eyeko liquid metal

I recently received these Liquid Metal Liners from Eyeko to try out, and I am in love with these two!! 

I have Black Onyx & Rose Gold, and both are well pigmented. 
The Rose Gold as you can see is extremely reflective, and the Black Onyx has gold pigments reflecting through it which is simply stunning! 

These pens have an ‘easy-to-use’ twist dispenser at the base of them, and this releases the product through the soft brush tip. The colour of the product is viewable through its see-through barrel at the base, which I like. 
You only need one turn of the bottom for a nice amount of product to be dispensed. 

My initial thought was that the product was quite watery, which led me to think it was going to require a few layers in order to build up a good opacity, but I was wrong; watery it may be, but the pigment is great and it dries very opaque. It doesn’t shift, flake or fade based upon my first trial with them.

You need to apply this evenly to make sure it dries evenly. The above picture is based upon one twist of the pen and one layer of the product onto my skin, and as you can see its great! 
The Rose Gold is like foil, its super metallic and reflective. 

It takes about 20 seconds to dry, so make sure not to look up when applying this to the eye as you don’t want to ruin the liner you’ve applied.

What I also love about these pens is that you can swipe them onto your lashes once your mascara has dried, and it with give the ends of them a dip-dyed effect! 

I removed this with a facial wipe and it came off fabulously. There’s nothing worse than using a product that doesn’t shift at the end of the day.

So it’s rather perfect in my eyes! 
What more can you ask for in a liner pen? It doesn’t shift when you wear it, but comes off with ease when you’re ready to remove it. 

These are available to purchase from a variety of places online, but here is a link to Eyekos website; www.eyeko.com