eyed skink


A few quick cell phone pictures from work today, thought you guys would enjoy.

Edit: added species names in the image captions since people were asking, had to wait until I had time to do it on the computer.

Anyone have any suggestions or tips for starting a bioactive setup? I’d like to have one for both my crestie and my red eyed croc skink- which will need a high humidity

I know I need a drainage layer (hydroballs or aquarium gravel maybe) then something to separate that from the soil. Do my plants get planted in that drainage layer? Or on the substrate on top? If my drainage layer helps keep the humidity up do I mist less? I was hoping to get misters set on a timer too along with the UVB and heaters on a thermostat
Where do I get springtails?

I’m essentially trying to make this setup as automated as possible and still have it be beautiful and enriching for my scaly children
Reptiblr help!


Many reptiles(and amphibian)
I was overjoyed that we were able to see a Red-Eyes crocodile Skink(I love them a lot)
Asian Water dragon was a juvenile, and very placid, it is basically Iguana Lite.

There were two blue-tongued Skink 
A Spiny Chameleon(which by the way as an adult can cut you by walkin g on you. :I)
an American Bull Frog(This frog was huge jesauce)
And a big chunky lady Tegu ;w; I loved her she was sooooo soft(tyler liked her the most :0)


found 4 dnd lizbiz characters that never got colored or posted

  1. Horned Chameleon Summoner
  2. Armadillo Girdled Lizard Lancer
  3. Giant Salamander Monk
  4. Bushveld Beastmaster

heres the others:

Salamander Ranger | Leapard Gecko Necromancer | Bearded Dragon Barbarian | Green Anole Ninja | Chameleon Thief | Frilled Neck Lizard Bard | Leaf-Tailed Gecko Druid | Komodo Dragon Merchant | Shingleback Berserker | Lace Monitor Paladin | Red-Eyed Crocodile Skink Mage-warrior