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“you wear too much makeup”
“you should wear less makeup”
“why do you wear so much makeup”

DIY Feather Brows for Cosplay #featherbrows

What started out as a joke by Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen, has now become a trend on Instagram. 

stella.s.makeupnote to self: when u make a joke about starting a funny brow trend people will take it seriously and…. well. start the trend

Stella Sironen gets her brows to stay in place with a glue stick and pomade. You can find a list of products used to get this look from her Instagram photo here.

stella.s.makeup on Instagram.

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For thinner brows, callmechim has a link for a video tutorial here.

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saraanddipity on Instagram.

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Sabrina Anijs has a YouTube video tutorial for DIY Feather Brows here.

“enough with the thick eyebrows!! that trend is over!!!!!” listen cindy I grew these eyebrows all by myself fair and square and you’ll have to kill me before I go back to shaving them off so I’ll look just as constantly surprised as you do


How to: fix any powder makeup


what you’ll need:
• rubbing alcohol
• a eyeliner brush (or any pencil-like object)
• a spoon
• plastic wrap

1st: pick up the broken pieces and put it back into the compact/container

2nd: wrap plastic wrap around the compact (only wrap it around once)

3rd: using the tip of the eyeliner brush (the opposite side of the brush), cautiously smash the rest of the peices

4th: take off the plastic wrap

5th: take off the plastic wrap & let it soak in

6th: now take your spoon and smooth down the makeup

7th: grab the eyeliner brush again and smooth out the edges (the rim) of the compact/container using the brush side

8th: let it dry & you’ll be done!


Shoutout to women with beautiful thick eyebrows

Loubna Meron

People need to realize that the ‘thick eyebrow trend’ isn’t a trend for some people. Some of us are born with thick eyebrows and can’t do anything about it but spend money trying to control them bc that’s what society tells us to do. So don’t ask when the 'trend’ is going to be over bc that’s honestly rude to us that don’t have the luxury of having thin brows.