I know I mentioned that these kids all took the time to change before trading the wand for Ben BUT I feel it needs to be mentioned that like. 5 of them lost their sleeves? Like they took the time to just. Rip the sleeves off their costumes before meeting like some wild kind of “running into your ex so you need to look Better” kind of thing and. Wow


@forever-afk I’m sorry but in my 80′s trash jam-out while I build these layouts, I discovered 80′s synthpop Vaelrin.


SO I WAS INSPIRED BY SOME OTHER COOL PEOPLE TO POST SOME SELFIES OF ME FROM MY HORRIBLE EMO PHASE ! honestly I was more of a scenester xD but rlly… what’s the difference? Anyways first 3 pics are from 2010/2011 and the last pic was taken a few days ago. please enjoy the cringe. also yes I really did make a vampire edit of myself I really did that.