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The Younger Son - Part 1

((OOC: Regulus played by @space-marauder, Sirius played by @asktheboywholived))

On this particular night, the Noble Black Family had many visitors in their home at Number 12 Grimmauld Place. The younger of the two sons wandered, talking with the guests of his home, smiling pleasantly, but never really saying a word. His mother caught sight of him from across the room and motioned for him to join her…

The woman rolls her eyes, disgusted with her elder son.

The boy hesitates, his brow creasing ever so slightly.

A moment passes and the boy still has not moved.

The boy makes his way up the stairs to the third floor, passing by the heads of dead house elves mounted on the wall, various family portraits that nod at him politely, numerous candelabra adorned with silver snakes baring their fangs, until finally he reaches the top of the stairs. On one side is his own room where the door is marked with a silver plate, reading “Regulus Arcturus Black.” He crosses to the door opposite. He knocks and waits.

“Sirius?” he calls. There is no reply. The boy reaches out, twists the door handle and enters the room.

Sirius: And did she tell you just how the imperious curse works…

A blaze of scarlet and gold from around Sirius’ neck catches his brother’s eye.

The elder brother shoves his way past the younger. Regulus can hear his steps descending the stairs. He closes his eyes. And waits. The sound of his brothers steps fade and a moment later, he hears what he expected to hear; the painfully shrill shrieks of his mother and the sharp cracks of guests disapparating.

to be continued…



 Soooo @itsyaboybee commissioned a trio of Horrible Drawings™ from @pangur-and-grim, and I’M LOSING IT. Look at my Chumley, look at my Ping. I CANNOT STOP SMILING AND CACKLING. 

 As soon as I find the right frames, these will be hung be in my home as a triptych.

Being the Mom Friend Out of All of the Avengers Would Include
  • Shutting down every fight
  • “Thor, if you leave that hammer on the toilet seat one more time I swear I will send you back to Asgard!”

(Gif credits to owner)

  • “Steve, Tony, can you two just shut up for like two minutes?”
  • Steve attempting to give you that sad puppy dog eyebrow look but you just glaring and him immediately leaving the room

(Gif credits to owner)

  • “Tony, go to your room”
  • “You can’t send me to my-”
  • -insert the signature mom warning look here-
  • Tony actually going to his room then apologizing to whoever he had just been arguing with

(Gif credits to owner)

  • “Clint, please stop perching on the chairs and sit on them like a human being and not a bird. Just because you have the word “hawk” in your name doesn’t mean you get to act like one”

(Gif credits to owner)

  • The only person who can successfully give you the puppy dog eyes is Bucky
  • Having a soft spot for Bruce and also Bucky, protecting them with all your heart

(Gif credits to owners)

  • Sam is like the favorite child that you refuse to admit is your favorite, but he’s knows

(Gif credits to owner)

  • Making everyone feel better when the flu goes around with warm blankets from the dryer, soup, Gatorade, popsicles, tea, fluffed up pillows, and their favorite movies
  • Watching out for everyone in the battlefield
  • Making sure everyone has Advil and Gravol when they’re drunk, no matter how wasted you are
  • “Wanda, please stop pushing things through the floor, it’s getting expensive”
  • Wanda has accidentally called you Mom/Dad before

(Gif credits to owner)

  • Everyone being extremely picky with who you date because, to them, no one is good enough for you
  • “Peter Parker, where is your jacket? Do you realize how cold it is out there? Do you want to catch a cold?”

(Gif credits to owner)

  • Everyone’s heart breaking when you’re sad, since you’re seen as the strong one
  • Embarrassing them each chance you get
  • Being the only one besides Natasha to know about Clint’s family
  • Being Natasha’s shoulder to cry on and favorite gossip buddy when she needs it most

(Gif credits to owner)

  • Giving everyone pep talks before missions
  • Giving everyone pep talks when they go on first dates, too
  • Trying to set up the single members of the team with attractive strangers
  • Singing along to 80s pop music in the most crowded aisles at grocery stores, mostly to embarrass whoever you are with (this works on Steve the best)
  • Loving them like family, and vise versa