• Me and little bro: *listening to Ninjago songs*
  • Little bro: Wait. If you’re a djinn, and you become king, you get infinite wishes, right? SO WHY DIDN’T NADAKHAN’S DAD USE HIS ‘DIVINE AUTHORITY’ AS DJINN KING WITH INFINITE WISHES TO WISH IT ALL AWAY?! He could have wished Djinnjago to stop from crumbling!*makes a convo between Nadakhan and his dad*
  • Dad: Oh hello, son.
  • Nadakhan: Dad, I just got here. Why is our home crumbling?
  • Dad: Remember that giant green ghost anus realm that the ninja totally rekt? Turns out, if you kill a realm, its sister realm will follow. Guess who made the list?
  • Nadakhan: ... Soooo, what now?
  • Dad: This is definitely the ninjas' fault! Son, while I'm here in our crumbling realm, and as the Djinn King who can bestow my own wishes, no strings attached, I decide, instead, that you take this 'discount Eyelander' and wack the ninja's souls in here! With their power, you grow stronger. I'm totally not gonna use my legit wishing powers to try and save the realm cuz I have faith in you son. I'm sure you can find someone to marry and fix all this.
  • Nadakhan: ...WUT?
  • Dad: You'll understand in time. U GOT DIS SON. *pillars crumble in background*