the wanderer

full name:  auro lengdreal
other names:  the unyielding wanderer, tall boy
occupation:   vagrant
age:   29
gender:  cisgender male.
sexuality:   asexual
origin:  a little town to the south east: ravenna.
current location:   unknown
nationality:   unknown
ethnicity:   unknown
known languages:   common
religion:   none
height:   15 feet.
body type:   slender, with some muscle definition
eyes:   droopy, heavy eyelids and prominent eyebags
tattoos:   none
piercings:   none
social media:  - modern au - has a semi-famous fitness instagram.
smoking:   none
drinking:   none
drugs:  none
athletics:   walks everywhere, lifts very heavy things. punches through very solid things.
hobbies:  wandering from place to place i guess
virgin:   no
favorite drink:   chamomile tea
favorite food:  roast beef or a sirloin steak.
favorite music:  anything slow and calming.
clothing style: the clothes he had when he was cursed. no other choices.
underwear type:  boxers.

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Sleep Sound 2

Synopsis: Pharah and Mercy have trouble sleeping. A series of chance encounters prove that the solution might be each other.

Pairing: Rocket Angel (Fareeha “Pharah” Amari/Angela “Mercy” Ziegler)

It had been a long, hard day for the newly reformed Overwatch. Given the international ban on Overwatch activity, they had rebranded as a mercenary company, answering the call when they could, and taking benevolent jobs to pay the bills the rest of the time.

Well, relatively benevolent, anyway.

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Book Recs

The List: When an ambitious young woman goes on a quest to read 50 books in the year 2016, she asks for help from the most unlikely of sources: her tumblr followers. What follows is the heartwarming story of human connection in the digital age and the endurance of the human spirit in the face of poorly crafted book blurbs. 

aka THANK YOU ALL for the book recs they were much appreciated!

however there were so many (you answered the post, you sent asks, you messaged!) that they more than tripled my 2016 goal and I found myself lost, until I decided to just make a list of everything, with the book blurb, in order to be able to choose. I was already making the list and I figured I should share it. Since many of you had multiple suggestions, there are some interesting patterns within (looking at you @renlyslittlerose among others for bringing the historical and gay af)

Under the cut you will find all your book suggestions approximately in the order they were received, barring suggestions that just had the author’s name and books I’ve already read. To everyone suggesting The Kingkiller Chronicles you must have missed the couple of posts I made mocking Kvothe, somewhere in this tag, and to someone suggesting Terry Pratchett, you must have missed all of 2014 on this blog.

This is long, very long, but I think worthwhile (otherwise I’ve certainly wasted my time putting it together). I found so many wonderful books I’d never heard of, and promised myself I’d read some I’ve already had my eye on. The entries that are bolded are the ones that I just happened to click with and will therefore receive first priority. Apart from the title, authors, and series when given, I’ve also included the blurb and small mentions for the covers I find aesthetically appealing, because I am nothing if not shallow. 

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After all, how many of us had tried to forget something traumatic…only to find it printed on the back of our eyelids, tattooed on our tongues?
—  Jodi Picoult, Change of Heart