We first featured this awesome Doctor Who-themed chess set created by Dutch artist Emmi Visser, aka DeviantArtist EldalinSkywalker, back in 2011. It features the Tenth Doctor and Professor River Song as king and queen facing off against The Master and Lady Cassandra.

Today we discovered that Visser sculpted a second Doctor Who-themed chess set. This geektastic set features the Eleventh Doctor and Professor River Song defended by Amy and Amelia as bishops, Eyedrive Rory and Rory the Roman s knights, TARDIS rooks, and a row of pawns shaped like Dorium’s head. They’re facing off against the Dream Lord and Madam Kovarian as king and queen with The Silence as bishops, Headless Monks as knights, twin Pandoricas for rooks, and a terrifying row of Weeping Angels as pawns.

Both beautifully detailed sets were completely handmade using polymer clay.

Visit EldalinSkywalker’s DeviantArt gallery to check out more of Emmi Visser’s awesomely geeky art projects, including an amazing Game of Thrones-themed chess set.

[via Geek Crafts]


I’ve made an eye-drive just like the ones used in the Wedding of River Song in Doctor who.They’re made out of polymer clay. They are baked hard (they have a little bend) and then painted to look screen acurate. They are made to fit my face but my roommates have all tried mine on and it fits all of them just the same. So, onesize fits all!

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to purchase them.

I was thinking of pricing each for $7 to $10 USD. You pay the shipping (it won’t cost  much to ship internationally as they are small and light).

Here’s are some photos.

So, would anyone be interested in these?