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Fools on Parade - Part 4 (Trixya) - Tiffany

AN: Hi treasures! So first of all I’m sorry I’m a liar, I know I didn’t submit when I wanted to but life happened and I couldn’t submit as planned but I’m here now so hopefully it’s all good, and you can all shout at me for being awful at keeping promises. I really hope this makes up for the wait, and the next chapter is the one that some people (Vixen) have been waiting for so please bear with me 😊 Song mentioned is Alex Turner - Stuck on the puzzle, I truly hope you enjoy! - Tiff ❤️‍

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You Know How This Goes - Fic Off #4

Fic prompt number four! You won’t like this. 3190 words (I give up) of nsff stuff. Please take note of my little disclaimer at the end. Oh and don’t worry, this is emotional angst only. Go read hartorotica’s too! :)

You Know How This Goes

Grace isn’t stupid.

She is pretty and she is tall. She has slim legs and a toned stomach, decent sized boobs and thick healthy hair. She is good at math and even better with computers and technology. She is fully capable of socializing and okay at keeping on top of her emails and appointments. She can run pretty fast and text even faster. And she isn’t stupid.

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