eyeliner for makeup

buying makeup when ur broke💄

we all know by now that high end makeup is expensive af and can ADD UP QUICKKK. here’s some tips on saving money on nice ass makeup that i swear by.

⭐️ sign up at ulta and sephora for their membership. it’s free to sign up and you gets coupons in the mail, birthday gifts, special deals, and your points add up for free makeup.

⭐️ tj maxx. lemme tell you, they sell discontinued high end makeup for half the price. check their makeup section and DIG and ur bound to get some deals.

⭐️ resale shops! now, we don’t wanna be using makeup that’s been used before, that spreads bacteria and is just straight up gross. BUT i’ve found a lot of BRAND NEW nice ass makeup at resale shops. bruh i found too faced and urban decay palettes brand new for $10 and i bought em all.

⭐️ ask for makeup for christmas/your birthday/etc!!!

⭐️ the travel size products are always nice to buy when you wanna try something but don’t wanna spend the money on the full size.

⭐️ shop online. you can find some good deals on ebay, amazon, and simply buying from sephora or ulta online gets you free samples in the mail with your package!

Imagine being friends with the avengers and all deciding to go to a Halloween Party. Whilst everyone is deciding on their costumes, you volunteer to do their makeup. When you get round to doing Loki’s, you have the bright idea of giving him eyeliner. Clouded by determination, you absentmindedly end up sitting on his lap in order to draw on steadily. He is very amused/aroused by this.