Animated Graphics Might Just Make Motorcycle Helmets Cool

Since it looks like helmet laws aren’t going anywhere, motorcyclists who want look cool on the road (probably all of them) have to put some effort into making sure their headpiece holds up their reputation. To date, the the only way to do it has been to buy a customized design, or to improve on a basic model with stickers. And let’s face it: it’s easy to go wrong. But now Hatari Helmets is offering a new option, helmets with animated graphics built in.

External image

The basic options include fire, bubbles, fireworks and butterflies. If you want something practical, then you want the “Shevinci,” with turn signals and a brake light built in that sync with your bike. If you want something special, you can also order a customized helmet, whatever fits your taste. My suggestions: an attacking shark, explosions, and rude messages to the slower riders you pass.

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Competition left in the dust.

But it’s your helmet, with your animated graphics, so get what you want. Just make sure it looks cool.

Something Different -

I just found this image whilst searching the web for more inspiration for some moodboards, sinister make up in SVA Magazine. I quite like it. Bit weird but these are far more eye catching to me than the normal make up images out there. I am liking the style of this.

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