You’re like a shadow
At the edge of my eye
Like a chill in the air
Like a light in the sky
Like the endless peace after we die
You’re a breath in my ear
You’re a word in my mind
I’m here on my own
Just two of a kind
Together alone
Together alone
I don’t need anybody
I don’t want anybody
I’m on my own
Together alone

Together alone - Soft Cell 



There our angels sleeping in our beds
But I can not even hear or feel them
And there’s dead lead swimming in my head
Steering into nodes by the tips of their stems.

And their wings are tired and their torn
Like the scorned dread in my eyeball’s veins
Worn down by the weather’s wicked storms
Followed along with a little more added rain.

Lost and restless looking for their tombs
Here they are now rising from their graves
Haunting us with vile when they loom with doom
They only materialize in front of the brave.

Looking for the wind in their sail to carry them high
Where only they know where to go on their travels
And their destination unknown to the battered eye
Like a mystery quickly needing to be unraveled.

But now I hear one angel whisper in my ear
That sends my head spinning into sync
She tells me to lose my doubt and all my fear
For a new beginning awaits with one eye’s blink.

And my body is broken with missing screws
Like the shredded fabric of this angel’s wings
Worn down by this life’s wicked cues
Along with the evil symphonies the choirs sing.

Distraught and tired looking for a home
Here I am again now rising from my den
Haunting the unappreciative as they sleep alone
Ripping curtains in half  into pieces of ten.

Searching for a way to follow this saint
I see the light between the cliffs above me
My eyes become tainted with red as I faint
With a sudden feeling as free as the sea.

And I felt myself having both arms lifted
The ground began to dissolve below forever
Shifting higher my center of gravity drifted
The saints and I would be disappearing together.

And these angels who are sleeping in our beds
The ones I thought I could never see
No longer are they fixations in my head
They helped me find and be a new reality.

What I love about each B.A.P member


  • Always spinning
  • He cried at their final LOE concert in Seoul T^T
  • The amount of confidence he showed during Noir era
  • Like was it the blue hair that gave him such a boost???
  • He updated his sns SO MUCH
  • I’m not complaining tho
  • The embodiment of pure happiness
  • His huge soft spot for Himchan
  • That time he held Himchan’s hands and rubbed soothing circles with his thumb
  • I’m crying
  • He lets Himchan hold his hand when he gets nervous/embarrassed
  • Actually they hold hands a lot
  • Ughhh where are my tissues
  • He lets the other members hang all over him without batting an eye
  • Like he still goes through sound check with Daehyun clinging on to his back 
  • He may think about retaliating but doesn’t
  • Wait maybe Skydive was his revenge
  • The members just really love him okay
  • I mean wouldn’t you want to smother him with love and affection too????
  • Fairies and pixies and all sorts of precious mythical creatures are born every time he laughs
  • Stars that are in the middle of combusting literally pull their shit back together and continue to shine when Moon Jongup laughs
  • His cheekbones
  • His jaw
  • His thighs
  • His tummy
  • His singing
  • His dancing
  • His smile
  • His humor
  • Literally everything about him
  • Loves anime
  • Let him do a broadcast where he talks about his favorite anime pls
  • Dance breaks
  • His iconic 1004 pose that will give you chills every time
  • His now iconic Skydive pose 
  • His favorite expensive brown shoes
  • His love for yeezys
  • When he and Zelo are weird together
  • He patiently listens to everyone
  • The way he looks at Himchan when he’s talking
  • Whoops where did my tissues go
  • Such a soft voice
  • When he tried to explain the Skydive MV but the other members kept cutting him off with nonsense
  • He, one of the main dancers, lost at DDR
  • How he’s becoming more open and comfortable in interviews
  • Pokemon Master
  • That one time he took a shower then worked out in the middle of the night
  • That’s backward my son but its okay 
  • Wonders why Daehyun always comes to sleep with him
  • His shade face
  • His b-e-a-utiful golden skin
  • He was so tan during Badman era it was gorgeous
  • The way he squints bc he can’t see
  • His love for Shake Shack 
  • Teases Himchan a lot
  • When he pops in and out of frame when another member is talking
  • His Matrix era hair 
  • His purple hair in Excuse Me
  • Funny
  • So so so sweet
  • But shows his savage side every once in awhile 
  • Incredible to watch on stage
  • His stage presence is just wow
  • ‘Now’ took my breath away
  • I have to listen to it at least once a day
  • He’s grown and improved so much since debut 
  • He was only 16
  • His singing is incredibly beautiful 
  • I’m so proud of him 
  • Whatever you can think of about Jongup, I love 

Feel free to add some of your favorite Jongup things! I love our Moon Angel.

YG | HC | DH | YJ | JU | ZL  

Dating BlackPink’s Rose` would include...
  • Getting killed by her accent all the time
  • I think she would love cuddles
  • Like all the time, even if you two were with the other girls she would just cuddle up to you
  • Though she would probably want her relationship to be private
    from the public eye
  • Like if you two were walking down the street together no one would know you two are dating, but behind closed doors she’s all affection
  • Movie marathons
  • Will put a scary movie on on purpose
  • She expected you to be the one to jump and hide, cuddling into her. But no shes the one hiding behind you asking if the scary part is over yet
  • Carnivals
  • Cute diners
  • She stares at you lovingly when your not looking
  • When she gets caught she plays it off like she was looking at something behind you

~Admin C


And now onto my love, my sunshine, my bby, Kim Taehyung aka V aka Tae tae aka can we talk about how this kid is the definition of whiplash for a second bc this is something I deal with on the daily like one second he’s fucking adorable as hell, with his cute lil giggle and his smile oh my god his eye smile is my actual favorite his eyes in general are my fave like I'm a total eye girl and his are just wow but then oh wait he’s not a kid at all he’s a man with the fucking tongue and the hips and the h an ds and it’s just :) haha this is great I love this but then hey guys don’t worry he goes right back to being an actual angel immediately after he gets off stage

  • Okay but tae is easily youtube material
  • Like his personality is so unique and so him
  • And he’s so genuine
  • Like I really do truly believe he is the way he acts on camera
  • I’m sure he has days where he isn’t as energetic or outgoing, just like everybody does
  • But I think for the most part, he’s pretty happy and ready to go
  • His personality would be the reason he gets popular
  • Of course it doesn’t hurt that he could pull of being a male model without even batting an eye
  • Like have you ever actually looked at him that man is honestly beautiful without even trying to be so when he does try it’s like too much for my lil heart to handle
  • His laughter is contagious so even if his joke sucks, you still gotta laugh bc he’s cracking himself up
  • He is funny as fuck in his own lil cute way like he’s just got a natural way of being really funny that could make just about anyone smile
  • Like Tae’s the youtuber you go to when you’ve had a bad day or just need someone to make you laugh
  • He treats his subscribers like best friends tbh
  • Like you know the way he’s so present with us like he’s constantly updating us all on what he’s doing and shit and he just makes lil random videos to say hi
  • VLOGS 
  • More like v-logs am I right
  • He’d totally make that joke and we all know it
  • Hobi’s the only one to laugh at it though
  • But his specialty is actually vlogs
  • He makes random sit down and talk videos too of course
  • But most people know him for vlogging
  • He vlogs literally anything and everything
  • He could honestly make talking about paint interesting so I have no doubt he could handle vlogging 
  • He lives with you so you’re constantly in vlogs
  • Okay but if you were comfortable with it, you’d be in basically every video
  • Whether it’s just a quick “babe, say hi” or a full on “this entire video is about my love”
  • You two met in school, back when he was just starting out so you’ve been there since the beginning
  • Head canon time ready set go
  • He vlogs the process of getting engaged
  • He of course doesn’t upload them right away bc then you’d know and that would ruin the whole surprise idea behind his proposal
  • He tells the viewers all about his plan, how he wants to take you to Japan and take you to your favorite restaurant there and then propose after dinner
  • He films himself finding the ring
  • He randomly turns the camera on, ready to tell his viewers that he didn’t have any luck finding anything yet
  • But then you just see his eyes light up and he’s all excited
  • He calls Jimin over and is like dude this is it, I found it holy shit
  • Jimin’s equally as excited since they’d been looking for like a week or two
  • And Jimin’s been able to watch your relationship develop from barely being able to say hi to each other without getting all smiley to being able to helping Taehyung find a ring to propose to you with
  • The next clip is tae looking all nic E in a suit and he’s like mumbling about how he has no fucking idea on how to tie a tie
  • He’s rushing around bc he’s two minutes late and that isn’t okay with him
  • He says goodbye to the camera and it just kinda fades to black
  • At the very end of the video, this lil message pops up
  • “Btw, I’m engaged now. My love said yes”
  • Youtuber!Tae is just a total sweetheart who loves his subscribers so so much and would do anything to make them smile

My beautiful babies!

Furnace and Soft-Break (formerly known as Princess Bigarms) got a few updates. They’ll probably get more updates so that Soft-Break looks less like a wormy Zarya and Furnace less like the product of Raiden knocking up a xenomorph.

I think Furnace is blind. Sort of blind anyways. Since his brain was modified to favor speed over accuracy his vision his largely unconscious now (consciousness is great but very slow). Blindsight, basically. So that’s why he can dodge bullets but can’t read signs. He knows things are around him and he’ll never bump into anything but he’s very slow at figuring out what he’s seeing. Hearing and touch are conscious though (he’s learning braille and loves terrible spy novels). He also has other eyelike sensors around his body, so 360 degree vision that’s really only good for combat.

here’s a instant of my next Nozomi cosplay to celebrate her birthday!

Tomb of the Astronomer

The djinni Calim governed Calimshan for almost a thousand years before someone challenged his rule.

On the shore of the River Agis the great efreeti Memnon proclaimed his sovereignty. Despite border skirmishes, assassination attempts, and unfavourable trade status, Memnon’s power grew for three hundred years until all-out war erupted between the Calim Empire and Memnonnar, ushering in the Era of Skyfire.

That war lasted for centuries.

Some of Faerûn’s most appalling battles occurred during the Era of Skyfire. Battle accounts ink crumbling tomes with names such as the Blood March, the Fall of Agis, and the Battle of Ruin. Both sides suffered horrendous losses, especially so amongst the thousands of slave-soldiers forced to fight for both sides. Before the elves of Keltormir and their djinn-efreet binding ritual permanently ended the clash, many heroes of the conflict fell to noble and ignoble deaths alike.

More than powerless slaves found themselves caught up in the fighting. Stronger entities, too, who cared nothing for either of the two principles, were forced to choose sides lest they be destroyed by the other.

One of these was known generally as the Astronomer. However, the Astronomer would not choose a side. For that, she was brushed aside, and her home disappeared under what became the Calim Desert. Few histories record even that she existed, let alone the location of her buried home.

Who Was the Astronomer?

Despite being kin to djinn, the Astronomer would have nothing to do with the centuries-long struggle for dominance between Calim and Memnon. A genasi, the Astronomer concerned herself only with her study of a burgeoning planar realm she referred to as the Elemental Tempest.

According to the Astronomer, beneath the world the forces of the Elemental Tempest churn. There, elemental substance and energy crash together in an unending cycle of creation and destruction. Its substance, she claimed, was the very stuff from which the world was crafted, and once the scales of ignorance fell away from the eyes of the supposedly wise, all would recognize her claim as so.

Thus the Astronomer’s lone home, far from any other home or village, was a facility dedicated to peering into this realm over which she obsessed. Her large compound could support her, her staff of mage-researchers, her household workers, and the explorers that she briefly dangled into the realm via magically insulated Tempest Cages.

When the ultimatum (“Serve me or perish!”) from Calim arrived on the lips of a leering captain of one of Calim’s many armies, the Astronomer dropped the envoy, unprotected, through a portal to the very heart of the Elemental Tempest.

Surface Description

In Calimshan, tales speak of a lost reliquary contemporary with the famous djinn Calim. This ancient place, called the Tomb of the Astronomer, remains lost in the midst of the Calim Desert, and some say it contains an ancient secret.

If it can be believed, an antique scroll in the library of Candlekeep explains how explorers once or twice stumbled on the entrance to the Tomb of the Astronomer. 

A half-sunken, shattered stone face in the sand marks the entrance. The wrinkled frown and cold sneer on this visage seems to recall images of ancient Calim, and indeed, the scroll indicates that after the Astronomer’s compound was buried under a sandstorm that lasted ten years and a day, a single graven image of Calim, in all his splendour, was set upon the site as a warning to others not to gainsay the will of the djinni.

Excavation of the Tomb

Excavating the constantly shifting, fluid sand anywhere in the Calim Desert is nearly impossible. A hole fills in nearly as fast as it is dug unless the diggers use physical and magical supports.

And thus, if adventurers come upon the site with the antique scroll from Candlekeep clutched in eager hands, perhaps they will be delighted to find someone has beat them to the site and has already started digging. Then again, perhaps not.

The noted collector Dulmanico of Waterdeep is on location, and for several months he has supervised the work of his team of diggers, excavators, sages, guards, and even a few fellow wizard collectors who contributed to the cost of the expedition.

Thus hopeful adventurers discover a slowly growing pit of terraced shelves gradually stepping down to the lowest point of the deepening pit. Nearly a hundred tents, an equal number of camels, a semi-permanent barracks and kitchen, and a camp library have made a once-sterile spot in the middle of nowhere into a miniature village.

Arcane and divine magic keep the draft animals, workers, and overseers fed, watered, and safe from the heat. The guards, who Dulmanico pays in ale and silver, busy themselves dealing with the increasingly frequent attacks coming out of the deep desert.

The attackers consist mainly of shambling, mindless zombies whose tissues are more fossil than bone. Dulmanico theorizes that the undead are animated recently from an eon-long slumber rather than being the free-ranging zombies who’ve walked the desert so long that they’ve fossilized. He supposes an intelligent agent controls them while lurking somewhere farther out in the desert in a hidden base.

Moreover, Dulmanico insists the undead attacks are not, as the superstitious workers in the dig camp mutter, the effects of a curse that strengthens with each foot the excavation descends toward the Tomb’s buried entrance. In fact, Dulmanico believes the attacks are orchestrated by none other than agents of the Twisted Rune, a group of powerful undead spellcasters that meddle with affairs in Calimshan and beyond for power and amusement.

If someone could stop the attacks once and for all, Dulmanico would command his workers to excavate the final few feet to reveal the Tomb’s entrance, which both mundane and arcane methods indicate would take only a few days of uninterrupted work.

Newcomers to Dulmanico’s dig site find him amenable to sharing the fruits of the excavation if they would make a good faith effort; he asks interested visitors to look into the supposed Twisted Rune base hidden in the desert, eradicate the Twisted Rune agent or agents that probably reside there, and thereby hopefully put an end to undead raids. Only investigation reveals whether any of Dulmanico’s series of surmises are accurate.

Inside the Tomb

Once diggers remove the final few feet of sand concealing the Tomb of the Astronomer, a pitted iron surface is revealed. Curved seams suggest a great, eyelike iris that is currently closed. A humanoid palm print in the exact centre of the iris begs to be touched. If it is, the eye responds.

A terrible scraping sound accompanies the opening eye. Excess sand around the edges pours into the opening like a liquid flood, but apparently the space beyond the aperture is more than large enough to contain it.

The rusted, newly sand-filled chamber beyond contains no immediate threats, furnishings, or distinguishing furnishings (unless falling sand buried them). The chamber is apparently carved from solid rock.

Corridors lead off in several directions, though one corridor is more than twice as wide as all the others, potentially indicating its importance.

Disturbingly, demons have somehow gotten into the Astronomer’s buried facility!

Soon after explorers begin to move through the chambers, several demonic creatures attack them. These demons are initially as astonished to discover visitors as visitors may be surprised at encountering them. However, demonic eyes quickly alight with anticipation as they attack.

If the explorers overcome the demons, they soon enough find the main observing dome with its rusted arcane instruments, shattered lenses, and forgotten astronomical scripts. There they can discover that the magic mechanism for opening the dome for observation still functions. If they trigger it, the dome splits, though it doesn’t spill sand into dome. Instead, it opens onto a view into a different plane – perhaps the Elemental Tempest itself!

The view through the opening is of a floor of black stone stretching away in all directions, though the landscape is broken up by rivers of lightning, seas of fire, floating earthbergs, ice mountains, and cyclonic columns of air, fire, and soil.

In the far distance, a fire-rimmed stain of darkness hangs in mid-air, as if a scar on the sky itself. According to notes found half-shredded at the observation stations under the dome, the scar is the physical manifestation of the Abyss within the Elemental Tempest.

Thankfully, despite being visible, the burning scar is hundreds of miles off, but perhaps it explains the demonic infestation of the compound. Certainly the rusted, now-useless instruments in the dome appear as if they may have once been trained on that distant blot.

What was the Astronomer really studying here? What does the view into the obviously very real Elemental Tempest have to do with the Abyss and demons who swarm and breed within it? What other secrets does the demon-infested, observatory-turned-tomb hold? And does any aspect or memory of the Astronomer herself yet walk the hollow stone halls?



“The sunlight hit me dead in the eye
Like it’s mad I gave half the day to last night
My bad sight made me trip on my ass right into that patch of grass like that’s life
All of a sudden, I realize something
The weather is amazing, even the birds are bumpin
Stood up and took a look and a breath”


Taken at Makapu’u beach, Oahu

lovinonotatomatovargas-deactiva  asked:

Lovino huffed lightly, realizing he was now officially lost. "Siri, call Alfred." He said to his phone, since still can't see anything.

♫”When the moon hits your eye
Like a big-a pizza pie
That’s amore”♪

Alfred blinked when he heard the ringtone he set for his Italian friend. After the first few lyrics he picked it up and pressed the device to his ear. “Ciao, Lovi!” He didn’t think he said the Italian greeting correctly, but whatever.


They say, one man’s trash is another girl’s treasure
So if it’s up to me, I’m going to keep you forever
Because I understand you, we see eye to eye
Like a double rainbow in the sky
And wherever you go, so will I
Because a double rainbow is hard to find.

Tiger by narni
Gender: Nonbinary
Pronouns: he/him/his
Romantic Orientation: Gray-romantic
Height: 6'1"
Weapon: Bō staff
Gem Type: Tiger Eye
Likes: Travelling, good stories, music, sunsets, sleeping
Dislikes: Fighting, work, desolate planets
Hobbies: Tiger loves to travel and his life partially depends on it. Throughout his travels he’s taken up the hobby or learning stories, listening to every creature he meets and sharing some of his own stories in exchange.
Talents/Skills: Tiger has the ability to convince people into believing or doing what he wants, keeping him free from having to fight people. He also seems to be incredibly lucky (no doubt thanks to the first talent).
Relationships: Howlite - “friend” - Tiger has run into Howlite many times while travelling from planet to planet, usually just before the planet gets taken over by gems. Their relationship is the main reason Tiger has yet to be caught and punished for not helping the gem agenda, although it usually gets Howlite in trouble.
Personality: Tiger is very laid back and just a bit lazy. While very kind and interested in almost every type of creatures, he is a loner at heart and prefers travelling alone. He has a difficulty connecting with others on a deep level. He makes friends as quickly as he loses them, picking up new companions on every planet and then leaving them behind. He has a constant itch to keep moving, so he’s not a reliable friend for the long term, but for the short term he is compassionate and willing to help (so long as he doesn’t have to work TOO hard).
Fusion Preference: Doesn’t matter