eyelash glitter

Reblog if you support cross-dressing and/or gender non-conformity!

Support men who wear dresses and makeup and fake eyelashes and glitter in their beards who refuse to label themselves as women and refuse to allow their manhood to be defined by masculinity!

Support women with shaved heads and big tattoos who don’t shave their lip hair or their legs and wear grandpa shorts and refuse to allow anyone to deny them their womanhood!

Support teenage boys with bows in their hair who still know themselves as boys and don’t intend on appropriating women’s spaces! Support teenage boys who create their own communities for gender non-conforming boys!

Support teenage girls who don’t think being a girl means they need to learn how to wear makeup, so they get picked on for not knowing what a “contour” is! Support teenage girls brave enough to ask for female only spaces!