eyed pyramid


heya, some more of Father Abner, it feels a bit weird being on a small mood of drawing him on his human form, I like that form but of course I love him more as his huge pyramid eyed head form! tho, I feel a weird enjoyment when I translate his expressions to a human face, some are very direct while others can vary

the other big guy on this pic is this Sun character from @owlygem, I have been wnating to doodle him becuase he reminds me of Abner for also being anoher sun with a dad-ish attitude!


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So, what is Dipper like when he de-ages? Does his mind de-age too? Does he keep his memories of being de-aged? How does he react when he wakes up, back to normal, and finds he's been sleeping on Bill's chest? Aha, sorry, Deerper de-aging is the cutest thing ever <3!!

Dipper slowly opened his eyes. Stretching his body, he noticed that; 1) everything hurt and 2) there was someone next to him. Dipper blinked away the sleep that still clung to him, turning his head he came face to – one eyed pyramid –before screaming and jolting backwards only to find that he was ensnared between the demon’s chest and arm. Bill’s eye snapped open at the unexpected sound, as Dipper tried to detangle himself from the mess.

“Morning Pine Tree!” Bill sat up stretching his arms. Dipper, unprepared, fell off the edge of the couch with a grunt.

“Don’t ‘morning’ me Bill! What the Heck!?” Dipper pulled himself up face burning. Bill looked stunned for a second before composing himself.

“You don’t remember? Pine Tree what’s the last thing you think happened yesterday?”

“I just went out for a stroll when I…. Uhm…” Dipper turned away from the dream demon.

“Wendy told me what happened after she brought Mabel home.” Dipper twisted around to look at Bill.

“It happened again didn’t it! Oh my god.” Dipper slumped to the ground, Bill put his feet over the edge of the couch leaning over the cervitaur. “How old?”


“How old was I!?”


Dipper stood up, pacing back and forth along the living room floor.

“Hey Pine Tree it’s all right.” Bill reached over to comfort the boy before his hand was sharply smacked away.

“It’s not ok Bill! I could have died! You’re a demon you don’t understand.” Dipper grit his teeth. “I don’t want you guys to have to look after me! Why Is It ALWAYS ME!!”

Bill gave a solemn expression, eye narrowed. “Pine Tree you’re a kid, everyone’s always going to look out for you.”

“I don’t want them to! I don’t need- I don’t. It would just be easier for everyone…”

Before Dipper could react Bill was in front of his face, hands gripping tightly to his shoulders. His unblinking eye set in concentration. “No.”

“What?” it was barely above a whisper.

Bill pulled himself up, patting Dippers head as the cervitaur only blinked in confusion.

“How about we get some revenge?” Dipper sniffled but nodded his head in agreement. Bill smiled

“That’s my Pine Tree!”

“Now how do you feel about bones?”

I have a thing for patterns and series. I like when characters can be loosely related based on feature, shapes, powers, etc.

The thing is two of my friends @projectendo and @getdestroyed-staydestroyed have shape based avatars. On top of that the number of eyes is actually progressing in number. So sometimes it makes me have an urge to want to try and complete the trio.

You’ve heard of the one eyed pyramid and the two eyed cube

Now get ready for THREE EYED SPHERE

I dont think this is ever going to happen but sometimes I feel the need to.