TF2 Merc's Bedrooms

This is my opinion on what the merc’s bedroom look like and all that so here what’s i got-

Scout - His bedroom is mainly baseball theamed with all his baseballs bats stacked on the wall, on his bed side table he has a pic of his family, his room is quite messy with clothes, bonk cans and food wrappers all over the floor, he has a bookshelf full of sports books and one of the sports books is really a diary and he has a trunk full of hats.

Soldier - He has army based stuff all over his room so his room is like a mini battlefield with a wired fence around his side of the room, he shares his room with Engineer and his room is messy but not as messy as scouts, even tho he has the wired fencing, he doesn’t use it at night since it’s just him and engie in the room and they are both asleep, his bookshelf is full of war book and he also has a trunk full of hats.

Pyro - Nobody doesn’t know what pyro’s room looks like since it’s shut all the time and they don’t really want to go in there but all they know is that on the door there are cute girly stickers on his name on the door, they think he has a bookshelf full of cookbooks and fire and the room smells burnt.

Demoman -His room has all types of alcohol bottles all over the room but he does have bookshelf full of alcohol books, a picture of his mum and his eyelander on the wall and like everyone else he has a trunk full of hats.

Heavy - His room is russian theamed, he got a fridge in there full of sandwiches and a lot of pictures all over the wall of his mum and 3 sisters, he has a bookshelf full of russia things and different kinds of sandwiches and he has a bed made for sasha right next to his bed and a trunk full of hats.

Engineer - He is sharing his room with soldier but he doesn’t mind, he has a lot of metal, scrapped projects and blueprints all around his room but in a tidy way, he has a desk near the wall so he can do his work, his bookshelf is full of engineering books and diy books, a trunk full of hats and a little sentry guard by the door.

Medic - He shares his room with Sniper and he loves his company, he has a cage with archimedes in it, a lot of medical things around the room, a bookshelf full of medical books, a violin case by the window, a trunk full of hats and under archimedes’ cage, there is his seeds, dustpan and brush and other bird caring needs.

Sniper - He shares his room with Medic and he loves his company and stays in his room because of it but he goes and sleeps in his camper van when he’s sad or it’s a really hot summer night, he has his rifle stacked on the wall behind his bed, his has sir hoots a lot in a cage by the window, a bookshelf full of australia, owls, and surviving in the wild, a trunk full of hats and a coffee machine for when he makes his coffee.

Spy - His room is all french theamed, bookshelf full of french things and other books, trunk full of hats, in his bedside table he has a draw full of cigarette, a pic of scouts mum on the bedside table and he also keeps a pic of scout behind the pic of scouts mum to remind himself that he is his father.

Other things - they all have wallpaper with their logos on it, they all have a wardrobe with their cosmetic in it, sniper and medic are the only ones to have a pet in their room and all their room on are on the same floor.