Eyelash extensions!

I posted about a week ago that I was thinking about getting some eyelash extensions put into my actual eyelashes to make them a little longer, so I could stop wearing mascara and false eyelashes.

I got them done on Wednesday at a little place in Glasgow's merchant city  "White & Barr" hair salon and in with that, is a place called “Fingers”.

I wasn’t really sure what look I was hoping to achieve, I wanted a more natural everyday look instead of a full on “clearly not my real eyelashes” sort of look.

Annemarie, the lady that was doing my lashes was lovely and explained what happened and what look would suit me best. I decided to go for some sort at the inner corners of my eyes and medium towards the end, I didn’t think the long lashes would give the look I wanted to achieve.

Eyelashes before:

As you can see, not very long, just average lashes without any make up on them, also had some little spaces that false lash glue has taken out some of my own.

It took around 70 minutes for the lashes to be done, all very relaxing and I could have fallen asleep (I was lying down on a bed with a blanket and it was only early, surprised I didn’t haha!)

Eyelashes After:

As you can see from the photo, you can see the difference to the length dramatically! They just give a much nicer, natural look to my eyes that isn’t fake in anyway. They feel just the same as your normal lashes, you just have to be really careful and gentle with them when cleansing ect. Should last up to 4-6 weeks if I look after them and I’m really happy with them, just what I wanted -no need for mascara!

Let me know your thoughts!

Natalie :) xoxox

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7 Tips how to make short eyelashes look longer

Do you feel bad due to short eyelashes? Do you get mad about it? Well, in case you do get mad at it then you actually should not. This is because there are various ways by which you could increase the length of your eyelashes. Do experiment with all the methods and see for yourself which one…

Eyelash Extension, yay or nay?

I can’t say I’ve been blessed with long or particularly thick eyelashes, so for me on a night out, a pair of lashes complete my make up but recently, I’ve been hearing loads about eyelash extensions.

What are eyelash extensions?

The experts say “Eyelash extensions are applied in salons by specially trained therapists. Individual synthetic lashes are carefully bonded to your existing lashes.”

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

The experts say “Around eight to 12 weeks if you look after them. The extensions will drop off as your eyelashes naturally shed, so you’ll lose about 12-15 lashes every two to three weeks.”

My eyelashes with false lashes & the look I would want to achieve;

Putting a set of eyelashes on completely changes a look, adding an instant dramatic eye. I love the way they can change my eyes and make me feel better about myself as silly as that sounds! (It is true).

I’ve had a look around for salons in Glasgow and the prices range from £55.00 to around £80.00 for an hour/two hour session, which I think is amazing considering I buy £7.00 pairs that last for a day! I think I will book an appointment!

If you have them/have tried them, let me know your thoughts, I’m always keen to hear what you guys think!

Natalie :) xoxox


Initializing Upgrades…………:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

I’m not at all saying that I don’t like myself. I happen to think it’s ok to lay around in sweats all day, it’s ok not to wear make up everyday (although I always do). 

After turning 30 I really started worrying about diabetes, so I’ve been dieting and working out. Here’s a few things I do:

Diet: lose .5 kg a week

Work out: run, kick boxing, free weights, spin, occasional yoga 

Waxing: It’s easier than shaving!

Nails: about once a month

Face: wash morning and at night

Make up: MAC (mostly) and every day

Hair: Trying to grow it out, I straighten it out about every two weeks. Curly is my natural state but I’m a bit over it and at this length, it gets awkward. I get it coloured.

So, currently here are my soon to be upgrades!

External image

Brazilian Blowout: A process that makes the hair really silky smooth! I bought one on sale. Unfortunately I have to wait till July because it was all booked!

External image

Eyelash Extensions: I LOVE wearing fake eyelashes. I would wear them everyday. This process takes care of that! My stylist does this and it looks amazing. I can’t wait to do it.

External image

Lip Pump: I need to get this stuff to make my lips even MOAR KISSABLE! I like Benefit’s Lip Pump

External image

Drop a size. I need some cool jeans and I’m between sizes.

That’s definitely enough for now! I am really happy with the progress I’ve made this year.

Anything you’re thinking of upgrading?

Update on Eyelash Extension!

Okay, so if you keep up to date with my posts on this, which isn’t hard right now because I haven’t been posting as much as I would like, you will know I had an eyelash 3D extension about a month ago now and I just wanted to fill you in on how they have been and tell you some things about them!

First of all, when I got the eyelash extension I was so pleased with the results, not having to bother with any mascara was a god send. Fixing my make up for work was done within like 5 minutes because I didn’t feel the need for much make up as the extension made such a difference!

After the first week or two, they were starting to really annoy me, I’m not the kind of sleeper that stays in one place through out the night, so mostly every morning when I woke up, I had to try fix them back in place as they were going in all sort of directions. Still, they were easy to put back in place and I could deal with that.

Now, there are hardly any and really starting to bug me. The extensions will not come off my eyelashes without ripping out about 4 of my real eyelashes at a time. They are clumpy and when waking up in the morning, if the ones that are left are going in all sort of directions, I can barely budge them, forcing me to pull it out and out comes some of my actual eyelashes with it. I was told that if you use oil on them, they will loosen and simply come off but this is not the case at all. I’ve tried using oils, water, creams and everything else but they don’t seem to want to move.

So now, they just look rubbish and using mascara wouldn’t help at all, so  it’s just a case of waiting for my eyelashes to grow and the extensions to fall out but my patience with them is not very high right now so I might book an appointment to have them removed and if i don’t have any eyelashes left, I might just cry (haha seriously).

Photo below is them right now, no make up on so you can see how they look;

(They look worse in this photo but I just wanted to show the extent of them by lifting up to show them!)

Would I get them again? Not too sure, I don’t like the fact my eyelashes are falling out along with the extensions, so probably not. I have heard they also ruin your real eyelashes, so you feel you always need the extension. 

I just wanted to share this for anything thinking of getting them, as chances are, you will be told only the good things about them and not the bad! Hopefully this helps. All the talk about the way you care about them is rubbish because I have been super careful with them and they still have been all over the place! 

Have you had them before? What is your experience? Let me know!

Natalie :) xoxox

接睫毛卸妝救星♥無油卸妝凝露Eyelash extension safe makeup remover

這次更進階:教接睫毛的人怎麼 ‪#‎一瓶卸妝到底‬💪

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I am quoted in Sunday January 20, 2013 “New York Time’s” magazine section.

My tips on applying false eyelashes.

“The key is to cut them. Measure them and see how short you can make them and still have that dramatic look. And most important,form them before you put the glue on and place them on your eyes. You want to roll them between your fingers. You take the edges and bend them back and forth,so that when you do glue them on your eye, they fit perfectly.”

有假睫毛效果卻自然有層次的山茶花美睫 Dramatic but natural eyelash extension



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