A non-metal song with pretty piano.

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Nice nipple. What’s your tattoo of?

Thanks, I have 2 of them!
My tattoo is a biomech tattoo, it looks like my skin is pulled apart to show machine parts underneath.  It represents my machine-like endurance and will.

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Ugh, your banned from saying nutella. I have to make nutella/peanut butter sandwhiches for my siblings…most days of the week. And I always have to refrain from licking the knife. I don’t always win at that war. I did this morning!

Yeah… file that under things that should not be within a 1-mile radius of my house.  I can usually co-exist with things like this, but that devil on my shoulder knows exactly where I keep the good stuff.

I don’t know why you’re making nutella/peanut butter sandwiches for them, but sounds like they’ve got a pretty good thing goin on.

Replies about music and such

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Wow I listed to Linger, awesome!! Is that you singing? Very very awesome voice!! I loved the piano on this too.

Thanks!  That is my Tumblr vocal debut haha.  I’m just learning piano and making more songs like this. 

LOL Ok now I listened to your angry song too and wow. Just wow. I like it though. I love the guitar and how the song changes pace….and the speaking part in between…I actually love your sound. I would totally see you guys live…you know…

I have to say, the drums sort of made me hot at the end. :P Dang, Colin! You need to post more stuff on your blog! :P

Crazy right?  Seeing it live is wayy cooler, the energy is out of control.  I did sorta just quit the metal band, so there’s that, but it was unavoidable. 
Haha maybe I will, didn’t think anyone would really care. 

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i) The last one sounds horrible :( ii) we would have been good friends if we were in the same high school at the same time iii) your band sounds cool iv) “Hello IT, have you tried turning it off and on again?”

Heck yeah we would.  Thanks!  Oh, you mean like, turn it OFF off, not just off?  I have a lot of wacky job stories, but mostly they just make me angry and depressed. 

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And about the music, I couldnt blast it the way it should be played b/c im around a 4 yr old, but I looooved the beat. Do you make the beats too? or record over them? And i only got a little into the piano one which is more my style, soft sad music.

 I do not make the beats, those were recorded by a very talented drummer that I was in a band with.  I’m just the frosting on the cake. 

Yeah the piano soft stuff is more of what I’m into now, it just happens to be convenient that I can do it all by myself.  I’m working on songs for a full length album of depressing stuff. 

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why is low carb your life style choice now?? b/c im not seeing a reason to lose more weight here!!! let’s fry some bacon on that ass! i mean abs! i mean… on your stove! — michelle back me up—

Knowing what I know now, and what a difference food choices can make, I can’t see any way of not making this a lifestyle.  My brain is too logical to let me make choices that knowingly cause poor outcomes when better choices are easily made.  Also, it’s kind of addicting - once I see results from something I do, I can do it a million times over.  It’s almost therapeutic; knowing that I have control over something that results in a predictable outcome gives me a sense of order in the chaos that surrounds me.

I won’t be satisfied with reducing fat percentage until I have a 6-pack, so that will be a continuing goal.  It’s mostly important to me because it’s a dramatic example of what can be achieved with lifestyle change.  Also, I have plans to bulk up during the summer, so that is a new goal that I will be anxiously attacking. 

Basically, there’s no end in sight, but that’s a good thing.  I did not want to approach this as a temporary sprint diet, or be that guy that ate eggs for the whole summer who now seems to have burnt out as expected.  Instead, I see it as a learning experience where I have educated myself through research, testing, and a very supportive community.  Then, the most important part is integrating that education into my life so that I am a better person because of it. 

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thank you, hahaha. It’ll either be forever awkward… or the next romantic comedy starring someone extremely hot in love with the cool single dad who makes music in his car!

Yeah right, the more likely situation would be that I find out she’s working on her highschool diploma while the cop arrests me after recognizing me as the weird guy screaming in his car.

Thanks support system

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I had no idea daycare was so much! That blows about your job, I guess set yourself to auto pilot from the moment you walk in to when you leave? There’s always the lottery…:/

Yeah I’ve got it made here because they base it on your income, but kids aren’t cheap.  I try to autopilot, but I gotta swim with sharks.  What’s a bucket of chum gotta do these days?  No lottery in Wyoming either, this place is the worst.  Unless of course you’re into flat brown scenery O_o.  

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You’re going to make it, and you are a man willing and able to make the tough choices in this life for you and your daughter…it’ll come back to you down the road, trust me!

Thanks Michelle.  If nothing else, I always go down swingin’. 

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Head high, heart strong. You’ve GOT this next year. :)

Thank you.  I suppose I should be excited about the goal rather than worrying about how hard it’s gonna be to get there.

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this is how I feel too. I’ve been at my job for 5 years. It’s the highest paying job I would get too… Starting all over would suck but I’m so bored with this. it drives me crazy.

Right?  It’s so difficult to figure out what to do, especially when you need to keep a steady income.  Some day I’m going to figure out how to cheat the system and get paid for doing things I actually like!

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Live the bugs buzzing totally perfect for the song haha. Is one of the lines ” hating you is all I’ve got”? iPhone wasn’t too clear. Love the imagery in the lyrics felt like I was there. Scratching on the walls, intense.

Thanks, I thought it would be a nice touch to add the flies, just didn’t want to go overboard with effects or anything. 
Even worse haha, it’s “waiting for your death is all that I’ve got”.

Thanks a lot, definitely an intense one.