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Makeup Lessons, Boys and Bonding - Weasley Twins Imagine (Requested)

Request:  Can I have an imagine where I’m dating a weasley twin and staying at the burrow for a while and herminoe and ginny start asking questions and needs makeup/boy advice and we bond?


“Wait so… do you put it on under your eyelid too? Like on the bottom one, or just on the top eyelid?” The youngest and only female child out of the Weasley family sat excitedly in the middle of a pile, surrounded by various types of make ups. Ginny’s red head swung back n forth every time she went to grab a different stick of eyeliner or a shade of eye shadow. Hermione Granger rested properly on her knees, scanning over all the various varieties of skin care, lip stick, cover up, blush and mascara in amazement. Rounding the corner, (y/n) re-entered the room arms full with bags and small handheld containers. Hermione stood up, curious to what lied inside.

“Yes you can but I strongly suggest not to. Too many people don’t get it close enough to their eye to where it just looks like a bunch of squiggly line. Not very appealing if you were to ask me…” Ginny nodded hanging onto every word (y/n) spoke. She was extremely exceled in the topic of beauty and could give some of the best advice when it came to that. School… not so much.

Fred and George, Ginny’s older twin brothers and (y/n)’s boyfriends, had brought (y/n) along with them for spring break hoping to spend a good amount of time with their girlfriend. Unfortunately for them, their little sister seemed to be hitting the age where her looks matter to her. So, she turned to (y/n) for help. Hermione was clueless to most any types of cosmetics and had asked for guidance from the older girl as well. (y/n) planning on hitting two birds down with one stone, assumed she’d be able to teach them both together.

The frizzy headed brunette took hold of what looked to be a torture tool, examining to in her hands trying to figure out the exact use for it. Maybe it was to scoop out eyes, or clip the off?

“(y/n), um what is the purpose for this?” Holding the metal item up by the ends that resembled those of a scissors, Hermione gave her friend a questioning look. (y/n) giggled snatching the helpful tool from her hands, walking over to the mirror with Hermione following close behind her.

“I’ll show you.” Ginny looked over, wanting to absorb as much information as possible. (y/n) open it swiftly, letting both sides clamp down on her long eyelashes. Hermione shuddered at the painful look then relaxed when (y/n) easily pulled it off. Taking a full look at her new eyelash, Hermione noticed a difference from the other untouched one, besides a light coat of mascara. It waved upwards nicely in a lovely fashion.

“See, it’s an eyelash curler.”  Handing it back to the stunned Hermione after finishing the other eye, (y/n) smiled kindly. Ginny called her over again needing assistance on her attempt at eyeliner. She had taken (y/n)’s advice on not doing her lower eyelid but shook slightly while trying to perfect the first one. (y/n) cleaned her eye up in no time, demonstrating on her eye with liquid making effortless, flawless dark black wings. (y/n) suggested on Ginny using solid pencil eyeliner, before tackling the opposing difficult liquid option.

“Wow your eyes look stunning!” Both girls stated. (y/n) thanked them very flattered. She loved teaching others due to the fact she wasn’t skilled in much and nobody really needed her for anything very important. But this time it was totally different.

A pair on knuckles banged loudly on the door and the three girls jumped in surprise. Ginny dropped the bottles of face and eye primer she had been interested in. Hermione stopped her sentence short, staring at the door oddly. (y/n) waked over to the door, ready to unlock it before two voices broke out.

“Can we please have our girlfriend back it’s been almost 4 hours-“

“Yeah you guys have had enough time with her. It’s our turn-“

(y/n) covered her mouth to keep herself from laughing too loud. Fred and George stood clearly annoyed on the other side of the door. They continued to knock carelessly obviously not leaving until they got an answer.

“Go away! We’re almost done so calm down!” Ginny shouted retrieving back to her previous actions. Hermione smiled reaching for (y/n)’s basket filled with multiple sets of colorful nail polish, finding her favorite shade of red and then began painting her medium length nails. Fred scoffed loudly refusing to leave.

“You said that an hour ago! Honestly this isn’t fair were the ones who brought her!” George yelled into the wood that acted as a barrier between the groups. Truthfully, the boys were right. They would stop by every 45 minutes or so and beg for (y/n) to ditch the girls. (y/n) felt bad for abandoning the boys but the girls really needed her and she couldn’t really leave them alone to guess on what look good and what wouldn’t. Ginny and Hermione needed someone to be completely honest with them, so next year when they would be all alone without (y/n), they’d at least have an idea of what they were doing and could talk to each other.  

“Can I let them in for a little while? I promise I won’t let them distract me, but I feel sort of bad.” (y/n) asked turning to her friends. Ginny and Hermione shared a look. They both nodded and (y/n) pivoted back to the door twisting the lock open and allowing room for the boys to stumble in. Fred instantly wrapped his long arms around (y/n)’s stomach.

“You kidnapped our girlfriend our (y/n)!” The twins shouted in sync placing sweet kisses to both sides of her cheeks, then on her forehead. George pouted due to lack of attention. (y/n) side hugged him unable to release herself from the anaconda like grip Fred held. Ginny scoffed annoyed with her brothers, retrieving back to the skin care products. The boys slid theirs hands into (y/n)’s dragging her to the door but she protested.

“What’re you guys doing?” Scrabbling away (y/n) folded her arms across her chest, planting her feet like stones in the ground. Bewildered eyes glanced at her in pure confusion.

“(y/n) we haven’t hung out with you at all!” George stated in agony. Hermione whispered lightly with Ginny over shades of lips gloss compared to shades of lipstick.

“I know but the girls really need my help! Say, how about you two can spend some time with us in here?” She suggested leading them over to Ginny’s bed, who strongly disagreed. Giving up, Ginny moved all her blankets off the bed giving room for her brothers to sit nicely.

“Thank you kind sister!” Fred joked earning a displeased eye roll from her. Hermione crossed the room taking the open spot on the floor next to (y/n), chatting softly with her.

“Wait… are you teaching them how to use makeup…?” George took in the scattered cosmetics, finally understanding what they had been up to all day. The girls nodded and (y/n) returned to the conversation with Hermione. Hermione had the “hots” for a certain boy and wanted to make him take notice in her, so she turned to (y/n).

“I mean… I’m just all- well y’know me and awkward.” She explained in a hushed voice, not feeling very comfortable with the twins hearing in. (y/n) nodded, comprehending what was racing around Hermione’s head.

“I get it, but in all honestly a guy shouldn’t start ‘noticing’ or fancying you just for the fact that you all of the sudden are wearing makeup. Though, I’d still love to help you.” Hermione’s shoulder slumped down, (y/n) was right. Fred and George spied in smiling to each other before intervening.

“Who’s the lucky fellow, Mione?” The teased her with no hurtful intentions. The bright Gryffindor’s cheeks grew the same color of her house at the boy’s words. There was no way she could tell them she sort of fancied their brother, they’d just blabber on over to Ron. Ginny became interested walking over to listen in fully. (y/n) narrowed her (e/c) eyes at her boyfriend’s silently advising them to shut their mouths.

“Is it… Harry? You two seem to be very close if y’know what we mean.” George winked, ignoring (y/n). He was having too much fun messing with the brilliant girl. Ginny’s face flushed at their assumption, drawing in the attention of Fred. A sly, wicked smirk played on his face.

“Don’t worry Ginny we have none new to tell about you massive crush on dear Harry!” Fred broke out into a hysteric fit of laughter. Ginny avoided his comment, sitting with her back leaning on her dresser drawer. The other two girls giggled along with Fred already hearing out Harry all day long on Ginny’s part.

“Would you leave ‘em alone!” (y/n) threw her empty case at the gingers. George laughed sliding from the bed to sit behind (y/n), wrapping his arms carefully around her waist as Fred jumped to sit on her free side. Hermione held out the bottle of thick volume mascara asking (y/n) if she could put it on.

“Of course!” George loosened his grasp giving her enough room to have access to her friends face. With 3 strokes of each closed eyelid, (y/n) was done in no time falling back into George’s open arms. Fred held her hand lovingly rubbing his thumb along her small knuckles.

“Thank you.” (y/n) nodded as if she were a bobble head and boneless. The night went on with tips on makeup, boys, fashion and much much more. Fred and George wanted so badly to leave and sneak (y/n) out, away from the girls but they knew she wouldn’t obey. So, they spent the night listening and learning things they usually wouldn’t care to hear but it was worth it to spend time with (y/n).

~ Daizy

Request are open!! xxx

he saw me without makeup & didn’t run away

Most of you know how much I have struggled with my self-image since that fateful day in 6th grade where I discovered the seductive power of makeup. Through makeup, the girl who grew up feeling like the ‘ugly’ friend suddenly gained confidence she didn’t know was possible. Even though I didn’t know how to put makeup on properly back then (by properly I mean in a way that was more flattering than not having anything at all) I still thought it was ‘better’ and better was better than bare. And that mentality stuck with me throughout the years. Eventually, especially around college, I learned how to actually put on makeup to make features prettier (widen the eyes instead of drowning them in heavy under eyeliner; contouring; fixing/shaping eyebrows; sticking to smoky shadows on the corners of eyes rather than vivid colors everywhere on the lids; blush power; sticking to shades of red on the lips to mimic a natural lip flush; highlighter in the ‘right’ places; the perfect balance of moisturizer + foundation to minimize pores yet avoid dry/cakey or overly shiny; false lashes when mascara wasn’t enough to make a difference), and the fear of taking that makeup off only intensified. And it’s not like society is giving us much pressure anymore to be conservative with makeup, which has literally become something ‘all’ girls wear/an art form/the difference between a lazy and a put together girl rather than something that was taboo and only used by ‘try hard’ girls desperate to fix their appearances and hide their insecurities. I mean, there are still jerk guys (and girls) out there who negatively judge makeup donning girls, but by in the large the negative stigma has died down and it’s just becoming something you accept every girl has the right to wear and not be any less valued because of it. Sure, sometimes rappers will sing about wanting “natural” beauty but they always end up with girls wearing some form of makeup and you just know they don’t actually mean “natural” is better; they mean that youthful/fresh makeup look is better than a diva-like caked on one, and plenty of girls have caught on to that and changed their makeup styles to natural looking ones, which takes literally just as much effort (if not more) to create and maintain. We live in a made up makeup’ed world and all of us are a part of it, whether we wear it or admire (or critique) those who do. 

What has this meant for me? Anxiety + insecurity about that moment where I have to take it all off and face the world; or, even more terrifyingly, the one I love and will become partners in life with. No matter how many times friends/family say ‘you really don’t look bad without makeup’, it doesn’t really take those insecurities away unless I come to terms with it myself. And before I started dating David, I worried like mad about this. I worried about whether he would still like my appearance once he saw it all come off, or whether he’d feel betrayed about the kind of girl he thought he was falling in love with. This anxious madness led me to peruse so many ridiculous threads online and I came across a post about some lady who has been married for 3 years and has never let her husband see her without makeup. She wakes up before him to put it on and doesn’t take off everything at night or waits until he has fallen asleep to take it off. Like, WHAT. That commitment. And the scary thing is, I totally contemplated doing that, which is saying a lot for me, because I like sleeping more than anyone else. Some time in the midst of planning all this out and strategizing how I could put off letting ‘the one’ see ‘the bare face’ for as long as possible, I started crying from the exhaustion of it all. Why did it seem like I was the only one struggling with this problem? I always thought of myself as real and honest and not scared to express publicly (I mean, look at this blog!), but why couldn’t I get over this one freaking thing?! And why did I hate my appearance so much? I’m smart enough to realize that my value as a human is way more than just my outward appearance, so why couldn’t I actually believe it? 

Before I had a chance to figure out how to love and be true to myself, I started dating David, and temporarily pushed these anxieties to the side. We started spending almost every waking moment together and eventually sleepovers were happening. And what did sleepovers mean? Taking off makeup and showing him my bare face. But I wasn’t ready to do that just yet. So I would go to sleep with all my makeup on. And one day he just pointed it out. That confrontation led me to confess all my insecurities, and he basically said “just take it all off now and I’ll prove to you that nothing will change” and I couldn’t do it!!! But I took off some of it just to appease him at the time. Foundation/skin stuff came off (which isn’t much of personal progress because my acne had largely cleared up by this point and I wasn’t ashamed of my skin) but eye makeup remained on (also keep in mind I had permanent false lashes). He didn’t bat an eye to these changes, which isn’t saying much because I still had the lashes + liner and my skin with and without foundation isn’t hugely different. But it gave me a little bit of security - more than I expected. A few more sleepovers later, I started taking off the eye makeup (lashes still on b/c permanent). By the time I graduated and went back to Ohio and we entered long-distance, he had yet to see me without those lashes. 

And then long-distance started. He visited me, and then I visited him. While I was in China, half of my lashes accidentally ripped out while I was in the shower one day, and I managed to find a lash extension store in a mall in China that took the rest of the extensions off. The lash stylist there basically told me “you have lost over half your lashes. you need to stop these extensions for at least a month or you will end up without any lashes… you already have big gaps” … it was fine dealing without them in China, but I couldn’t help but worry about my upcoming trip to visit David in July (less than a month away). I didn’t feel ready. I felt scared all over again. Taking off everything except those lashes had been accomplished, but this one final step was so, so, so hard. I personally feel like there’s a WORLD of difference when those falsies come off. It was the difference (for me) of feeling like a woman vs. a derpy looking kiddo who could only ever amount to ‘cute’ and never ‘pretty’. And David has the prettiest, most beautiful lashes. How could he ever understand my feelings and insecurities? But the inevitable was finally bound to happen, and I figured I should take some baby steps. What I did was send him snapchats of my eyelash extension-less face from China. That first bare snap was one of the hardest snaps I’ve ever had to send, and I prefaced it with this big long paragraph about how terrified I was that he would lose all attraction towards me (ugh I know this is cringey to read but yes I’ll admit I was that insecure), and then I sent it. 

I sent it.

…And then he replied…


So I sent another. And then another. And he never changed his behavior towards me. His level of affection. His frequency of replies. Literally, NOTHING changed, besides copious amounts of reassuring “you are so pretty” responses  to my “are you seriously still into me looking like this?” questions. I was the most annoying girlfriend, baring the most insecure self, and he did not once make me feel annoying, or insecure, or anything bad. I just felt loved. And, even better, I felt seen for who I wholly was, and I say wholly rather than truly because my makeup self is just as true as my non-makeup self and these two truths combine to make a whole. It is not fake (with makeup) vs real (without makeup); it is me part one (with makeup) and me part two (without makeup), and me in my entirety when he saw both parts. And that was the most liberating feeling I’ve ever encountered. Whereas my ex would say outwardly cute yet actually demeaning stuff like “don’t wear makeup it makes you look like a try hard”, David wanted me to do whatever the crap I wanted to do because with or without makeup, I would still be his beloved bae, of whom he feels love and attraction for in spite of seeing the whole-ness that is me. And that was just … life-changing. 

Change doesn’t happen overnight though. Insecurities don’t just disappear. Eventually fear crept back in and this time I started thinking “well, I know how to take pictures on snapchat at just the right angle so what if what I posed for him on snapchat looks deceptively better than what I look like in real life?” So the first day I arrived in Richmond to see him in July, I had strip false lashes put on (a crappy alternative to the permanent ones I was not allowed to wear for the time being, the difference being that strip lashes have temporary glue, look faker b/c they are one long strip rather than individually glued extensions, and only last a day or two before they fall off because weak glue power). David was so excited to see me and super nervous and awkward (lol) and told me some cute crap about how I was ‘so pretty he felt nervous again’ and then my brain automatically converted that into ‘your lashes are the reason he feels you are pretty; without them, he wouldn’t have been all nervous and say cute things’. But a day or two into the trip, he started asking me why the extensions were back on and that he wanted to see me without them just like I showed him in my snaps from China. He wanted me to do this for myself. It wasn’t like an immense pressure or anything, and at this point, I wanted to do this for myself also. Like, come on Amy. You’re basically almost there. He’s seen the snaps. You won’t look a million times more terrifying in real life. Snapchat doesn’t just alter your face completely just because you put yourself in the right lighting and angle. You can do this. And so, while he went off to summer classes on the third or fourth day of this trip, I took those freaking strips off, put a bit of extra love into my outfit/hair, and mustered up the courage to greet him when he came back from school. I was then showered with kisses, stared at for a long time (omg…it was terrifying…), and then showered with more excited kisses. Rather than being grossed out and playing out horror scenes from my mental worst case scenario, he cheered me on for taking this step he knew was huge on my part, and finally sent my worse fears to the grave. It was a long overdue death and the happiness and freedom I feel from it is something my words will always fail to capture, but my heart understands the liberating power of that moment - and liberating is exactly the right word. With those fears nailed in a coffin and David helping me pound them in, I finally, finally, finally let them go. 

This morning, I went to Panda Express with him wearing an athletic tank, joggers, a ridiculous bomber jacket, and nothing on my face but some sunscreen and eyeshadow. I haven’t worn permanent false lashes since summer. I don’t even wear strip ones around him anymore. And at night, I tied my hair up in a ponytail, washed my face clean, and took all the eyeshadow off, and he held my face in his hands and said, “I wish you could see yourself the way I see you right now” before giving me a goodnight kiss. If you told me a few months ago to believe this day would come, I would not have believed you. If you told me you had faith I could get over this makeup addiction and dependency, I would not have believed you, despite desperately wanting to. And if you told me I would one day be with a man who would love me in my entirety, I would not have believed you, because I’m stubborn and insecure and this has always been my proclivity. BUT, as God seems to show me time after time, all these negative addictions/idols I believe to be unchangeable and unfixable are only thick arrows pointing from my inadequacy to his supremacy. Think your addiction to makeup will never be cured? Watch me cure it. Think you will never have the courage to let the one you love see the you that you hate? Watch me give you courage. Think that there is nothing in your future except your worst case scenarios? Watch me give you a future beyond your wildest dreams. Think your fears are bigger than me? Watch me. Just watch me. 

For those of you who have made it this far reading, I know that my personal struggle with self-image is not something you might be able to empathize with. I know that these fears I’ve always had have come off as laughably ridiculous, ‘overly dramatic’, obsessively self-indulgent, narcissistically insignificant, and downright annoying to some of my friends. After all, shouldn’t I be focused on other things like career and world service and international injustice and the environment rather than my own appearance and petty fears of loneliness and isolation and rejection? But if you find yourself unable to empathize, that’s fine. I’m not asking for it. (Here’s a pat on the back for being more selfless and noble than I am; the world needs people like you too thanksss and bye.) My milestones may never mean much to you, but they liberate me and transform my life, and I don’t doubt the power of such testimony in encouraging someone else who shares a similar insecurity/addiction. If someone out there needed to hear, “he saw me without makeup and didn’t run away”, then this will have been all worth sharing. Because as silly as the title of this post sounds, the truth is that it’s 2017 and makeup can even change your skin color and the internet is oozing with beauty and body pressure everywhere and millennials care more about personal image/branding than world peace (even the ones who care about world peace also care about making it known that world peace is their agenda and personal brand) and tinder makes it easier to grab a new partner than take out the garbage and people have more relationship anxiety and trust issues and commitment phobia and mental health struggles and self esteem problems than they care to admit and holy crap, he saw me without makeup and didn’t run away. This statement gives me hope, encouragement, and comfort, and I will not apologize for indulging in a happiness I never thought could ever be mine. Instead, I am thankful, and I’m surprised, and I’m so excited to share that out of the many, many posts I’ve had since starting this tumblr about self-image insecurities, there’s finally one that had a happy ending. WOOOOOOOT!!! There’s a long ways to go still in terms of potential personal growth and confidence, but this big step forward has made a world of difference :3 

Thanks, David … more than you’ll ever understand. 


Harley Quinn || Origin ID: megwat98

I’ve not been able to trace all the CC I used to create this as I’ve had it installed since the game was first released, so what is linked may be incorrect, such as the eyebrows and skin tone, however I will link the CC I was able to find.

Expansion packs used: Base game & Get To Work

If you download this sims and there is CC missing, contact me and let me know what is missing and I’ll try to find the link.

Hair - Coloured pigtails , Tied back

Make Up - Smudged eye shadow and lip stick , Eyes , Lips , Eyeliner , Eyelashes , Blush , Eye shadow , Blush 

Accessories - Bracelet ,  Necklace/Lace Choker , ‘Puddin’ Chocker

Clothes - Harley dress , Formal dress , Shoes , Shoes , Shoes , Athletic shirt

I Tried A Shitload of Black Eyeliner So You Don't Have To

I figured for my first real post I could focus on my ongoing obsession with finding the perfect black eyeliner. I swatched 30(!) different black liners and did a rub test and a water trial for all of them, so we could really get an idea of what all this goth-water will wear like. hit the cut if you wanna paint it paint it paint it black, BLACK AS NIGHT, BLACK AS COAL. 

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Convention Check List!

*I’m sure everyone is more than ready for the Convention; but just in case, here is a Handy-Dandy Checklist!
–This is more a reminder for those staying overnight, but there are some things to remember in general!


Convention Essentials:

  • [*] ID/License
  • [*] Cash/Change
  • [*] Credit/Debit Card
  • [*] Wallet
  • [*] Cell Phone
  • [*] Registration Ticket(If Pre-registered)
  • [*] Camera


  • [*]Toothbrush
  • [*]Toothpaste
  • [*]Floss
  • [*]Mints/Gum
  • [*]Mouthwash
  • [*]Deodorant
  • [*]Soap
  • [*]Face-wash
  • [*]Baby-wipes
  • [*]Contacts
  • [*]Contact Solution
  • [*]Eye drops
  • [*]Lotion
  • [*]Razors
  • [*]Eyebrow Razor
  • [*]Shaving Cream
  • [*]Tweezers
  • [*]Cotton-balls/Cotton Swabs
  • [*]Hairbrush
  • [*]Comb
  • [*]Hairspray
  • [*]Flat/Curling Iron
  • [*]Hair ties
  • [*]Hairpins
  • [*]Headscarf
  • [*]Wig Cap
  • [*]Shower-cap
  • [*]{Medication}
  • [*]Nail-clipper
  • [*]{Feminine Products ie. Ibuprofen Pads Etc.}


  • [*]Underwear
  • [*]Socks
  • [*]Undershirts
  • [*]T-Shirts
  • [*]Long-johns
  • [*]Sweaters
  • [*]Shorts
  • [*]Pants
  • [*]Pajamas
  • [*]Bathrobe
  • [*]Slippers
  • [*]Jacket
  • [*]Coat
  • [*]Bathing Suits
  • [*]Pool-shoes
  • [*]Sneakers
  • [*]Gloves
  • [*]Scarf
  • [*]Hat
  • [*]Dress (For Rave and other Events)

Food! {Ideas} =Hotel Rooms have Refrigerators, but No Microwave in most cases! 

  • [*]Water
  • [*]Breakfast:{Cereal, Muffins, PopTarts, Granola Bars, Donuts, Toast, Canned Fruit, AppleSauce Etc.}
  • [*]Lunch:{Sandwhiches, Ramen Cups, Pizza, Crackers/Cheeze, Tuna, Etc.)
  • [*]Dinner:{Steak, Chicken, Pasta, Pizza, Patties, Bread, Vegetables Etc.)
  • [*]Snacks:{Rice Krispies, Muffins, Packaged Cakes/Cupcakes, Chips Etc.)



  • [*]Primer
  • [*]Foundation/BB Cream
  • [*]Concealer
  • [*]Finishing Power
  • [*]Bronzer
  • [*]Blush
  • [*]Brushes(Foundation Brush-Powder Brush-Perfecting Brush)
  • [*]Mascara
  • [*]Lip Balm
  • [*]Lip Stick
  • [*]Lip Liner
  • [*]Lip Gloss
  • [*]Eyeliner
  • [*]Eye Shadow
  • [*]Eyelashes
  • [*]Eyebrow Liner
  • [*]Nail Polish


  • [*]Wig Cap
  • [*]Wig
  • [*]Shirt
  • [*]Pants
  • [*]Belt
  • [*]Outwear
  • [*]Gloves
  • [*]Hat
  • [*]Pendants/Necklaces
  • [*]Rings
  • [*]Broaches
  • [*]Tie/Bow/Scarfs/Neck-wear
  • [*]Belt Chain
  • [*]Boots
  • [*]Wings
  • [*]Weapons
  • [*]Other Props
  • [*]Ear-Rings
  • [*]Fake Teeth
  • [*]Horns/Fake Ears/Other Head-wear
  • [*]Glasses/Contacts

Formal Ball:


  • [*]Strapless Bra
  • [*]Dress Slip
  • [*]Tights/Stockings
  • [*]Purse
  • [*]Necklace
  • [*]Earrings
  • [*]Bracelets
  • [*]Rings
  • [*]Hair Accessories
  • [*]Gloves
  • [*]Heels
  • [*]Flat Shoes
  • [*]Shoe Pads
  • [*]Band Aides (For toes)


  • [*]Undershirt
  • [*]Dress Shirt
  • [*]Tie/Bow
  • [*]Suit (Pants and Jacket)
  • [*]Dress Socks
  • [*]Dress Shoes


  • [*]Outfit
  • [*]Shoes
  • [*]Purse/Bag

Photo Shoots

  • [*]Camera
  • [*]Props
  • [*]Notebook(For contacts)/Character References


** For MINOR injuries/Sickness (Please don’t try to preform First Aide on other people if you aren’t trained for it! You could make it worse and kill someone…)

  • [*]Band Aids
  • [*]Neosporin
  • [*]Ibuprofen 
  • [*]Sanitizing Wipes
  • [*]Gauze Pads
  • [*]{Inhalator}

~!–I hope this is Helpful–!


All of this was like over the course of 3 days and i took most of the packaging bc i forgot i was gonna post pictures. And these are canadian prices and some i had to guess bc i forgot what the original prices were soz

Urban Outfitters

booties 30$

sunglasses x2 40$ (one pair not shown)


Mini brush set 10$

Olay face brightening cream 10$

Clear Nailpolish 8$ (not shown)


Fibre 1 bars 3$

Essie Top Coat 7$

Essie Fast Drying 7$

Nail Polish Remover 6$

Victoria’s Secret

lace thongs x3 31.50$

sports bras x3 49.50$

black sweater 30.50$

Chapters (it’s a bookstore)

Yes Please by Amy Poehler 20$ (not shown)

Egghead by Bo Burnham 17$

It by Alexa Chung 23$ (not shown)

Winners (kind of like marshalls or ross)

Black lace bra 18$

set of travel brushes 16$

converse socks 7$

knee high socks 9$


Interstellar palette 55$

semi sweet chocolate palette x2 118$ (one not shown)

makeup forever hd foundation x2 98$ (one not shown)

Nars concealer x2 70$ (one not shown)

YSL lipsticks x4 156$ (two not shown)

Urban Decay setting mist 36$

Urban Decay Shadow primer 24$

Nars pore primer 34$

black beauty blender 26$

BB hair powder 31$

Anastasia Brow pencil 30$

nars matte lip pencils x2 62$

kat von d liquid liner pen 18$

too faced melted lipstick 25$

lancome lipgloss 18$


Coco madam x2 180$

Face wipes 6$

Eye brightner thing 22$

Lipgloss stuff that makes ur lips big 22$

Maybelline Foundation 13$

Theyre Real Mascara 23$

l'oreal eye liners x2 20$

l'oreal liquid liner 11$

Earbuds 14$

cuticle clippers 11$

oil wipes 4$

Biore Nose Strips 8$

Biore heat masks 8$

Dior Mascara 30$

Porefessional 27$

Eye Contour kit 23$

Maybelline Eyeliner 7$

Maybelline Shadow Stick 8$

Essie Nailpolish 13$ (not shown)

Matte Nailpolish Coat 13$ (not shown)

Total Saved: 1,606.50$

If it says not shown that’s because i lifted that stuff for my best friend and she has it haha.

necrofuturism  asked:

a lot of people think they can't pull off makeup with glasses when it's actually pretty easy! just use your frame thickness to determine how much eyeliner you should wear (thicker frames need thicker eyeliner, thinner frames need thinner eyeliner) and stick with light colored shadows that are either matte or pearlized/shimmer that make your eye color pop. go for a volumizing or curling mascara rather than a lengthening one because you don't want your lashes to touch the lenses. that's it!

That’s like way too much effort for me.  I do a basic Maybelline mascara and I should get some basic black pencil and liquid eyeliner, but beyond that I think would be too much.