Listless Pride - One of a series I’d like to finish for conventions this year. Something non-fanart, though it’s loosely influenced by Maleficent.

Available in multiple forms on Society6 - I like her on the tote bags and t-shirts best. 


I was hoping you could see the eye liner thing that I did but its too blurry. Anyways, a while back…This dude at Bobbi Brown showed me how to line the waterline on the top of my eyes to make my lashes look longer. Not only did it do that but it made my already big eyes look freakishly bigger. The only reason why I did it was because Cam’s mom was thinking of getting her eyeliner tattooed. (Yeah can you believe it?!) And I was just trying to see how long it takes for me to put eyeliner/mascara on (literally less than a minute) and see if tattooing is an easier option… And in the end, hell no. I’ll take that extra minute to line my eyes and theres no way I’d let anyone tattoo my eyelid! Holy crap the things women do!

Black Rose by alicia-simone-davis featuring drop earrings

Alex Perry long dress / Demonia lace up boots / Oscar de la Renta drop earrings / Heart pendant / Choker necklace / Flower ring / Urstadt Swan fingerless glove / Eye Temporary Tattoo Makeup Tattoo; Transfer Eye Tattoo, Eyelids… / Flower garland, $2.61 / Illamasqua eyeshadow / Kat Von D red lipstick / Black hair care, $32 / Black beauty product